Ring of Honor Results – 5/9/09
Location: Edison, New Jersey

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Pre Show:

-Maverick beat ???, in polka dots
-Bobby Dempsey and Matt Tanin beat Gio Giovanni and ??? Patel

Main Show:

-Jerry Lynn beat Jay Briscoe via a Cradle Tombstone Piledriver. Jay kicked out of a Package Piledriver and Lynn kicked out of a JayDriller. “no crowd heat for the finish”. Post match, Lynn cuts an in-ring promo telling the negitive fan in the crowd to “shut the F up and go watch WWE”. “Disappointing ME, never got into the next gear… disappointing finish to an otherwise good show”

-The American Wolves beat Bryan Danielson and Kevin Steen to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles when Edwards made Danielson tap to a Half Boston Crab. Big brawl to start. Steen threw a table early making it 2 on 1. The Wolves worked Dragons hamstring all match and he stayed on the mat for awhile after tapping. “Legit 4 star match”

-Colt Cabana beat Joey Ryan via submission with the Billy Goats Curse. Post match saw Ernie Osiris attempt to jump Cabana, but gets beaten down instead.

-Kenny King and Rhett Titus beat Grizzly Redwood and Alex Payne with their Blockbuster/Powerbomb combo.

-Intermission. BC tie color: Fuschia. Attendance: “typical Edison attendance”. Return Date: 11.28.09

-Delirious and Necro Butcher beat the Embassy after Delirious rolls up Rave. Huge TP shower for Rave and Nana got hit in the nuts by a roll. Nana says we are all a bunch of swine flu pigs! Jimmy has been spending most of the match avoiding Necro. Finish saw Nana try to give Rave a chair and Necro knocked it away allowing Deli to roll him up.

-Chris Hero beat Sonjay Dutt with a loaded boot shot to the face. Hero is getting face pops as both guys are very over.
-Erick Stevens and Brent Albright beat The Super Smash Bros. when Albright gave Player Dos a Half Nelson Suplex from the apron into the ring. SSB looked good and received “Please Come Back” chants.

-Eddie Kingston beat Ricky Reyes with a Spinning Backfist. “Short, stiff match”. Post match has Chris Hero come out and reminds Kingston isn’t in his league.