ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (ECW Arena)
June 13, 2009
Commentators: Mike Hogewood & Dave Prazak
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The intro hits and then we see highlights from last week’s huge Four Corner Survival Title Match. Austin Aries walks out to the ring and is getting an ?Austin A**hole? chant from the ROH faithful. Austin says he’s tricked people into thinking he’s a young up and coming prospect but the fact is that he’s a well seasoned, well traveled professional. He says that he has given to the fans and given to the fans and all they want is more, but now it ends because ?A Double? stops giving and starts taking instead. He says the first thing he’s taking is the spotlight. He says there has been no star brighter than him since ROH has debuted on HDNet and he says he took everything from Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black, and Jerry Lynn last week and neither could beat him. He starts to say Ric Flair’s ?to be the man? line but stops and says ?forget it.? He tells Lynn that he’s never beaten him and he says Lynn has always done what’s right for the people and the only right thing for him to do for those people is to walk down to the ring and hand him the ROH Title because he rightfully deserves it. He says the people deserve to have a charismatic champion and demands Lynn come out and give the belt to him. Lynn doesn?t come out and Aries says if Lynn doesn?t want to accept reality then reality is going to have to come smack him upside the head. Aries looks into the camera and says he’s coming for Lynn.

In the back Kyle Durden is with Chris Hero and Shane Hagadorn. Hagadorn puts he and Hero over and then Durden asks Hero about his match with Lynn tonight. Hero says their on HDNet and says that it stands for ?Hero Decapitates? Lynn tonight. Hero says he’s hungry and he’s coming for Jerry Lynn. Hero says when the bell rings he?ll get his bell rung.

Hogewood and Prazak in the studio and talk about Ric Flair stepping down from his role in Ring of Honor and they wish him the best of luck in the future.

Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe vs. D-Lo Brown

I believe this is D-Lo Brown’s HDNet debut and Jay Briscoe has been on quite a role as a singles wrestler as of late this is also a rematch from a few months ago where D-Lo went heel on Jay. Jay charges D-Lo at the bell and hits a running Front Kick followed by chops. Jay whips D-Lo into the corner and hits a running lariat which causes Brown to bail out to the floor. Jay follows him out and throws him back into the ring. Jay climbs back in and Brown goes for an Elbow Drop but Jay moves and hits a big forearm. Jay attempts to whip Brown into the ropes but Brown reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but Jay ducks and hits a Cross Body Block. 1?2?NO Brown kicks out. Jay whips Brown into the corner and charges but Brown nips up and over Jay and hits a Lung Blower. D-Lo and Jay trade forearms and Jay comes off the ropes but D-Lo hits a big Lariat that about takes Jay’s head off. Brown talks smack to Jay and then slaps Jay in the face. Brown hits a Brainbuster and gets a nearfall. Brown lights up Jay’s chest with chops and then whips Jay into the corner and charges, but Jay gets his boot up. Jay goes for another kick but Brown catches his boot and then goes for a clothesline but Jay ducks and catches him and drops him with a Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle! Jay with big right hands and chops and then attempts to whip Brown into the ropes but Brown reverses it and then goes for a backdrop. Briscoe kicks Brown in the head and then hits a shoulder block followed by a Superkick. D-Lo bounces into the ropes and then back right into a DVD from Jay! 1?2?NO Brown still kicks out! Jay goes for the Jay Driller but Brown blocks it and then goes for a Sky High but Jay counters into the hurricanrana that sends Brown out to the floor! Jay goes for a dive but Brown moves and Jay was able to catch himself before he went over. D-Lo sits down in a chair at ringside as the referee makes the 20-count and decides not to get back in the ring ruining a great match with the countout.

Winner: Jay Briscoe via countout

Jay gets on the microphone and asks D-Lo what the hell that was about and says if he’s scared just to say it. He calls D-Lo a little b*tch and the fans chant for D-Lo to ?man up.? D-Lo acts like he’s going to get back into the ring but decides to leave instead.

They show replays from the crazy Tag Titles Match 2 weeks ago and in 2 weeks the new champions, American Wolves, will put the belts on the line against the team of Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black!

?Mr. Wrestling? Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Silas Young & Bobby Fish

Steen & Fish start the match off and they lockup at the bell. Steen gets Fish in a side headlock and Fish shoves him into the ropes and Steen hits a big shoulder block. Fish goes for a leapfrog but Steen catches the ropes and then slaps Fish in the face. Fish goes for a wide right hand but Steen ducks and nails Fish with jabs and chops. Steen comes off the ropes but Silas hits him from behind and Fish charges Steen but Steen catches him with a big spinning heel kick. Steen tags Generico in and whips Fish into the ropes. Generico drop toe holds Fish and holds him there and then Steen hits a somersault leg drop. Generico covers Fish and gets a one count. Fish hits a big knee strike and then tags Silas Young in. Young charges at Generico but gets backdropped. Generico mounts Young in the corner and reigns down right hands, but Young catches him with an Atomic Drop. Young charges at Generico but eats a back heel kick. Generico gets a nearfall on Young but Young comes back with a chinbreaker and then goes for a scoop slam, but Generico counters. They trade wristlocks and then Fish tries to attack Generico from the apron but Generico knocks him off. Young then hits a huge Lariat from Generico and tags Fish in. Fish puts the boots to Generico and gets a nearfall. Fish hits a snap suplex and gets another nearfall. Silas tags back in and they double team Generico in the corner. Generico tries to fight back but the numbers game is too much for him. Young hits a scoop slam and talks trash to Steen. Generico climbs out to the apron and goes for a slingshot sunset flip but Silas catches him in midair and turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge! 1..2?NO Generico kicks out, that was an awesome counter. Fish tags back in and nails Generico with forearms and a spinning back kick. Fish goes for a Powerbomb but Generico blocks it and then grabs Fish in a wristlock and starts to springboard onto the ropes, but he slips and crotches himself (I think it was a botch). Fish then goes for a Back Suplex but Generico lands on his feet and tags in Steen. Steen with clotheslines to both Fish and Young. Steen whips Fish into the ropes and goes for a backdrop Fish stops and goes for a hurricanrana, but Steen nails him with a Powerbomb. Steen then hits a Facebuster on Young and Generico clotheslines him over the top to the floor. Steen hits a Brainbuster on Fish and then climbs to the top and hits the Senton Bomb! 1?2?NO Young breaks it up! Young goes for a German Suplex but Steen blocks it and pushes Young into the corner. Generico then hits the Yakuza Kick on Young and then Steen whips Generico into a Yakuza kick to Fish! Steen hits the Package Piledriver and rolls him backwards right into the Brainbuster! Slap the damn porpoise, it’s over!

Winners: Steen & Generico via pinfall (Package Piledriver/Brainbuster Combo)

Durden gets in the ring and asks Steen & Generico where they go from here. Steen asks Durden what in the hell is up with his hair. Steen says that the Wolves didn?t take them out all they did was make them hungrier and angrier. Steen says the hunt is on and they?re coming for their belts! Steen says that when they get their hands on the Wolves, they?re going to skin ?em!

Hogewood clowns Prazak about his look and then we cut to Kyle Durden with Jerry Lynn. Lynn puts over the Four Corner Survival last week and then Nigel McGuinness walks up. Nigel tells Lynn well done for keeping the belt and tells Lynn he knows how it feels when the fans turn on him like they did to Lynn last week. Nigel tells Lynn to remember that he’s getting healthy and things are going to change soon. Lynn tells Nigel to get healthy quick.

?The Crown Jewel? Jimmy Rave w/Prince Nana & Ernie Osiris vs. Grizzly Redwood

Nana cuts a promo before the match and puts over Jimmy Rave and then welcomes Rave out for his debut on HDNet. This is the first time Rave has been on TV in several months since his last match in TNA. Rave and Redwood shake hands but Rave clotheslines him and then hits a snapmare and stomps on Grizzly. Rave chops Grizzly and then hits a forearm and whips him into the corner. Rrave charges but Grizzly moves and hits right hands. Grizzly comes off the ropes but Rave follows him and hits the STO for a nearfall. Rave picks Grizzly up and slams him into the corner and then turns the beatdown on. Grizzly runs between Rave’s legs and hits a flying Chop. Grizzly tries to come off the ropes but Rave grabs Grizzly and lays him out with the Gonorrhea for the pin.

Winner: Rave via pinfall (Gonorrhea)

After the match Rave puts Grizzly in the Heel Hook to add a little insult to injury but Necro Butcher runs out and makes the save. They then announce that KENTA will make his ROH on HDNet debut next week against Roderick Strong! They also show replays of Lynn arguing with fans at ringside after the match last week.

Main Event Non-Title Match
?New F?N Show? Jerry Lynn vs. ?Knockout Kid? Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Ray

I wonder who Lynn pissed off to have to wrestle a Four Corner Survival one week and then a match against Hero the next week? Lynn and Hero shake hands and then they circle each other at the bell. They lockup and Hero gets the advantage with a wristlock but Lynn counters it and then hits an armdrag. They lockup again and Hero gets a side headlock but Lynn rolls him up and gets a quick nearfall. Lynn then hits a cross body block for another nearfall. Lynn then hits an arm drag and transitions into an arm bar. Hero gets to his feet and hits a knee to the gut and then goes for a scoop slam, but Lynn lands on his feet and hits a gorgeous head scissors takeover followed by another arm drag transitioned into the arm bar again. Hero gets to his feet and forces Lynn into the corner. Hero goes for a forearm but Lynn ducks and then attempts to whip Hero into the corner but he reverses it and then goes for a running front kick, but Lynn moves. Lynn goes for the Monkey Flip out of the corner but Hero counters into a cartwheel and goes for a Running Front Kick, but Lynn ducks and then Lynn comes off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana, 1?2?NO Hero kicks out and then slides out to the floor. Hero gets back up on the apron and then Lynn slams Hero into the turnbuckle and a dropkick sending Hero off the apron to the floor! Lynn follows him out and slides him back into the ring. Lynn covers and gets a nearfall. Lynn whips Hero into the ropes but Hero grabs him by the hair and slams him to the mat. Hero hits a sliding dropkick to the side of Lynn’s head. Hero slams Lynn into the top turnbuckle and then lights him up with chops. Hero chokes Lynn and then distracts the referee so Sara can choke Lynn from the floor. Hero hits a forearm to the side of the head and then whips Lynn into the ropes and Lynn goes for his nipup sunset flip but he botches it and just rolls Hero up instead for a nearfall. Hero then hits a running front kick for a nearfall of his own. Hero hits a forearm and then chops to Lynn and then tries to throw him into the corner, but Lynn slams him and then rolls him up, 1?2?NO Hero kicks out! Hero then dropkicks Lynn in the head and puts the boots to him. Hero covers Lynn and gets another nearfall so Hero puts the boots to him once again. Hero locks Lynn in a rear chin lock and then he knocks Lynn down again. Hero hits some jabs and then whips Lynn into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Lynn grabs Hero by the hair and slams him to the mat like Hero to Lynn earlier in the match. Lynn then comes off the ropes and ducks a lariat and hits a shoulder block. Lynn attempts to whip Hero into the ropes but Hero reverses it and Lynn hits a flying clothesline! Lynn charges at Hero but Hero gets his boot up and then climbs to the top. Lynn charges him again and Hero gets his boot up again, but this time Lynn catches his boot and climbs up top with him. Lynn hits a toprope Bulldog! 1?2?NO Hero kicks out! Lynn goes for the Cradle Piledriver but Sara gets up on the apron to distract Lynn. Hero then goes for the Roaring Elbow but Lynn ducks and comes off the ropes, but Hagadorn trips Lynn! Hagadorn pulls Lynn out of the ring and then Hero goes for the sliding dropkick through the ropes but Lynn moves and then hits a running somersault plancha off the apron onto Hero on the floor! Lynn attempts to whip Hero into the guardrail but Hero counters it into a knee strike. Hero slides into the ring to break the count of the referee and then slides back out and hits a springboard off the guardrail into a Flying Clothesline! Hero pulls up for the floormats and drapes them over Lynn and goes for a Backsplash Senton, but Lynn moves and Hero eats off the concrete. Lynn rolls Hero back in and goes for the Cradle Piledriver again, but Hero blocks it and goes for a backdrop. Lynn rolls Hero up but then Hero somersaults between Lynn’s legs. Lynn goes for the TKO but Hero blocks it and then trips Lynn up and rolls him over onto his feet and hits a huge Forearm Strike to the back of the head! Lynn is out?1?.2?.NO Lynn still kicks out at the last split second! Hero can?t believe it and he throws Lynn into the ropes and goes for the Rolling Elbow but Lynn counters into a head scissors right into a Tornado DDT! 1?2?NO Hero kicks out! Lynn climbs up top and dives off into another Tornado DDT, 1?2?NO Hero kicks out! Lynn picks Hero up and attempts to whip him into the corner but Hero reverses it and hits a running elbow strike. Hero then jumps to the top rope but Lynn runs over and headbutts Hero. Lynn climbs up top and goes for something but they botch it and Lynn falls all the way out to the floor! Hagadorn rolls Lynn back in and Hero covers, 1?2?NO Lynn kicks out! Hero picks Lynn up and goes for Lynn’s Cradle Piledriver, but Lynn blocks it and hits Hero’s Rolling Elbow! Lynn then goes for the Cradle Piledriver but Hero blocks it again and hits the Rolling Elbow! Hero then hits another Rolling Elbow, 1?2?NO Lynn still kicks out and the fans are really getting into it. Hagadorn distracts the referee and Hero puts on the loaded elbow. Hero goes for the Rolling Elbow but Lynn catches his arm and rolls Hero up with an inside cradle, 1?2?3 Lynn gets the pin! Very good match!

Winner: Lynn via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Aries runs out and grabs Lynn’s belt and blasts him with it! Aries poses with the belt as we fade to black.

Next week, KENTA vs. Roderick Strong!