Ring of Honor on HDNet Recap
November 2, 2009
ECW Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of WrestleView.com

No quick start remarks, lets begin with the show. It should be a dandy tonight.

Music Hits (hoo-ray)

Mike Hogewood is excited for the main event (I am as well), as he love Colt Cabana. Dave Prazak mentions there are rumors on the future of Nigel McGuinness (who ended up going to TNA) surrounding the Internet. After Dave mentions that Mike is not too good with the Interweb, we begin our first match. It should be a good one.

Match #1: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe)

I think this is the first time real ?life? brothers competed against each other in quite some time (remember, Edge and Christian are childhood friends).

The Code of Honor was in place for this match. Matt Jackson and Jay Briscoe begin the contest.

They show off their holds and hammerlocks to begin the match (actually kind of cool to see this, as it was as even as it could be). Jay finally capitalizes the back and forth actions with a hip toss, a shoulder tackle, and nailed Matt with the head scissors. Matt then gets up and delivers a head scissors take down on Jay. Matt trips Jay for a quick cover, then they both get up and the crowd gives them a nice golf clap for their efforts.

Nick Jackson and Mark Briscoe are now tagged in. Mark gets Nick down with a side headlock takedown for a two count. Nick then breaks the hold, only for Mark to nail him with a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Nick is back up and hit a dropkick on Mark. Nick then executes an armdrag, then tag Matt and twists the arm of Mark. Matt goes to the top buckle and hits a leaping ax punch onto Mark’s arm. Nick is back in and he does the same move off the top. Nick then comes back and does a double stomp on Mark’s arm from the top. Nick twists the arm once again and Mark finally breaks the momentum and hold by cornering Nick and delivering some elbows and punches. Jay is now tagged in and while Nick is kneeling, Jay double stomps him in the back.

Jay then punches Matt, and then delivers a chop. Nick comes back with a kick and whips Jay onto Matt, who was lowering his shoulder at the time for a gut shot. The Young Bucks then do a double team move with Matt lifting Nick up for a leaping dropkick on Jay. Still, they only get a two count. Jay gets back up and we have back and forth forearms, in with Jay has the advantage over Matt. Mark Briscoe is tagged in and we get a flapjack/clothesline combination. Mark covers for a two count. Mark then applies a head scissors ground hold. Matt breaks this hold by having his foot on the rope. Mark comes back to the offense with punches and chops at the corner, followed by a Bridge Suplex for a two count. Mark continues to hold the advantage by twisting the arm, but Nick Jackson blind tags his brother and now it is Nick who hits a gutbuster and The Young Bucks and then hit a back/neckbreaker combo. Nick covers and gets a two count.

Nick then twists the arm. Matt clubs the gut, then slaps Mark’s head. While Matt turned his back, Jay Briscoe pushes Matt out of the way and tricks him (hitting a HUGE Ura-nage on Matt). Mark covers Matt for a two count. Jay tags in and corners Matt with punches and additional body shots to the corner. After some more forearms and chops, Jay executes a pretty good snap suplex on Matt for a two count.

Mark gets tagged in, and The Briscoes destroy Matt with a 3-Point Stance Double Shoulder Tackle. Mark only gets a two count, so he then grabs Matt and jackknife suplex. Looks like we got another tag, and The Briscoes and did some double team chops and armdrags but only got a two count. The match continues.

Mark then kicks the gut of Matt and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Jay is back in, but out of desperation Matt shaves Jay into Mark. Matt counters Mark, attacking the knee and hits the neckbreaker. After about five or six minutes, Nick Jackson finally gets the hot tag and Nick goes crazy! Nick goes very high with a crossbody on Jay. Nick then dropkicks both wrestlers and follows this with a heel kick on Mark.

Jay comes back a club to the back and a chop. Jay runs into a boot though by Nick and Mark tried to runs after Nick, but Nick pulls the top rope and Mark is on the floor. Nick then goes to the ring apron and hits Mark with a beautiful moonsault! Nick then does the springboard facebuster on Jay. Matt is in and hits a top elbow drop. Still, only a two count.

Mark dumps Matt over the top rope, but Nick is back trading shots with Mark. Nick then hits Mark with a spin kick, but then Mark connects with a hard clothesline on Nick Jackson. Matt tries to help, but is caught by Mark. Mark nearly kills him with an Exploder Suplex; Jay follows it with a big clothesline for a two count.

The Briscoes now set up the Doomsday Device, but it is not done as Matt pushes Mark off the buckle, which Mark lands outside! Nick rolls Jay up for a two count. When Jay gets up, he is met with Nick’s superkick! They were about to set up the finisher (known as More Bang for Your Buck), but?.

Finish: Dark City Fight Club interfere and start destroying the men in the ring!

Winner: No One. The referee ruled this a No Contest.

Grade: B-. I was not into this contest as originally thought. The start was ok, but then it was the same stuff by both teams. I was not 100% on board during the middle of the match, but a couple tatics were really good (especially with Jay pushed Mark out of the way to confuse his opponent). The ending was disappointing. I was hoping for a winner here, but then I thought it was no so bad since the DCFC have some motive to take out The Young Bucks.

After the Match, Mark and Jay Briscoe comes out for the save. The Bucks and The Briscoes are still in the ring, while the Dark City Fight Club exit.

Next Week: The American Wolves vs. Roderick Strong and Bryan Danielson! Should be a great match!

Another top five Danielson moment was featured. It was a match with Nigel McGuinness at Domination 2007. We saw clips of Nigel head-butting Bryan and Bryan was busted up pretty bad! Bryan ended up winning the contest via Cattle Mutilation and ended up going to the hospital. He says the hospital stay was as memorable as that match. This is very touching with what they are doing. I seriously hope he does well in the WWE.

Kyle Durden is backstage with The American Wolves (without that troll Shane Hagadorn). Kyle asks for thoughts on Danielson’s departure, and Davy asks Kyle why he is not wearing one of ?The Wolves T-Shirt? (not a real good design in my opinion). Davey wants to prove a point, that ROH is all about The American Wolves. Bryan dared crossed the path, and must be beaten. Kyle then states that The Wolves should be honored, as this is one of Danielson’s last matches on HDNet. Eddie Edwards takes the mic and talks about history?and that The Wolves are the greatest tag team right now! Tonight (though I think it is next week, yeah it is next week), they will find out. I think the ending to this was a mistake.

Let’s finally get back to the action?my fingers are starting to hurt.

Match #2: ?Sugarfoot? Alex Payne vs. Rhett Titus

Rhett Titus is getting showered with garbage (shame on the fans), but still has a hotel key. He gives it to this really large woman in the front row (and I mean ?large?). Mike Hogewood is puzzled as to why, maybe large women need lovin? too!

Streamers and toilet paper (the good kind) are thrown at Rhett, which upsets Mr. Titus. Alex Payne is a sneaky individual, taking a roll and placing it behind his back. No Code of Honor, as Payne tricks the handshake and throws a roll of toilet paper and Titus. Titus kicks it out of the way (and looked pretty high too).

The match begins and Titus takes Payne down with a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Payne comes back with arm twists, but Titus gets Payne down with a drop toe hold into a front chancery. Titus does some thrusting and Payne hits the inverted atomic drop! Payne does some thrusting and Titus drives a high knee on Payne. Titus attacks Payne some more with punches, but Payne comes back with a couple armdrags. Payne then almost got whipped over the top rope by Titus, but holds on.

Payne tries a springboard attack, but Titus gets on his feet and executes a beautiful dropkick while Payne was in the air! After only a two count, Rhett punches and (of course) thrusts and struts. He tries to pin, but only gets a one count. Payne is back up and hits an elbow to the back of Titus? neck and then gives Titus a chinbreaker. Titus comes back with a kick to the head and then yells at the fans. He gets back to the action and kicks Payne. Titus then thrusts again and tries to hit the ?Taint-ilizer? (what a name for a move haha), but Payne counters this with a perfect hurricanranna. Payne comes back with a few punches and chops. He ends his onslaught with a Bridge Suplex for a two count. Payne then punches and knees Titus, but?.

Finish: Rhett Titus rolls up Payne while grabbing the tights. The referee does not see the tight pull and gives Titus the victory!

Winner: Rhett Titus (by cheating pin fall)

Grade: C. I was pretty surprised by this contest, but confused. Does Ring of Honor want to push Titus? After being in a storyline in which he destroyed Jerry Lynn with Kenny King, he is getting this match? However, a win is a win. Alex Payne did a pretty good job here. I was expecting him to get squashed, but was pleasantly surprised by his work in the ring. Maybe one week he will finally break the longest-active television losing streak among WWE, TNA, and ROH wrestlers.

They show us pictures of Glory by Honor VIII. They show us pictures of Ladder War II, which looked pretty intense. Also, Jim Cornette was there and he took shots at Vince Russo (which Russo deserves for his record of booking). Finally, they show us Danielson vs. McGunniess. I think Mike Siciliano went to this show and was blown away, so I can?t wait to pick this up on DVD. When I get it, I will let you know how it was.

Speaking of Nigel, he is in a match with Colt Cabana later tonight.

Racshe Brown Segment Time! He talks about how he is a ?gracious man?. He then points at a number 13 (Hey! My Little League Number back in 1989!) He spray-painted the 13 because he got into a fight with seven men?and plucked out 13 eyeballs! He said he was in a good mood and did not take out that 14th eyeball. He is coming to hurt! He tells us that Pain Is Coming! Is it me, or does Brown kind of yell like Vince McMahon in his heyday.

Kyle Durden is in the back with Tyler Black. Black talks about Jerry Lynn and gives us an update. Tyler says that Jerry is getting better. Enter Nigel McGuinness, who says it is not Tyler’s fault. It is Jerry’s fault! Nigel asks Tyler if he really will be the next world champ? Perhaps he does not want to be the Next World Champ, because the ROH Title is cursed! Ex-Champs get hurt and Nigel thinks that Tyler should think about his plans. Tyler then goes back on the mic and says he does not care. The ROH Title is his dream. I notice now why Tyler does not get a segment in which someone with better mic skills interferes.

I hear Lumberjack music, and you know what that means?

Match #3: Grizzly Redwood vs. Claudio Castagnoli (w/Prince Nana and Ernie Osiris)

Claudio enters the ring and garbage and toilet paper are thrown in the ring. Why do we waste good toilet paper? We did get a Code of Honor, kind of. Claudio takes his glove off and slaps Redwood with it. That was great.

Redwood starts the match by trying to ax punch the knees of Castagnoli, but Castagnoli is too European to sell that move. Ernie tries to get into the action, but Redwood ax punches Ernie back to the floor. However, when Grizzly turns around Castagnoli was ready and destroyed Grizzly with a pump kick! Claudio then lifts Redwood and turns it to an Ura-nage.

Redwood tries to come back with a crossbody, but Castagnoli catches him and does a press slam! Claudio then sets up Grizzly and does an airplane spin (which at times Claudio did not even use any hands!), then throws Redwood to the corner. He then throws Redwood by his beard down to the canvas. After he get a prone Redwood back up, Claudio takes him to the corner and fails to get shots in. Redwood tries to do a high risk move, but again Claudo catches him (move of the night) and lifts him up in the air like a six-month old baby and nails Redwood with a European uppercut while Redwood was in the air! Finally, this match is over??

Finish: Claudio quickly stops this beating with a Ricola Bomb! Hogewood SLAPS HIS PORPOISE!!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli by pin fall.

Grade: C-. This was one of the best squashes I have ever seen. Poor Grizzly, he got flat out murdered here by Castagnoli. Castagnoli was near perfect with his offense, and was real impressed with the work he did tonight.

After the match, Ernie takes a shot at Grizzly and threatens to cut the glorious beard of his, but Necro Butcher (with an old school CD rack?) comes out for the save. Claudio gets out of the ring, but does some flexing along the way.

Kenny King is doing a backstage segment, and mainly he talks about the Jerry Lynn incident. King says that pro wrestling is no ballet and he does not feel back for what he does. The only thing he feels bad for is that Lynn can?t buy groceries. In conclusion, King says that Lynn’s time is up and asks for another question.

And now, for our MAIN EVENT!!

Match #4: Nigel McGuinness vs. Colt Cabana

They still talk about the rumors, but it should be a non-issue. Nigel is Desmond Wolfe now. You know? the guy TNA signed before they brought Hulk Hogan? Colt comes out and chews the fat with a guy dressed like Joey Ryan (might be Joey, he did not compete tonight). The fans threw streamers for Nigel, but also threw garbage at him as well.

The fans thanked Nigel before the Code of Honor, as this is Nigel’s last match before he truly does ?become hungry like a Wolfe?. After the Code of Honor (and some kind words), we begin the match.

Colt starts dancing around (and with that it lasted seven seconds, longer than Wolfe’s match with Cody Deaner). Nigel stars off with an arm twist and knuckle lock. Colt then get Nigel off his game with an arm-twist takedown! Colt then does an arm-twist/knuckle lock combo. Nigel returns the favor, doing the same hold. Colt breaks it and fails on a cartwheel attempt. Then he botches a few more cartwheels just for the fun of it. Nigel steps out of the ring onto the side and salutes Cold and takes a bow. Nigel smiles and applauds (breaking character a bit). Colt comes back with a knuckle lock with a knee to the back of the neck. Colt then continues the holding offense. Nigel breaks the hold and gets in an elbow, following by a snap mare and a clutch hold. Colt breaks the hold and gets in another hammerlock. Nigel breaks and does the same. After a couple more hammerlocks, Nigel gets in a chinlock/hammerlock combo hold. Colt breaks this by holding the ropes with his only free hand.

Colt starts off this next paragraph with a punch, but Nigel with a knee and dumps Colt over the topes. Colt is whipped to the barricade and is back in the ring. Colt punches some more, but Nigel turns it around with a Hammerlock Divorce Court hold! Then Nigel bars the arm, but Colt tries to knee the back of Nigel. We get another knucklelock and Nigel crosses Colt’s legs while his knee is on the back of Cabana. Nigel then leglocks the arm! Colt actually gets up and gets a two count, as Nigel’s shoulders were down. Nigel continues the ground work with a low abdominal stretch. Colt comes back with elbows, but Nigel gets back up and works on Colt’s shoulder. Nigel then executes a knee hammerlock then stretches the heck out of Cabana’s shoulder. Colt still breaks the hold; Nigel still delivers a couple of shots to the head. Colt comes back with elbows, but Nigel counters with an arm-twist takedown. Colt gets back up and hits a forearm. We then get some more counter holds and Colt gains the advantage again with a set of Bionic Elbows! Colt follows this with an inverted sunset flip for a two count.

Nigel is placed to the corner and Colt elbows him a couple of times, but fails on the butt-butt. Nigel then gets a shot to the chest and considered doing the Tower of London, but Colt fights this off. Sadly, Colt overshot the sunset flip, which causes Nigel to knee min on the floor. He is brought back in the ring and only got a two count. Now they are back and forth punching each other. Colt drops him with one finally and does a folding press pin for a two count. Nigel then gets Colt to the corner and attacked the throat of Cabana. Nigel does not connect with Tower of London to the floor, but Nigel still gets a shot in. Colt then hits Nigel with a boot, a Butt-Butt, and Nigel is on the floor.

Colt tries to take the additional advantage and delivers a Moonsault Press (which Colt landed hard on his head). Back in the ring we go, and Colt connects with a HUGE top rope splash for a two count! Colt tries to do the Colt .45, but fails to do so. Nigel sets up and hits The Tower of London, but only gets a two count. Nigel sets up the lariat, but?

Finish: Colt Cabana hits a backbreaker and gets a surprising three count!

Winner: Colt Cabana by pin fall

Grade: B. I liked the back and forth holds by both throughout the match. I was not bored one bit while watching this, as it showed the best of Colt while still making Nigel a bit strong heading into his next line of work. I am pretty surprised that the ending was nothing more than a backbreaker, if anything that was a bit disappointing. Still, this was a solid back and forth match in which both men wrestled very evenly throughout. As for Nigel McGuinness, I hope TNA does right with him. He is a great talent and TNA got an excellent individual. Now he is in Vince Russo’s hands, and that may not be a good thing.

After the match, Nigel sits in the ring looking confused. Colt walks away from the arena smiling. Nigel stays in the ring and the crowd gives him some applauds.

Next week: We will have an interview with Jim Cornette and our main event will be The American Wolves vs. Strong and Danielson.

Quick Results
The Young Bucks vs. The Briscoe Brothers ended in a no contest
Rhett Titus defeated Alex Payne by pin fall
Claudio Castagnoli defeated Grizzly Redwood by pin fall
Colt Cabana defeated Nigel McGuinness by pin fall

Mike Hogewood’s Slap The Porpoise Move of the Night: Claudio’s Ricola Bomb!

Overall Thoughts

You already have my thoughts on each match, so I will go with the stuff outside the ring. The Bryan Danielson moments have been a hit. He narrates some of his important battles and it comes off well. I will miss him in ROH, but I am sure wherever he will be in WWE, that recapper will have a great time recapping those matches. The American Wolves backstage interview was ok for me. Davey was pretty good on the mic, but Eddie Edwards needs a few lessons.

Tyler Black should not be on the mic. He is terrible, he botches his lines, and he always relies on someone to interfere when he cut a promo or get an interview. I think that is why Nigel McGuinness invaded that segment.

I am willing to give Racshe Brown a chance. He looks more intense than Vance Archer that is for sure. Whoever is his first opponent, I feel sorry for him. Kenny King talking about Jerry Lynn was average as well. I am not ok with the storyline, as it is just really cheesy and overdone. If it was done on a table (i.e. Bubba Ray powerbombing I think Mae Young onto a table), then it would be believable. This has already run its course.

Overall, I thought the segements were below average and the matches were ok, but not their best offering. I check out ROHBrazil’s YouTube account weekly to watch this show, so be sure to check his page out. He posts ROH shows on his account every Thursday or Friday. If you like wrestling, you won?t be disappointed this past week.

Overall Grade: C


Mr. V’s Pick Three for the Week.

Wrestler of the Night: Colt Cabana

In early 2009, he was jobbing out in battle royals and Umaga as Scotty Goldman in the WWE. Now, he just pinned a former ROH Champion. Not a bad year now for Colt. Thought WWE is the big time I am glad things are working out for Cabana right now. Now, let’s see where this leads Colt Cabana.

Disappointment of the Night: Rhett Titus

What did the do to the poor guy? He goes from a storyline in which he may have ended Jerry Lynn’s career to having to cheat to beat Alex Payne? I know ROH’s booking is not the best, but come on?

Surprise of the Night: The outcome of the Main Event

It was tough to pick a surprise, as I thought everything worked out alright. But Colt beating Nigel with just a backbreaker? That was a surprise, but not a great one to end a contest and bid Nigel ?cheerio? in ROH.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my recap this week. If you want me to continue the recaps or want to talk wrestling, please send me a line at mistervwv@hotmail.com. I bid you good night and I hope you have a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading this recap. See you next week.

Check out ?From the Desk of Mr. V #41? on Thursday.

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