ROH on HDNet
February 14, 2011
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The Arena)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! So, sit back, relax, open a cold one, and get ready for your Valentines Day edition of RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!!

Here’s how things went down this week:

-We start off with a recap from the huge 8 man tag match from last week. This match featured the Briscoes, Haas and Benjamin, All Night Express, and the ROH Tag Team Champions….The Kings of Wrestling. This match was ruled a “no contest” due to the fact that it escalated into a huge brawl with each team going after each other!

-In the ring, Jim Cornette introduces us to the 8 men who will compete in the Top Prospect Tournament. It will be a 6 week single elimination tournament to determine the top young star in ROH! The 8 men included in the tournament are Kyle O’Rielly, Adam Cole, Andy “Right Leg” Ridge, Grizzly Redwood, Michael Elgin, John Gresham, Bobby Dempsey, and “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett! Bennett and his trainer, Bob Evans, make their way out with a special entrance. Once they hit the ring, Cornette confronts Bennett on why he thinks he needs a special entrance instead of already being in the ring. Bennett says he knows his chances are good to win the tournament. Bennett then questions his reasoning for being in the tournament and says that he is the top prospect in ROH! Bennett continues to praise himself and tells everyone that its his year and he will win the tournament! Bennett says he’s just that good!

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jon Gresham
Bobby Dempsey vs. Michael Elgin
Mike Bennett vs. Adam Cole
Grizzly Redwood vs. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge




-Back from break and we have a recap of the TV title match that saw “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeat Eddie Edwards in a great match for the championship! Daniels comes out with the victory and became the new ROH World Television Champion!


-After the match, Kyle Durden is ringside with Steve Corino. Corino gives his thoughts on the first match of the Top Prospect Tournament. Corino praises O’Reilly and tells him that this is his time to shine and wishes O’Reilly the best of luck in the second round!

-A video featuring the two teams that will meet for the ROH Tag Team Championships is shown. We hear comments from the current champions, the Kings of Wrestling, and the challengers, All Night Express. These two teams will battle it out at the upcoming 9th Anniversary Show in Chicago!


-Back in the ring, we see Homicide making his way out for the second time tonight! Homicide is in the ring and says that he’s the founder of the Ring of Homicide! He continues by telling us that he became champion in 2006 and never got a rematch when he lost the belt to a fat ass that went to Japan! Homicide then calls on the current ROH Champion, Roderick Strong! He tells Strong that he came to Final Battle to have a match with him and tells everyone that Strong has been avoiding him for the past couple of months. Homicide continues and tells Strong that he’s never beaten a guy like Homicide before! Homicide tells Strong that he will become ROH World Champion at the 9th Anniversary Show!

Just as Homicide finishes, Strong and Truth Martini make their way to the ring! Strong gets in the ring and tells Homicide to shut his mouth and listen to what he has to say! Strong tells Homicide that while he was at that other company in Orlando, suckin’ on Konan’s tits (TNA TNA TNA!! LOL), he was in ROH dominating! Strong tells Homicide that he and ROH don’t owe Homicide shit! Strong continues and tells Homicide that he’s the ROH World champion, he runs the company, Homicide is a has-been, and Strong is the man! Strong continues to run his mouth and says that on September 11th (Glory By Honor IX) Homicide ruined his night by interfering with his victory celebration that night. (That was the same night that Homicide made his return to ROH.) Strong tells Homicide to make things right by apologizing to him for what he did on September 11th! Strong says that if he apologizes right now, he will wrestle Homicide fair and square on February 26th!

Homicide tells Strong that he was sorry, sorry for not doing something a long time ago. As Homicide says this, he drops his mic and pops Strong right in his face! After Homicide attacks Strong, Truth Martini tries to get involved only to be hit by Homicide! The brawl continues as ROH refs come in to try to break up the action! Strong and Homicide continue to brawl in the ring as the ROH locker room clears to break up the action! Homicide finishes the segment by grabbing the pants of Strong, pulls them off, and Strong heads to the back in his underwear! Homicide stands alone in the ring as ROH goes off the air!


-A more entertaining show this week. We got to meet the 8 men in the Top Prospect Tournament! I like the direction that ROH is going by adding this tournament of top wrestlers who don’t get as much shine as the top stars in ROH! The first match of the tourney was a pretty much even match that saw Kyle O’Reilly advancing after beating Jon Gresham. I’ve seen and watched O’Reilly these past couple months and I’m still impressed with the wrestling style of O’Reilly. Is he my pick to win this tourney, probably, but its still too early to tell who I think will walk away with the title of Top Prospect!

-Homicide’s involvement in this week’s show was great! His match with Mark Briscoe was pretty evenly matched! I’m a fan of both of these wrestlers who put everything they had in this match! Great effort from Briscoe, but Homicide came up with the victory! Part 2 of Homicide was even better! I cannot stand Roderick Strong and Truth Martini! The match they have at the end of this month will be great, but the ending segment tonight left us with excitement leading into the 9th Anniversary Show! I never thought I would see Truth Martini throw punches! This guy is as bad as Eric Bischoff trying to wrestle in TNA! All I know is that come Feb. 26th, its gonna be a fight to the finish for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship!

-Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rhett Titus
-Chris Hero vs. Kenny King
-The continuation of the Top Prospect Tournament

Ring of Honor’s 9TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW line-up:
(February 26th, 2011 Chicago, IL)(
-ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Roderick Strong (champ) vs. Homicide
-#1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Briscoe Bros. vs. Haas & Benjamin (winner gets a shot at the tag titles)
-ROH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The All Night Express vs. Kings Of Wrestling

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