ROH on HDNet
January 24, 2011
Louisville, KY (OVW’s Davis Arena)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! So, sit back, relax, open a cold one, and get ready for RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!

Here’s how things went down this week:

-The show this week starts out with a replay of the 2006 video where the feud between Jim Cornette and Homicide started. This was the last time I saw Cornette with the tennis racquet!

-Hogewood and Prazak welcome us to the show. They recap the history of Homicide and Cornette. Homicide will call out Cornette later in the show. Then, Hogewood and Prazak introduce us to the tag teams that will be in the first match of the night.

-A video is shown of Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole discussing being in ROH and they discuss their feelings about the All Night Express, the Briscoe Brothers, Haas & Benjamin, and The Kings of Wrestling. Then the video switches gears and we hear from Lance and Harlem, the Bravado Brothers! On a side note, the Bravado Brothers look like straight nerds in this video. They are wearing sweater vests! Who the hell wears sweater vests anymore?! LOL Anyway, the Bravados discuss their match with Haas and Benjamin and how 2010 was a rough start. These two idiots discuss how they sat down and went over tapes with their grandmother?! WOW! Harlem Bravado goes on and says that they will have a big year in 2011 for several reasons…1) they have the talent, 2) they have the confidence, and 3) every morning when their grandma cooks them breakfast, she tells them that they are gonna make it and that 2011 will be their year! LAME! These two guys come off so fruity! LOL



-A replay is shown from last week when MsChif (please note the spelling, this is how ROH spells her name!) spit the green mist in the eyes of Daizee Haze. MsChif is also shown giving her comments about Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze. She says that if its competition they want, then its what they are about to get. She also says that she already took out Haze and that Del Rey is next!

-Back in the ring, Jim Cornette introduces Homicide! Cornette starts out by telling Homicide that whatever happened 4 years ago is water under the bridge for him and that he has to put business first! Homicide tells Cornette that he still doesn’t like him and doesn’t want to hear him! Homicide goes on by saying he knows the history of Jim Cornette and what ROH stands for, but its now referred as Ring Of Homicide! Homicide says he came for one goal, to become ROH World Champion and that no one is gonna stop him! Cornette says he understands and hears what he is saying and Cornette says that he has earned that shot at the world title. Cornette tells Homicide that he will challenge the champ, at the time, on February 26th at the 9th Anniversary show in Chicago!!! Cornette tells Homicide to make the most of this opportunity! Homicide grabs the mic and tells Cornette that he is still a bad guy to him and says that they still have a problem! Homicide wants Cornette to admit that he still has a problem with Homicide! Homicide says that he doesn’t care who Cornette puts in front of him, he’s gonna make an example of whoever is put in front of him and become ROH champion on February 26th!



-A video is shown of Haas and Benjamin giving their thoughts about the Kenny King and Rhett Titus, the All Night Express! They also comment on the tag team division in Ring of Honor. Haas says their next goal is the ROH tag titles! Then we cut to King and Titus commenting on the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. King and Titus say that they have put a stamp on ROH and that the gold will be theirs!


-A video is shown of Christopher Daniels, where he comments on performing at a top level and the experience he has had in pro wrestling. He also says that this run is his opportunity to show the world that he is the best in ROH!

-Backstage, Kyle Durden is interviewing the ROH TV Champion, EDDIE EDWARDS!! Durden asks Edwards about his opponent for his TV title next week, Christopher Daniels. Edwards says that he wants to fight the best competition in ROH and next week, the hunt is on! Then, Mike Bennett and Brutal Bob Evans interrupt Edwards and Bennett tells Edwards that he’s watching him and that the TV title will soon come to him!



A better show this week than last week. ROH is still proving to everyone that they deserve to be looked at just like TNA and WWE! Here are my thoughts on this week’s show:

-In the first half of tonight show, we witnessed the Jim Cornette and Homicide interaction. Not really well played out, in my opinion. Homicide and Cornette don’t make a good Vince and Stone Cold. However, this was one that I missed several years ago. I like that Homicide finally gets his title shot at the Anniversary show in February. He has proven to me and the rest of the ROH world that he is a contender to the ROH World title! It was awesome to see both of these men finally work out their differences, but according to Homicide, he still doesn’t like Cornette. I’m not really sure how I feel about Cornette, but I will say that I like the present day Cornette a lot better than the tennis racquet carrying guy that used to hang out with Mr. Fuji in the WWE! Can’t wait to see who Homicide will face next month! My guess is that it will be Roderick Strong!

-The Bravado Brothers, what can I say about these guys! I mean, don’t get me wrong, their wrestling in the ring is pretty good, but they really need to step up their characters. I mean, they mentioned their grandma about 3 times in the backstage promo. But I mean, who the hell still wears stupid sweater vests and talks about how much their grandma’s opinion matters to them? This is pro wrestling, the fans decide who stays and who goes! I see a long road for the Bravados if they ever want to wear ROH gold. As far as their match tonight against Cole and O’Reilly, I have to say that it was a pretty entertaining match! I love the wrestling and grappling styles of Cole and O’Reilly! The Bravados had some good spots as well in this match.

-Our main event tonight featured two great tag teams who are pretty much evenly matched in wrestling styles and techniques. We saw the #1 contenders, All Night Express, in some good action tonight. I’m pretty please that these two men dropped the stupid gimmick they had before, and are now focused on the top prize in the tag team division. I still am unsure if King and Titus can get it done against the Kings, but come February it will be all determined who the best team is! As far as Haas and Benjamin, well, I’m just disappointed they haven’t got a title shot yet and when they do, I’m going to predict that Haas and Benjamin will be the next ROH tag team champions! Great match tonight!

-Finally, I want to end with this note. As many of you know, or may not know, ROH will be closing out their programming on HDNet real soon. I know many of the officials and executives are working out the kinks to try to find ROH a new TV. home. The reason I’m bringing this up now is that I want to express to all of you to go out and support something other than TNA and WWE! These two giants have the world in their hands, but the smaller companies like ROH need the fans to be supportive and to help them grow! If you have never seen ROH in your life or you’re a huge fan like me, go online and check out the action that ROH has to offer! In this recapper’s opinion, I believe ROH will find a new TV. home and when they do, try to make ROH part of your weekly wrestling watching routine! Thanks for listening.

-ROH TV TITLE MATCH: Eddie Edwards (champ) vs. Christopher Daniels

Ring of Honor’s 9TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW line-up:
(February 26th, 2011 Chicago, IL)(
-ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Homicide vs. ????
-#1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Briscoe Bros. vs. Haas & Benjamin (winner gets a shot at the tag titles)
-ROH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The All Night Express vs. Kings Of Wrestling

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