Ring of Honor Results – 6/12/09
Location: Manassas, Virginia

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:


-Bobby Sheilds and the Set v John Kermon, Bobby Dempsey, and Atsushi Sawada: Dempsey pins Sheilds after a Death Valley Driver

-Brandon Day v Ninja Brown: Day wins with a Brainbuster variation

Main Show:

-Tyler Black v Jerry Lynn: Snapmares, lots of snapmares. Tyler wins with the Powerbomb into the corner/Superkick combo. Beat him clean but Aries did come out but it didn’t effect the finish. “Soild Match”

-Jay Briscoe v Davey Richards: Jay wins after a flip/pin reversal. “Very stiff, 3 Stars” post match, Eddie comes out to help beat down Jay. Steenerico makes the save.
-Sonjay Dutt v Jimmy Jacobs: Jacobs wins after The End Time. Crowd wasn’t really into the match. “Dutt was shaking his d*ck to much”

-Austin Aries v Roderick Strong v Dlo Brown v Eddie Edwards: starts as 3 v 1 on Strong. Turns out normal. Roddy wins by making Aries tap to the Stronghold. Post match, Dlo got a nice reception.

-Nigel comes to the ring, cuts a anti-Lynn promo, then a kinda anti-Dragon promo. Fans chant “best in the world” to which Nigel responds “yes I was!”. Nigel says he will be back on top soon Aries comes out and cuts a offhanded promo on Nigel, backhanded compliments and such. Nigel leaves, the 4 way is on.

-Intermission: Attendance is 500+, coming back from Cruise called out a fan in a TNA shirt. He had the crowd vote which was his worst feature. Crowd voted his shirt. Bobby gives him a ROH shirt. Fan throws old shirt into the crowd, they throw it into the ring. Bobby stomps it.

-The Young Bucks v Kevin Steen and El Generico: Steen convinces Generico to bodyslam Matt. Crowd wants more snapmares. First Generico, then Steen oblige. Steen makes the pin after a Package Piledriver/Brainbuster Combo. “match of the night by far, easy 4 stars” “The Bucks have earned their spot by me”

-Bryan Danielson v Kenny King with Rhett Titus: Dragon Snapmared King into the crowd, the place exploded. Running total of Dragon snapmares: 3. Rhett grabs the mic, he demands that his music gets played, yes in the middle of the match. It distracted Dragon just long enough for King to take over. King with a snapmare, he is met with a chorus of boos. Dragon wins with a Small Package. “another good match”
-Ric Flair Segment: He put over ROH and it’s fans. Got a pretty good reception.

-Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne v Shawn Spears: Spears wins with a running dvd. “Good match, fans dug it”

-Colt Cabana, Necro Butcher, and Grizzly Redwood v The Embassy of Jimmy Rave, Claudio Castagnoli, and Ernie Osiris: Cabana killed a wasp that was flying around in the ring, Necro ate it. Grizzly and Cabana took off their boots to match Necro, they gave Osiris triple feet in while in the corner. Cabana made Osiris tap to the Billy Goats Curse. “Fun opener”