Ring of Honor on HDNet Recap
November 30, 2009
ECW Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo of WrestleView.com

Before I start this recap, I want to say that I am going to take this a bit more seriously.

Why you ask? Well, now that I am finally over being sick (and with me it takes me a couple weeks to shake an illness off). I was amazed at how many of you read my ROH recap. I usually don?t do this, but I Googled and Yahoo Searched ROH Recaps?and you won?t believe this but my recaps are #4 on the Internet! And among the November recaps, mine are the highest. How the (swear word here) did this happen? Well, I should just say thanks to all of you who check it out. I issue Gold Stars to all those who read the Ring of Honor recaps. I guess I am not bad afterall?

We start off the show with a highlight package of how Jerry Lynn was spiked on his head by Rhett Titus and Kenny King (for the umpteenth time). Also, a three weeks ago Tyler Black’s eyes were burned after Austin Aries set a piece of paper on fire.

Enter the music and let see some real ?wrestling?.

Mike Hogewood welcomed us to Ring of Honor and Dave Prazak announced the main event, which will be Colt Cabana vs. Austin Aries in a non-title match. Hogewood said that Cabana has a chance to finally shut Aries up. Will it happen, find out later in the recap.

Match #1: Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Before this match began, Chris Hero came out to the entrance way and told Kingston that he will never be that ?young knockout kid?! Then Hero is seated at ringside.

We did get a Code of Honor (sort of), as Castagnoli slapped Kingston with his glove. Kingston slapped Castagnoli with his hand. The match begins.

Kingston started out brawling in this match. Castagnoli came back with knee strikes to the gut. Kingston then responded with a nice underhook suplex, then takes Castagnoli to the corner and gave him a couple chops. Kingston lost his focus at this moment and looked at Hero, so Castagnoli recovered and took him down with a side headlock. Kingston got back up and dropped Castagnoli with the back body drop. Kingston once again focused on Hero’s presence (left the ring in the process), and again Castagnoli took advantage by ramming Kingston’s head onto the barricade a couple times. They are back in the ring and Castagnoli hit a perfect Gutwretch Suplex.

Both men got up and are slapping each other back and forth. Castagnoli got the upper hand again thanks to a European uppercut and a Samoan Drop and covered Kingston. Castagnoli then continued to ground Kingston, until Kingston got back on his feet and we got some more exchanges from the two combatants (Kingston’s chops and Castagnoli’s Euro uppercuts). After the exchange, Castagnoli got in an inside cradle suplex. However Kingston nailed Castagnoli with a clothesline. Kingston then delivered an elbow to the corner and then nailed Castagnoli with an Ura-nage Suplex. Once again Kingston is distracted and Castagnoli caught Kingston with a boot. Castagnoli continued the offense by setting up Kingston over head, lifted him up and executed a pop-up European upper cut! Castagnoli then set up Kingston for an airplane spin (which was impressive as near the end he used no hands). Castagnoli then tried to finish off with the Ricola Bomb, but no dice as Kingston countered with a standing head scissors takedown. Kingston then went for a chair and the ref stopped him on his tracks. As soon as the ref turned his back on the action we got out first finish of the night?

Finish: Claudio Castagnoli tried to attack, but Eddie Kingston grabbed a hold of Chris Hero’s Loaded Elbow Pad and connected with the Backfist to the Future for the pinfall victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Eddie Kingston

Grade: B-. I was not expecting anything extraordinary here, and I was pleasantly surprised. The match length was perfect and the pacing was great. It told a solid back story with Hero and Kingston, as it showed that Kingston is now getting into the head of Hero in this storyline. Kingston was pretty good in the ring tonight and that made for a great contest. Castagnoli was pretty solid as usual, and I was real impressed with the various disciplines he issued out throughout the match. His no-hands airplane spin was remarkable since Kingston is over 230 lbs.!

After the match, Hero went crazy. Eddie did not say anything, as he had the loaded elbow pad in his mouth.

We have a taped Kenny King segment in which he mainly said that soon he will be the man. He learned from every match with every opponent and he believes that he got an idea as to what it takes to be a champion in Ring of Honor.

Later, Colt Cabana vs. Austin Aries

Now, let’s keep on reading. Match #2 is about to begin.

Match #2: Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis) vs. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe)

We were reminded by the announce team that both teams began their feud about a month ago. No Code of Honor here, let’s begin!

Jay (he was too confusing if I typed J. Briscoe) and Davis began the contest with a tie-up. Jay got the upper hand with a headlock. We then got a test of strength, shoulder block style and no one was budging. Jay then finally ended this bit by hitting Davis with a dropkick. We get another tie-up, and Jay has Davis cornered and delivered a chop. Davis got irritated and attacked Jay at this point; he threw him down thanks to a scoop slam and just barely missed a stomp to the chest, as Jay escaped the move. Davis get back on Jay with a knee and a club to the back. Kory Chavis was tagged for his first action of the night and we get a slugging battle between him and Jay. Somewhere in this exchange, Jay was blind tagged by Mark and as soon as Jay connected with a superkick on Chavis?Mark out of nowhere connected with a splash off the top turnbuckle!

We then get an exchange of punches by both Mark and Chavis. That ended with Mark getting the upper hand and delivered a top rope senton on Chavis. The Briscoes then worked well with a double chop and a double shoulder tackle on Chavis! However Mark worked on the ropes and Chavis connected with a punch, ending the Briscoes momentum for now. Davis is tagged in and we almost got a Hart Attack Leg Drop, but that failed. However after a couple chops delivered by the DCFC, they were able to nail the Hart Attack Leg Drop. Chavis grounded the action with some press punches on Mark. Chavis then got Mark up and hit a couple chops along the way. More DCFC teamwork as they execute a beautiful backbreaker/leg drop combination. Chavis then cornered his opponent and choked him. DCFC then continue the beating until Mark was able to convey an elbow and hot tag his brother Jay.

Jay is in like a ball of fire and connected with a great dropkick. Chavis is met with a pump kick in this mix. DCFC tried to double team Jay, but Jay kicked to one of the members while the other member got a face full of turnbuckle thanks to a drop toe hold. Jay then connected with a clothesline on Davis and both were on the floor. The DCFC attacked Jay from the outside, but Mark came in like a blaze and flew from the air (flip suicide dive) onto not only Jay, but both members of Dark City Fight Club. Mark then got a chair and threw it at Chavis, but Chavis pushed it away and punched Mark. Jay helped out his brother by kicking Chavis. Now the Briscoes are throwing chairs and there is no other choice but to finish this match?

Finish: It was ruled a NO CONTEST. The referee could not control this contest anymore.

Winner: Nobody. It was a No Contest Draw.

Grade: C. Sure, this match had some highlights (especially Mark Briscoe’s top suicide dive). But it lacked a lot as well. The chemistry at times was a bit sloppy by both teams, and though I liked the finish it does have more questions to this rivalry than answers. I am not blaming any of the wrestlers (they did an overall good job), but I do accuse the booking of not organizing a better way to end the contest. I hope if they do tend to continue the rivalry, they creative team needs to develop something a little better.

After the match, both teams continue to beat each other up. After a couple minutes of the refs and backstage wrestlers bringing back order, we see the Briscoes in the ring and the DCFC yelling from the entrance ramp. This rivalry has some potential in my book.

Kyle Durden made his only appearance on HDNet here and he talked to Austin Aries. Durded told Aries that he should be worried about Black’s return next week and Aries told Durden that he was wrong. If Black did interfere, then Aries had no problem burning Tyler’s eyes again. Then A-Double talked about Colt Cabana being his first challenger back in 2005 (the first time Aries won the ROH World Title). It was a cage match, and Aries reminded the viewers that he won that match. He mentioned that Cabana likes to have fun in the ring and that he is a ?jokester?. Well, Aries said come tonight he will wipe that ‘ster? from Cabana and expose him as a ?joke?. Back to the action!

Still to Come: Non Title Match between Colt Cabana and Austin Aries

Also, next week Jim Cornette makes his first ROH on HDNet TV appearance and Tyler Black returns.

Match #3: The Set (Wedge Lou and Jason) vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico

First off, I have no idea who or how to spell The Set’s names. All I know is one is pretty big and one looked like Screech Powers. So if I messed up on the names, my apologies.

Before the match, Steen just stared at a Joey Ryan look-a-like fan and walked to the ring. We got our Code of Honor and the match begins.

Jason (skinny guy) looks up and saw that Steen is starting this match. Jason quickly escaped and tagged in Wedge Lou (the bigger guy). We get a tie-up from the two bigger men in this match and Lou executed the head lock. We then got a couple of no-selling shoulder tackles by Steen and Lou. After the ?off the rope? moves, Steen was able to hit the leg lariat. Tag to Generico is placed and Gernerico is on the top and splashed down on Lou. Generico then hit a low dropkick.

Generico then turned his back on the opponent and Lou hits him with a kick and a crossbody. The tag is made to Jason and we get a wheelbarrow spear to the corner (with Lou holding Jason) and then Lou speared Generico. Jason then flipped on Generico, but Gernerico came back with a chop on Jason followed by a backbreaker. Steen is tagged in and Jason ran away quickly to tag Lou. Steen hit Lou with a superkick. Jason out of nowhere tried to do a crossbody on Steen, but Steen caught him and hit a dangerous powerbomb!! Lou got laid out by another kick, this time be Generico and it is time to Slap the Porpoise (poor porpoise)?

Finish: Swanton Bomb by Generico and Steen followed up with a Frog Splash

Winners by Pinfall: El Generico and Kevin Steen

Grade: C-. This was a pretty good squash. The Set by the way looked entirely goofy to start, but they did have an interesting set of maneuvers to keep this match entertaining. Generico looked much better this time around, but there is something that he is lacking as the team tries to take it to the next level. What more can I say about Kevin Steen? For a guy his size, he is simply great in the ring. I don?t know if it is a gimmick or not, but I like what they are doing with Steen. Unemotional, yet sarcastic. This is how some teachers actually behave in the classroom (myself included).

After the match, Steen wears one of these pink bandanas that The Set wore. Both poke fun at the losers

Next Week: We see Tyler Black! The last time we saw him, Aries burned a piece of paper in front of his eyes.

Now, time for the MAIN EVENT!!

Match #4: Colt Cabana vs. Austin Aries (Non-Title)

Before the match, I noticed a news scroll stating that Jim Cornette will have a locker room meeting next week. Seriously, if this is another one of those Dixie Carter style rah rah rah speeches, my head will explode and Adam Martin is going to need another ROH recapper (and I am the THIRD one they got since ROH debuted on HDNet).

After the Code of Honor, the match begins.

Colt started to dance a bit and used hand motions to lead Aries toward him. Colt got a hold of Aries thanks to a hammerlock and an arm twist. Aries countered by taking him down then resting on a top turnbuckle (lying down as you can say). Colt was back on his feet after this and got Aries in another headlock. Then Cabana got in a snap mare and another headlock. The hold was broken, but Cabana continued the offense with a shoulder tackle. Aries came back from this thanks to an armdrag and after a tie-up, hit Cabana with a chop. Colt continued to be attacked at the corner. Aries then lies down on the corner again, but this time Cabana pushed him off the corner. However, Aries held on to the ropes. After Cabana teased a nut punch, Aires kicked him in the head.

Colt and Aries tied-up very quickly, only for Cabana to get in another headlock. Cabana then punched Aries and delivered a butt-butt for a cover. Colt tried to apply the Billy Goat’s Curse, but failed to do so at this time. However, Cabana continued the offense by hitting the atomic drop and then dropping him on his, well, butt (the only time Mr. V will use the word ?butt? in his recaps). Colt continued to brawl a bit, with some elbows to the chest, followed by a chop to the trap muscles. Cabana then punched away on Aries and threw him over the second rope. Well, Aries attempted to ‘skin the cat?, but Cabana caught him with a kick and both men are outside the ring.

Cabana began with a punch, but Aries caught him with a shot to the midsection then doing a Russian Leg Sweep on the ring post! Aries then delivered a couple of chops, and then went back in the ring only to do a springboard chop on Cabana.

We were back in the ring at this time and Aries nailed Cabana with some knees to the back and applied a chinlock. The hold was broken after a few seconds, but Aries kicked Cabana in the head to keep the advantage his way. Aries continued to punch Cabana all around the ring. Colt finally was able to punch back, but Aries caught him again and hammered Cabana with an STO! However Aries taunted a bit and missed his elbow on the mat. Cabana got right back up and punched away on Aries (wind-up style). Cabana then got in a second-rope moonsault (done pretty well though Aries had to walk into it) and got a cover. Cabana then punched Aries some more and whipped him to the corner. Aries got a break thanks to an elbow, but missed on the splash. Cabana then clotheslined Aries and attempted, but failed, on the Colt .45 attempt. Aries won back the advantage by executing a shinbreaker/back suplex combination. He set up Cabana to the corner for the IED kick, but Cabana caught him.

Cabana dropped Aries chest first to the ring and then hit the Colt .45! Cabana covered, but Aries was close enough to reach for the ropes. Cabana tried to get the Billy Goat’s Curse in again, but Aries kicked him to the floor. Aries then set up and hit the Heat-Seeking Missile! We are back in the ring and Aries hit his signature Brainbuster, but Cabana kicked out of a lateral press at two. Aries missed on a kick and Cabana was finally able to apply the Billy Goat’s Curse!!! Aries almost tapped out, but Kenny King made his way to the ring. However Brent Albright stopped King from getting into the ring. Austin Aries Tapped!! We have our?.

Finis?oh $h!t! The ref was not looking, nevermind. Sorry about that. Teachers make mistakes too.

Rhett Titus ran to the corner about to attack Cabana, but Cabana broke the Curse and punched Titus. That was all the time that Aries needed to recover, as he hit the IED on Cabana. After another kick to Cabana’s head, we get or official?

Finish: Austin Aries applied the Last Chancery on Colt Cabana. After about fifteen seconds, Cabana tapped and the referee saw it!

Winner by Submission: Austin Aries

Grade: C+. I was not into this contest. It had many good moments here, but overall the flow was a bit too slow and uneventful. There were some highlights in this contest and I think the right man won here. I can see a decent story tied up to the whole ?Jerry Lynn is injured? bit, but this storyline got old real quick. If I was the creative team here, I would have a six-man tag soon with Lynn/Albright/Cabana vs. Aries/Titus/King?and fast! But now that Albright is leaving ROH (rumor mills again), let’s just hope they did this during the last batch of tapings.

Remember, Cornette debuts next week and Tyler Black returns.

Quick Results
Eddie Kingston def. Claudio Castagnoli via Loaded Backfist to the Future
Dark City Fight Club and Briscoes fought to a No Contest
Kevin Steen and El Generico def. The Set via Swanton/Frog Splash Combination
Austin Aries def. Colt Cabana via Last Chancery


Well, first off the show was wrestling-heavy. We had no true in-ring promos or anything like that, and if you are into that kind of stuff then you would tell your friends it was a good show.

I on the other hand would like to see at least one in-ring promo. It does not have to be twenty minutes long, just a good say six to eight minute promo and be done with it. Have a couple solid backstage segments (Good with Aries?Bad with King) and have two moderate length matches and one longer main event. With that said, you can see where I am heading here.

I like the opening match. It was a good-flowing opening bout. The storyline was still fresh and added more after the finish. I loved that. I liked the Briscoes taking on Dark City Fight Club, but I don?t know if this is a step up for DCFC or a step down for the Briscoes. I would like that question answered later this month.

Who the heck is ?The Set?? I was looking everywhere and only got their names online. They just look like jobbers, like they found two overzealous wrestling fans and make them look goofy.

The main event was not main-event material for me. In a main event, you should be ?wowed?. You should ?take it to the highest level?. Sadly, I did not see that. It was great at the beginning of the show, then struggled towards the end.

Finally, the commentary. I am alright with Dave Prazak’s work. I have no problem with it. However, Mike Hogewood?I am done. At least Mike Adamle called five moves in one hour. All Hogewood did was scream and scream and scream. It is that nightmare in which you can?t turn down your TV set. Mike Hogewood, this is not ACC Football. You are broadcasting wrestling. Lower it down a few pegs.

Overall Grade: C-

Now, Mr. V’s Pick Three for the Night

Wrestler of the Night – Kevin Steen

In a night of average, Steen was able to catch my attention more than the other men on the program. His powerbomb on Jason of The Set was clearly my ?Best Move of the Show? moment. I just hope his injuries won?t get the best of him. In my opinion, he is one of the best all-around wrestlers in professional wrestling, and I mean that.

Disappointment of the Night – The ROH Booking

I know that it is a huge blow to lose two top notch performers in Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness, but at least come back with some positives. I don?t know about what others think, but I was just real disappointed with the show tonight, and I blame it solely on the Booking department. Hopefully during the next set of tapings, we see a better performance.

Surprise of the Night – Eddie Kingston

I expected this to be bad, but Kingston performed well beyond my expectation tonight. All around, he improved big time in his match with Castagnoli. As for his feud with Chris Hero, I think I am going to enjoy this. I did not at first, but wrestling fans do change their minds every now and then.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my recap this week. If you want me to continue the recaps or want to talk wrestling, please send me a line at mistervwv@hotmail.com. I bid you good night and I hope you have a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading this recap. See you next week.

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