Ring of Honor Results – 6/13/09
Location: New York City, New York

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Main Show:
The show opened with a 10 Bell Salute to Mitshharu Misawa. The entire locker room is out, including Flair. Very touching moment for all those in attendance. Very well done.

Aries cuts a promo to start the show. Aries uses 9/11 as a reason why New Yorkers aren’t tough. He’s here for one reason, to win the title!

The Young Bucks v Kenny King and Rhett Titus: Bucks win with a Samoan Front Slam/Swanton/Moonsault Combo on Titus. Crazy good opener, Bucks got the please come back chants.

Jimmy Rave v Necro Butcher: Rave is covered in TP. They fight around ringside before the bell rings. Not a match yet… Apperently, Guiseppi missed the bell for both the opening match and this one. Back in the ring, Rave attack Necros knee. Necro wins with a small package while Rave has the Heel Hook locked in. Post match, The Embassy attacks and attempts to break Necro’s leg, at the knee. Cabana makes the save.

Ric Flair promo: inital cheers. This is the most excited I’ve seen Flair in ROH. He did the usual by putting over the boys and such. He promised something special will happen tonight, meaning the title match.

Tyler Black v Jimmy Jacobs “1st Blood” match: big prematch brawl. Jimmy with a screwdriver. Bell rings, Tyler bleeds. Match over in a minute. Post match, Tyler snaps on Ref, Jimmy, and Dempsey who came out. “Not sure if it was planned to bleed this early”. Tyler is cashing in TONIGHT. He demands to be put in the title match tonight. His words were “if Cary has the guts then he’s cashing in tonight”. Not an exact quote but along those lines.

Sonjay Dutt v Roderick Strong: Dutt is wearing a DoRag for the match. Dutt dose a Flair Strut, HHH, Batista, and Austin taunts during the match. Good chain wrestling so far. Strong wins with Gutbuster/Backbracker/Gibson Driver Combo.

Bryan Danielson v Colt Cabana v Dlo Brown v Claudio Castagnoli: Funny spot as Cabana hits the ropes dangling with either Dlo or CC spit hanging from it; crowed went nuts. “had to see it to belive it”. CC caught Cabana during a Flying A$$hole spot and turned it into a German. Cabana wins with the Billy Goats Curse on Dlo. “Very Fun Match” no tags were needed in the match.

The American Wolves v Kevin Steen and El Generico “Submission Match”: For no good reason, Davey kicked a student sitting in the corner chairs around ringside. Very good match so far. Davey hits a Shooting Star from the top rope to the outside on all 3. “Sick spot”. Both Steen and Generico had Sharpshooters on the Wolves, they barely escaped. Generico had Eddie up for Top Rope Brainbuster, but Davey hit him in the knee with a Belt. Generico taps to Single Leg Boston Crab. Post Match, Steen cuts a promo saying they won’t stop climbing the ladder until they are once again ROH Tag Team Champs. Big time forshadowing going on.

Jay Briscoe v Guido Maritato: Guido didn’t get in very much offense, but looked good out there. Jay wins with a JayDriller. “nice breather before the ME”

Tyler Black v Austin Aries v Jerry Lynn: 60min time limit. Aries comes to the ring with Flair’s music and wearing a pink Flair robe. He grabs a mic saying Flair will NOT be the special enforcer due to circumstances beyond ROH’s control. Nigel comes out wearing a ref shirt and announces he will be the ringside announcer. Garbage is hitting the ring. Tyler pins Lynn with a Small Package Piledriver! It’s down to Tyler v Aries! Guarented new world champ! Aries with a kick to the head! Brainbuster! Austin Aries becomes the first 2
time ROH world champ. “Awesome, Awesome match!!!!”

Ring of Honor returns to Manhattan on September 26th to the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center