Ring of Honor on HDNet Recap
October 5, 2009
ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony Valvo of WrestleView.com

You have seen WWE and TNA this week…now it is ROH’s time to shine!

After the thirty second intro theme music (which they need to change, they must have not gotten Mr. V’s memo), we watched a highlight clip of last week’s main event between Brent Albright and Claudio Castagnoli. If you did not read my recap last week, Brent won.

Commentators Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak grace their presence to the viewers as they welcome us to the show. Hogewood sounds pretty excited about tonight’s main event, The Tag Team Honor Rumble! Prazak goes over the rules for this honorable main event. And heeeeeeere they are:

1) 2 Teams begin the contest
2) Every 90 seconds, a new team comes out (until all eight teams are represented)
3) To be eliminated, one must go over the top rope and onto the floor.
4) The team is completely eliminated once both members go over the top rope with both feet on the floor.
5) Match is over when we have a survivor (or survivors).

Now, let’s get to the action?

Match #1: Sonjay Dutt vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)

Dutt does the code of honor with Delirious and the match begins! Delirious, as usual, goes crazy and babbles to the ref. They tie-up to begin and Dutt got the advantage by pushing Delirious to the corner. Dutt breaks clean and the strikes a Ric Flair dance. We get another tie-up and Dutt apples the headlock. Delirious breaks then and we have both wrestlers running and bouncing of the ring ropes. Delirious finally gets a couple arm drags, a snap mare, and a leg drop on Dutt. We got a little inadequate moment here, but Delirious ends up applying what I will call a side figure four leg lock. After a moment, Dutt grabs the ropes and the hold is broken.

Dutt then hits a knee and a couple of ax punches. Delirious then counters this with a leg takedown and an arm bar. Dutt rolls up Delirious for the first two count of the night! Delirious then applies another arm bar. After a moment, Dutt breaks and then executes a couple of head scissors and after the second Delirious goes out of the ring. Dutt gets caught after taunting a bit and is rammed into the barricade by Delirious. **Funny moment** after this move happened, Delirious screams at a fan in which Mr. V deemed hilarious.

Delirious then sets up what looks like Shadows over Hell, but as he was about to execute the move Dutt grabbed Daizee Haze and used her as a shield. Dutt then pull Delirious from outside and hits a running clothesline. With his opponent down on the mat, Dutt then foot stomps Delirious in the face. Then Dutt gets him up and does a snap mare and tries to remove the mask. Dutt failed to do so. To the corner we go and Dutt shoulder rams the stomach of Delirious. Delirious then counters this by placing Dutt in the corner and hits a series of lariats at the corner (known to the ROH fans as The Never-ending Story). With Delirious in a daze from the head attacks, Dutt thrust two fingers to the throat of Delirious. Dutt then takes a bow after a few fans told him what to do to himself. Dutt then does another snap mare and chokes Delirious with his tassels. Dutt continues the ground work by applying a chinlock, and once the hold was broken, Delirious was met by another boot to the gut.

Delirious comes back with an inverted face buster and a backsplash. Delirious then hit an inverted atomic drop and followed that up with a leaping lariat. With Dutt outside the ring once more, Delirious hit a top rope splash! He moves Dutt back in the ring and only gets a 2 count. As he was getting Dutt up, Dutt hit a chinbreaker and dropped an elbow on Delirious. He then applies the Cobra Clutch and turned it into a suplex! For those efforts, he still got a 2 from the referee.

Dutt then rams his opponent’s head into the low turnbuckle and continues to punch away. After a few counters on the corners, Dutt used the pendulum kick and did a springboard leg drop. Dutt (with his legs on the ropes for extra leverage) gets another 2 count from the referee of the contest. Delirious then tried a roll up pin and only got a 2 count. Then we have multiple roll-ups in which was too fast for my mind to take.

After the pins, Delirious then got his Cobra Clutch on! Dutt breaks this and is then met to the corner thanks to Delirious? drop toe hold. We then get a PANIC ATTACK by Delirious. But as Delirious was in the air to land Shadows over hell Dutt countered it mid-air in which I thought was the MOVE OF THE NIGHT, a face crusher as Delirious was still in the air! Dutt then applied the Cobra Clutch. Then, as the ref was not looking we end our first match??

FINISH: Dutt chokes Delirious with the tassels on his mask. With the extra leverage, Delirious taps out!


Grade: B (I liked the chemistry involved in this contest. Dutt had an excellent showing tonight, as he was executing the tough moves and was able to use solid ground work. I give credit for Delirious as well, as he gave a solid effort tonight.)

After the match, Daizee Haze went all in Dutt’s face. As Dutt was about to attack Haze, Delirious recovered and prevented the attack.

Still to come?The Honor Rumble!

We then get an Eddie Kingston Segment. He says that he is not done with Chris Hero (his current rival). He feels bad for his next opponent (I do as well), but right now all Kingston can think about is Hero. He then dares Hero to knock him out.

Match #2: Eddie Kingston vs. Kyle Matthews

No code of honor here, as Kingston gives Matthews the boot to begin the contest! After some chops, Kingston then executes an overhead belly-to-back suplex on Matthews. Matthews is then whipped to the corner and meets yet another boot! Kingston then taunts Chris Hero.

Matthews then hits a punch, but Kingston gives Matthews the punch treatment once more. Kingston then hits a snap suplex to send Matthews down on the mat. Eddie then does a double stomp on Kyle’s stomach, picks him up, and whips him to the corner. Kyle then ducks out of the way and gets another punch and chop in. Kingston then gets a hold of Matthews and nearly killed him with a T-Bone Suplex. After a Backdrop Driver, we get to SLAP THE POIPOSE?.

FINISH: Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future and gets the three count!

WINNER BY PIN: Eddie Kingston

Grade: D+ (Before you ROH fans jeer this grade, keep in mind that I normally grade squashes pretty low. This squash was not a bad squash, as Eddie was able to hit his signature moves and continue his quest to Hero. It will be a while before we get to see Mr. Matthew lace up the boots for another ROH match.)

More Main Event hype now!! This time, we get some words from some of the combatants (The Briscoes, Steen/Generico, Young Bucks, Stevens/Albright, Dark City Fight Club, and The American Wolves all had something to say).

Next: Joey Ryan will take on Roderick Strong!

Hogewood and Prazak then announce for next week?ROH’s main event will be Chris Hero vs. KENTA!! If you have not seen KENTA yet, please do so. He is very talented!!

We then go backstage to have whipping boy Kyle Durden interview ?That Young Knockout Kid? Chris Hero (though Hero is older than Mr. V?does that make me a kid as well?). Hero is done talking about Kingston, he is gone and buried. Then he talks about KENTA. Though KENTA can come in with chops and strikes, Hero possess the elbow assassin. Hero then says he is the best piece of steak in this business and that KENTA will be?.knocked out.

Now?back to the action!!

Match #3: Joey Ryan (w/Prince Nana and Ernie Osiris) vs. Roderick Strong

Before we get underway, we get interrupted by none other than one of Mr. V’s favorite wrestlers, Nigel McGuinness. He has something to say before these two wrestle. Reiterating a point a while ago, he mentions that he gave up a lot for these ?wankers?. Roderick is an example of a previous Nigel rant. Nigel states that Strong cares about the fans more than his opponents. Then Nigel demands Strong to look at him! So the moment Roderick Strong looks?..

BAM! Joey Ryan gets a couple shots from behind. The match is on! (oh yeah, no code of honor here as well)

Ryan continues to strike the body of Strong, until Roderick gives Ryan a boot and a series of chops. Joey then gets a knee in, only to have Strong execute a nicely-done dropkick. Ryan is then dumped out of the ring and Strong does some more punching and chopping. Strong then gets Ryan into the ring, and attempted a pin count.

When Ryan got back up, Strong chopped him again. Now we have action in the corner. Strong then pulls some of the chest hair off of Ryan and chops him again! After a running elbow by Strong, Ryan gets a low drop kick in and puts a couple boots to Strong for good measure. Ryan then applies a chinlock on the ropes, squeezing the life away of one Roderick Strong.

After more punches by Ryan, Strong gets a kick in and then delivers a top rope clothesline! When Strong got up, he was met by a clothesline and a chinlock compliments of Ryan. Roderick breaks the hold and does more chops (which by the way is making Joey Ryan’s chest pink at this time). Ryan recovers quickly once more and hits a spinebuster for only a two count! Then Ryan gets Strong up to the top rope and yells out the quote of the night?WHO WANTS A MUSTACHE RIDE!?!?!?! Roderick recovers and trips Ryan and Ryan’s is caught on the ropes.

Roderick is catching a second wind here, executing clotheslines and a back suplex for a two count. Strong then hit a Ura-nage backbreaker! Still, Roderick only gets a 2 count. He tries to apply the Boston Crab, but Joey holds on to the ropes. Strong then chops Ryan once more.

Ryan once again recovers and from behind executed a very impressive pump handle fallaway slam!! He only gets a two count pin fall from the referee. Roderick out of desperation got a jackknife pin attempt for only a two count. Joey Ryan then hits a spear! Also, Ryan hits a modified neckbreaker for a two count. Dang, a lot of 2 counts ladies and gentlemen!

Ryan then counters more of Strong’s offense and tries to use the ropes to win by pinfall, but to no avail as Strong’s shoulder comes up right before the referee hits the mat for the third time. An attempted butterfly suplex was countered by a Roderick Strong enzugiri. Strong then set up Ryan from the top turnbuckle and hit the superplex!! After an attempted pin, no three count. Strong then hit a gutbuster and tried to win again (you guessed it?another 2 count).

This is where Prince Nana enters the scene. Nana says something to Strong in which caught his attention and you know where this is headed?..

FINISH: Joey Ryan hits ?That 70s Kick (superkick)? and rolls up Roderick Strong for the 1?2?3?!


Grade: B- (I enjoyed the match, but no one was selling offense here. I mean when Strong was executing some pretty hard moves, Ryan would get right back up. It lost a little bit there for me. Still, the start and finish were decent and both wrestlers did a good job.)

After the Match: Roderick nails Ryan with a running kick and calls out Nigel McGuinness!

We then cut to the back where Kyle Durden has Austin Aries with him. Aries then says that the A Double L Double was a hit and that next week, he will do it again. One wrestler will have a chance of a lifetime and get a title shot for Aries? ROH Title. Kyle then tells Austin that he heard people grumbling that it was fixed. Austin pretty much counters this by saying that his own people are more reliable sources than Kyle’s ?people?. Back to the guys at the booth!

Next Week: Austin Aries? Lucky Lottery?AND?KENTA vs. Chris Hero!!! Folks, you don?t want to miss this stuff!!

We then get a video package featuring KENTA. A must see for fans everywhere!


Match #4: Tag Team Honor Rumble featuring eight of Ring of Honor’s best tag teams

**Mr. V Note: I normally call the action as I see it, but in battle royals and such, it is brutal. So I will feature some of the better spots by the teams. **

The announcer (who is better than the one on ECW may I add) goes into detail the rules of the Honor Rumble in case some fans are new to the product. We begin with the first two teams. To find out what the rules are, look at the beginning of the recap..

Team #1: The Embassy (Jimmy Rave and Ernie Osiris w/Prince Nana)
(And yes, Toilet Paper Galore when they were in the ring. This means that they don?t have to spend $1.25 for the Angel Soft four packs at Wal-Mart).

Team #2: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

After the Code of Honor, we begin?

– Nick Jackson hit a double crossbody on The Embassy.
– The Bucks did a double dropkick on Osiris.
– Double kicks took Osiris out of the contest. Ernie Osiris is out!


Team #3: Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis)

– DCFC attack the Bucks.
– Leg Lariat on Matt Jackson by Jon Davis
– Double team cutter on Nick Jackson by the DCFC.
– DCFC does a running clothesline on Rave.
– DCFC try to get the Young Bucks out of the ring.


Team #4: Rhett Titus and Kenny King

– Rhett Titus gives a hotel key to a front row lady, and gets a kiss for his efforts.
– Rave attacked King from behind.
– King hits a clothesline, on Rave.
– DCFC suffer some attacks by both teams.
– We also get some strikes and near eliminations.


Team #5: Brent Albright and Erick Stevens

– Albright and Stevens focus their attacks on King and Titus.
– Rave tried a sneak attack, but Albright and Stevens dump Rave over the ropes!
Jimmy Rave is out! The Embassy is out of the Rumble!
– Albright and Stevens stare down the DCFC.
– All four teams remaining are attacking each other!


Team #6: Kevin Steen and El Generico

– Generico does a flying crossbody on Stevens and Titus!
– Young Bucks counter throws by the DCFC and dropkick them both over the top ropes!
Jon Davis and Kory Chavis are both out! Dark City Fight Club is out of the Rumble!
– King catches Matt Jackson, gets his legs between the ropes.
– Titus dropkicks Matt over the top rope.
Matt Jackson is out!
– DCFC (both did not leave yet) attack Matt Jackson out of the ring.
– Nick Jackson scenes trouble, and then from the top hits a Swanton, landing on the DCFC!
– But because this Young Buck did this?
Nick Jackson is out! The Young Bucks are out of the Rumble!
– The Young Bucks and Dark City Fight Club continue to fight each other.


Team #7: The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe)

– Jay attacks King; Mark gets some of Steen.
– Brent dumps Titus over the top rope!
Rhett Titus is out!
– Kenny then dumps Brent over the top rope!
Brent Albright is out!
– Kenny then hits the enzugiri on Erick Stevens, who was on the top rope. That caused ?Mr. Choo-Choo? to be the next one out.
Erick Stevens is out! Team Albright/Stevens are out of the Rumble!
– Kenny then smiles and dances, only to see the Briscoes, Steen, and Generico staring him down. Kenny then tries to shake their hands. Sadly, he is met with punches, and El Generico dumps Kenny King over the top with a boot!
Kenny King is out! King and Titus are out of the Rumble!


Team #8: The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) w/ Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn

– All six are feuding!
– Alarm Clock on Generico by the Wolves!
– Jay superkicks Eddie, while Steen does the same to Davey.
– Mark lands the face crusher on El Generico!
– Davey was send over the top rope by Kevin Steen, but no ref was present to see the elimination. So Richards comes back in the ring and dumps both Steen and Generico over the top rope!
Kevin Steen and El Generico are both out and therefore out of the Rumble!
– Jay hits a DDT on the buckle, causing Edwards to go down. But Eddie lands a high kick to take Jay Briscoe over the top rope.
Jay Briscoe is out!
– The hunt is on! The Wolves attack Mark and were set to eliminate him, but Jay Briscoe held the leg of Richards and Mark clotheslines him over the rope!
Davey Richards is out!
– Edwards throws Mark over the top rope, but Mark holds on. Edwards thought he had the match won.
– Mark hits a springboard kick, does some thrusts and a chop, and then hits an enzugiri to end this First-Ever Honor Rumble on HDNet!
Eddie Edwards is out! The American Wolves are out of the Rumble


WINNING TEAM: The Briscoe Brothers

Grade: B (I actually was not feeling this match a whole lot. It was tough to follow, but all teams did an adequate job. Jimmy Rave was a bit disappointing. He went from solid to being outcast in the show recently. Out of all the teams, The Young Bucks were the ones that surprised me the most! They are destined to better things. Overall, it was a good rumble, but way too fast for my liking. Call me traditional I guess.)

Quick Results:
Sonjay Dutt def. Delirious
Eddie Kingston def. Kyle Matthews
Joey Ryan def. Roderick Strong
The Briscoe Brothers defeated seven other tag teams to win the Tag Team Honor Rumble.

Mike Hogewood’s ?Slap The Porpoise? Move of the Night?: Eddie Kingston’s Backfist to the Future.

Mr. V’s Final Thoughts on ROH on HDNet for 10/5

A very good wrestling show from start to finish. I believed every wrestler had the opportunity to bump up in ROH, and for the most part they all accomplished this goal. Thought I noticed nothing going on in storylines, we did have a solid show from a wrestling standpoint.

To see my overall comments for each match, check out the ?Grade? section after each match. I am not going to repeat myself.

Now, Mr. V’s Awards of the Week:

Wrestler of the Night: Sonjay Dutt. I wonder why TNA never found anything for this guy. He is a very good, multi-talented superstar and I am sure that Ring of Honor is glad to have this guy. His match against Delirious was one of the best matches I have seen in his career.

Disappointment of the Night: Jimmy Rave. I know why TNA let him go at least. I am sure that he is a very talented wrestler, but ROH gave him nothing to work with and was eliminated early in this match.

Surprise of the Night: Joey Ryan. Very impressed with his in-ring work tonight. He scored the upset on Roderick Strong, and that is a big win for not only The Embassy, but a big win as Joey Ryan climbs one level higher. Still, I don?t see any titles shots coming his way.

OVERALL GRADE (includes the segments and wrestling): B-. It was a good show, but a lack of building up storylines and knowing that Nigel is leaving ROH made me wonder what could have been in Nigel’s feuds. I expect that next week to be very good wrestling wise. However, let’s see if they can build up the storylines a bit and then the score will be higher.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my recap this week. If you want me to continue the recaps or want to talk wrestling, please send me a line at mistervwv@hotmail.com. I bid you good night and I hope you have a nice weekend.

Coming Soon:

– Top 20 Wrestling Themes (in the proofreading process)
– Mr. V #37
– Predictions From The Faculty (Bound for Glory Edition)

Thanks for reading this recap. See you next week.

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