Ring of Honor on HDNet
October 26, 2009
ECW Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of WrestleView.com

Happy Frickin? Halloween Everybody! Let’s see what Ring of Honor is treating the fans with this week.

Enter music (which would be in my top five as the worst) and we begin!

We go to last week where Jerry Lynn was tended to by quite a few people. Kenny King and Rhett Titus are guilty of the crime, as they did a double piledriver that took out the former ROH champion. He was carried off by a few staff members while the fans were chanting his name. On a side note, some of these fans were the same ones to tell Lynn to ?f? off. Talk about hypocrites?

Hogewood and Prazak as always are on commentary.

Austin Aries? music hits (which is cheesy yet funkadelic) and he is with Kenny King. A man with long hair holds the ropes for the ROH World Champ. Last week, Aries states that we were treated to a big main event. On one side, Austin Aries and on the other, Bryan Danielson (whom I will see at least one more time on ROH). Fans are cursing at A Double, and he says that they should have their mouths washed out with soap (I agree). Aries then goes on saying that one can be the best by beating the best, so therefore he declares himself the best (got that? I hope so.) However, Aires still wants to be known as the greatest man who ever lived.

Now speaking of greatness, Aries then discusses the ?great? thing that Kenny King did to Jerry Lynn last week. It was so great that even the champ applauded. He retired the unretired! So now Kenny King has the floor and King credits A Double as a great champ. In case we are slow like some fans up front, the last time he was in the ring he potentially ended Jerry Lynn’s career. King states that wrestlers need to retire. The fact that now Jerry is on the shelf, and now everyone wants to be like King.

Enter Tyler Black, and he states that no one wants to be King. The men in the locker are disgusted that he injured Jerry. Black steals Aries? recent idea and has his own lottery. The winner of Tyler Black’s Lottery will face Kenny King in tonight’s main event. Why? Because a lot of wrestlers want to beat King’s @$$. He picks out a name and Tyler does not want to be Kenny right now because the man that King will face is??EDDIE KINGSTON!! Eddie’s music played, but no sign of Eddie (I think it was a production error). Immediately, it goes back to Tyler Black’s music. Kenny King is seen in the ring being frustrated, while Aries tries to calm him down.

Hogewood talks about how Eddie will beat King. But first, we have a NEW executive producer. Dave Prazak is happy to say that it will be Jim Cornette! Now, let’s get back to the action!

Match #1: Sonjay Dutt vs. Delirious vs. Joey Ryan vs. The Necro Butcher in a Four Corner Survival Match

Before the match, we see highlights of the following: Dutt making Delirious tap out and flirt with Daizee Haze. Also, Necro fought Bison Smith to a double countout. Delirious got a streamer and Joey Ryan got some toilet paper thrown at his direction. Now that is entertainment!!

No code of honor here as Joey started punching away at Necro, however Necro no sells and attacks Ryan. The bell rings and Delirious goes bonkers! Dutt starts punching away on Delirious. Necro shoves Joey to the barricade, while Dutt nails Delirious with a shoulder tackle. Delirious comes back with a pretty nice dropkick on Dutt. Nana stops Delirious? momentum by holding his legs, which resulted in Joey Ryan holding him and Dutt landing a punch accidently at Ryan. Delirious comes back with a leaping lariat on Dutt.

Now Dutt and Ryan are out of the ring. Delirious comes at them both with a suicide flip dive onto the floor! After a while, Dutt neck snaps Delirious. Joey Ryan does his ?I?m sexy? dance and Necro pulls the mat from under him (thank god). Necro punches out Dutt, but after that Dutt comes back with a (move of the evening) sunset flip from the ring apron. This caused Necro’s head to nearly miss the concrete floor. Ryan held Necro’s legs the majority of the time. Dutt and Delirious are in the ring now. Delirious then hit some punches and knees. Ryan gets into the ring and nails Delirious from behind, and now we have some double team work by Ryan and Dutt. After a double dropkick by Dutt and Ryan, I notice that Delirious? arm is bleeding. Ryan nails a dropkick on Delirious. Ryan then gets Delirious to the corner and does a running forearm, but Dutt rolls up Ryan for a two count.

Ryan then rolls up Dutt for a two count. Necro is finally up after taking that move of the evening and makes Dutt and Ryan headbutt each other. Necro then punches away and nails a beautiful Tiger Suplex on Ryan for a two count. Dutt now punches away on Necro. Necro whips Dutt to the corner, but Dutt counters a corner attack with the pendulum kick. Dutt then does a springboard dropkick on Ryan. Dutt then tries a splash on Necro, but Necro gets his knees up to counter Dutt’s attack.

Dutt is now at the turnbuckle, and Delirious noticed this and hit his Panic Attack (knee to the head at the corner) on Dutt! Necro sees Joey Ryan outside and does a cannonball from the apron to the floor! After this, with two men left in the ring, we get our??

Finish: Delirious hits the back splash (better known as Shadows over Hell) and gets the three count.

Winner by Pinfall: Delirious

Grade: B
It was a pretty enjoyable four way. The chemistry in the ring was pretty good and the wrestling was not bad if you like the spotty stuff. I was real surprised that no one got hurt here, as we got some real dangerous things going on. All the wrestlers looking pretty strong, but Delirious stood out. If anyone was really disappointing in this match, I would say Joey Ryan. Not that it is his fault, but he was too basic and was not really a factor in this contest.

After the match, Delirious celebrates his victory. Sonjay Dutt walks away without looking into Delirious? eyes.

We are going to get a new wrestler joining ROH, and I am excited. It turns out to be ?Skull Crusher? Rasche Brown (who during his promo sounded like Vince McMahon yelling). He is front of a truck and said that he won a battle with a truck (I kid you not). He cares about nothing, hates everything, and loves to hurt people! Pain is definitely coming, and then he does some evil laughter. Skull Crusher will debut in a couple weeks! I don?t know much about him, but he is ranked #375 in the 2009 PWI 500.

Kyle Durden is backstage with Eddie Kingston right now. Eddie says that he should be happy to be in the main event, but he is not. All he can think about is Chris Hero. He wants Hero. However Kenny King will do right now and he will unleash his hatred on King. Also, Kingston respects Lynn and he says that he will destroy King for what he did.

Coming up next: D? Lo Brown vs. Brent Albright

In 2 weeks: Bryan Danielson and Roderick Strong will take on The American Wolves

We then have a segment called ?Bryan Danielson’s Top 5?. His number five moment was a seventy minute two out of three falls match with Austin Aries. It happened at the ?Testing The Limit? show in 2004. That is crazy, as I have never seen this match. But I would love to see it sometime.

Let’s get to the next contest?

Match #2: D?Lo Brown vs. Brent Albright

Before the match, D?Lo Brown had a backstage segment in which instead of commenting on Jerry Lynn he told us to go to his Twitter page. Hey, Mike Hogewood also has one! His account is labeled ?Slap The Porpoise?. I smell a detention from Mr. V soon.

After the Code of Honor, Brent tries to end this match with a few roll ups. Brown then walks out of the ring and give the ?I don?t want this match? gesture and walks away. Brent catches Brown and he throws him to the barricade a couple times. After the barricade help, Albright then suplexed Brown onto the mat outside.

We get back into the ring, and Brown kicks and punches. We have some back and forth punching, which ends when Brown pokes Albright in the eyes. Brown then scoop slams and knees Albright to the back of the head. Brown attempts a low clothesline, but Albright rolls Brown up for a two count. Brown comes back with a knee strike and then dumps Albright out of the ring. Brown goes high-risk, but meets the barricade while spitting on a fan’s shirt (gross). Albright then executes a gorgeous Exploder Suplex from the outside. After a few punches, Albright then hits a suicide dive from the middle of the ropes. Albright then rips off D?Lo’s very cool looking T-Shirt.

We get back to the ring, well kind of. As Albright was about to get back into the ring, Brown then snaps Brent’s neck with the ropes and does a top rope attack onto the floor. We get back to the ring again after a count of 13 (remember, it is a 20 count in ROH). Brown now takes the elbow pad off. Albright notices this and counters an elbow attack with an Ura-Nage suplex. Albright comes back with some more shots, elbows, and clotheslines. Brown comes back with a knee strike counter and a mid-rope back flip for a two count.

We have more back and forth action, but this time Albright ends it with a DDT for a two count. Brent then nails a top rope crossbody, but momentum swings Brown’s way as he gets a cheap two count. Both men get up and Brown nailed Albright with a clothesline. Brown then continues the attack with a pretty strong power bomb, but only got a two count by the referee. Brent then gets back up and out of nowhere cinches in the Crowbar. D?Lo tries his best to counter, but could not.

Finish: D?Lo Brown taps out to the Crowbar just before he reached the rope to break it.

Winner by Submission: Brent Albright

Grade: B
This was another pretty entertaining contest. A funny moment occurred when Brent posed with the UK Flag stationed at one of the barricades. This was pretty back and forth and some pretty hard shots were dished out. It made for a good contest between two men who are pretty much nothing more than mid-card workers in Ring of Honor. Also, I think this is one of D?Lo Brown’s last performances in ROH. Brown just signed on with TNA as an agent I believe. Best of luck to Brown and I hope maybe he can wrestle a match or two for them.

After the match, Brent Albright celebrates with the fans (including one dressed up like Joey Ryan which is pretty pathetic).

Kyle Durden is backstage once again with Colt Cabana, which is playing around with Kyle’s freshly shaved dome (he had a ridiculous mohawk for a bit). Next week, Colt main events a match when he takes on Nigel McGuinness. Colt Cabana pretty much humors the viewers with his antics and he will make a stand and everything. He finalizes the segment by saying ?Nigel?Get Ready?Spider-Man Out!? You know what, I think the WWE dropped the ball on Colt’s charisma.

Next Week: Colt Cabana vs. Nigel (Don?t Call Me Desmond Wolfe Yet) McGuinness

And now, it is time for our MAIN EVENT!!

Match #3 (Main Event): Kenny King vs. Eddie Kingston

King escapes while Eddie runs to the ring. After a quick Code of Honor, the match begins.

King then exits the ring. After some spacing, they have a tie-up (first one I believe of the evening) and Eddie has him cornered. He breaks the hold and Kenny runs away again! We get another tie-up and Eddie once again corners him. As Eddie breaks the hold, King lands a punch in which Eddie no-sells. Kenny notices this and runs away out of the ring.

Eddie catches King while his back is turned rams him to a barricade (man are those barricades taking a beating today). After doing this a second time, Eddie delivered a few more punches. Then Eddie gave the barricades a workout by throwing Kenny into them twice more!

We get back into the ring and Eddie executes a textbook released belly to back suplex. Eddie corners King and nails him with some punches and chops. King then tries a chop on his own, but Eddie no sells again. Eddie comes back with some chops and punches and connects with a vertical suplex for a two count. More punches and chops from Eddie continue and Kenny begs for mercy. Eddie whips Kenny to a corner and then kicks him in the chest. Eddie tries to nail Kenny on the ropes, but King ducks out of the way and Eddie goes over the ropes with his back hitting the apron!

We are outside of the ring now and King has Eddie down on the floor where he wants him. King then nails Eddie’s head to the barricade a few times and rams him to another barricade. He rams his head a few more times on the barricade (man I have been typing that word way too much), and then brings him back in the ring.

King gets some more offense in by doing a pretty nice suplex/press punches combo. King then applied a chinlock while his knee is pressing to the back of Eddie. After Eddie gets a break, King then nails him with a kick and a spinebuster! King continues the offense with a couple clotheslines; however Eddie is not done yet. Eddie counters King with what I call an Ura-nage reverse suplex (hey, I tried) followed by some chops! Eddie then executes a pretty good suplex and a big clothesline. With those efforts, Eddie only got a two count by the referee in charge. Eddie was about to nail King with the Backfist to the Future, but King shields himself by putting the referee in front of him. King then sneaks in a nicely-done TKO on Eddie for a two count. King calls his TKO the ?Royal Flush?. I have still yet to get that hand in poker.

King then hits a kick and a neck snap to the ropes. King tries his luck with a springboard maneuver only to be caught and hammered down with a Capture Suplex by Eddie. Eddie then delivers a low clothesline for a two count. Eddie then destroys King with a Backdrop Driver. As Eddie is about to finish off Kenny King, in comes Chris Hero to distract Kingston.

Eddie is pretty well distracted at this time at the corner. King recovers and runs his knees to the back of Eddie. This helps Kenny King with his??

Finish: Kenny King hits the Coronation and gets the three count on Eddie Kingston

Winner By Pinfall: Kenny King

Grade: B-
This match really surprised me. I was expecting this to be average, but I was pleasantly surprised. This may have been Kingston’s best match since ROH televised their shows. Kenny King needed a big win here, and he got it with a little help from ?that old/young knockout kid? in Chris Hero. Overall, I thought the moves were well done, but at times the work was sloppy. The finish was great, and both men did an overall decent job.

Quick Results
Delirious def. Sonjay Dutt, Joey Ryan, and The Necro Butcher
Brent Albright def. D?Lo Brown
Kenny King def. Eddie Kingston

Mike Hogewood’s Twitter Account slapped the Porpoise tonight!

Overall Thoughts

When I read the lineup for this evening’s show, I thought it was going to be disappointing. After the matches were done, I was pretty happy with the overall results. This is what WWE Superstars should be like. This show featured ROH’s upper-to-average mid card talents, and the show ended up being pretty enjoyable. It is far better than WWE Superstars? latest helping.

To see what I thought about the matches, check below each grade. I won?t go into much detail, as I fear I would repeat myself.

Overall Grade: B

– Mr. V’s Pick Three for Show

Wrestler of the Night: Kenny King

He had a strong segment and it looks like he is going to be in a program with Tyler Black. With Black being considered as the ?Next ROH Champ?, I think this can go great for Kenny King. He truly is one of ROH’s better wrestlers, and I am glad he got an opportunity to shine with his win over Eddie Kingston.

Disappointment of the Night: Joey Ryan

I read through my notes, and there was only one move of Ryan’s that I thought was impressive. Everything else was pretty ?eh? for me. After seeing Ryan win his match over Roderick Strong a few weeks back, I thought he would have gotten the win here. Sadly, this drops ?The Hired Gun? a bit in my rankings.

Surprise of the Night: Mike Hogewood

Yes! I will go as far as saying that Mike Hogewood went from being annoying and terrible to becoming an adequate commentator for Ring of Honor. As of this week, I would take the ROH announce team ahead of the RAW announce team any day. It took awhile, but I think Mike did a pretty good job and it will show in my latest commentator report card later this week.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my recap this week. If you want me to continue the recaps or want to talk wrestling, please send me a line at mistervwv@hotmail.com. I bid you good night and I hope you have a nice weekend.

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