Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
February 25, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor on Sinclair recap. Big main event this week, so if you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see a video highlighting what happened last week between Charlie Haas & The Briscoes before the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show from the du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. Kelly & McGuinness hype up tonight’s main event for the Ring of Honor World Title between champion Davey Richards and Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal. Kelly then takes us to pre-match comments from the Young Bucks & The C & C Wrestle Factory before our opening match.

Nick Jackson says that tonight, they are going to use Coleman & Alexander as a “stepping stone” to what is going to happen when they face The Briscoes at the 10th Anniversary “Young Wolves Rising” Internet PPV. Matt Jackson says that they are the biggest “rock stars in pro wrestling” and they are going to “out-perform, out-excite & out-amaze” Coleman & Alexander because they are “simply the best”. Matt then closes by saying the Young Bucks will win the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles on March 4th, but tonight, they are going to give “60% effort” to Coleman & Alexander because “that will be just enough”.

Cedric Alexander says that because the Young Bucks are facing the Briscoes for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles, they are the team that he & Coleman have to beat. Cedric says that for too long, they have been this close, but with tonight’s win, it will put them over the top. Caprice Coleman says that the Young Bucks come in with their “sports-entertainment attitude” and their “independent circuit bodies” demanding respect. Caprice says what happens when the Young Bucks have to face a team that has worked their way up from the “rough side of the mountain, sleeping in cars, just to get discovered”. Caprice says what happens when you face Coleman & Alexander and your quest for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles gets derailed by the “mainstream rebellion”. Caprice closes by singing “I’m looking in the future, and I see gold”.

The C & C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Coleman & Alexander look for the Code of Honor, but the Young Bucks instead shake each other’s hands. Alexander & Matt Jackson start things off for their respective teams. Matt with a kick to the gut, followed by a club to the back. Matt hits more clubs, then poses to the crowd. Alexander is waiting on him, though, and delivers a hard chop to Matt when he turns around. Irish whip by Alexander, reversed by Matt, but Alexander comes in and catches Matt with a headscissors takeover. Alexander with a spin kick to the gut, then tags in Coleman. C & C then hit a double team version of the Hart Attack, but Coleman does a leg lariat instead of a clothesline to Matt for a nearfall. Coleman drags Matt to his corner and tags back in Alexander. C & C then hit a double team catapult/forearm/slingshot elbow drop. Nick tries to leap off the ropes, but Alexander sees him coming and catches Nick with a kick to the gut on his way down. Coleman comes in and sends Matt headfirst off the top turnbuckle. C & C then go for a double Irish whip, but the Bucks avoid nailing one another and send one another off back to C & C. C & C ducks both clothesline attempts, though, and go for ones of their own. Bucks then avoid both clothesline attempts and Matt nails Coleman with a clothesline, while Nick is backdropped by Alexander, but lands on the apron. Matt charges in at Alexander, and the Bucks hit a double team clothesline/kick combination on Alexander in the corner.

Matt places Alexander precariously in the middle rope, and Nick heads up top, hitting an assisted Top Rope double stomp onto Alexander. Nick then charges at Coleman, who is on the outside, and nails him with a tope dive. Nick likes what he did, as Matt disrespectively slaps Alexander in the ring. Alexander tries to fight back with a gut shot and a series of forearms. Alexander goes off the ropes, but Nick grabs onto his foot and sends him crashing down to the mat. Nick pulls Alexander to the outside as Alexander looks to go after him. The distraction allows Matt to backflip and grab onto Alexander with a headscissors while he is on the apron and then Nick drills him with a dropkick. Bucks then do their trademark pose as they are in complete control of the match. Matt taunts Alexander and then kicks him disrespectively in the head. Matt does it again and then tags in Nick. Bucks then hit a double team arm wrench/top rope double sledge onto Alexander’s arm. Nick with a stomp and then tags back in Matt. Matt hits a double sledge across Alexander’s back and then piefaces him. Alexander tries to fight his way out of the Bucks’ corner with elbows and right hands. Alexander leaps, trying to make the tag to Coleman, but Matt catches him and sends him back to his corner. Tag back into Nick, who taunts away at Coleman, trying to goad him into the ring. Alexander tries to fight out of the corner again and then leaps again for the tag, but Nick catches him and sends him right back into his corner. Tag back into Matt, but as he leaps into the ring, Alexander for a 3rd time tries to fight out of the corner. Alexander drops down and avoids the Bucks’ double clothesline attempt and then kips back up and makes the tag to Coleman.

Coleman goes up top and hits a missile dropkick to Matt. Coleman with a spin kick to the gut of Nick, followed by a spinning axe kick to the back of Nick’s head. Coleman connects with a standing STO to Nick, who goes to the corner. Coleman charges and hits a running spinning heel kick and in the process, moonsaults onto Matt, who was on the outside. Nick then tries to go for his thru the ropes apron moonsault, but Coleman avoids him and Nick crashes into Matt on the outside. Coleman hits a 619-style kick using the ringpost to Nick and then Alexander charges, hitting a somersault plancha onto Nick while Matt gets back into the ring. However, Matt doesn’t realize Coleman on the top, who leaps and hits a big crossbody onto Matt for a close nearfall. Irish whip by Coleman, reversed by Matt, but Coleman blocks his clothesline attempt and C & C hit a combination cravate/superkick, followed by Coleman hitting a version of Daizee Haze’s Mind Trip to Matt, spiking him on his head. Coleman goes for the pinfall, but Nick breaks it up. Nick with a knee to the gut of Alexander and then sends him through the ropes to the outside. Coleman charges at Matt in the corner, but Matt moves out of the way. Nick charges at Coleman and hits a running knee to the back of his head. The Bucks go for More Bang for your Buck, but Coleman breaks loose off of Matt’s shoulders and sends him to the outside. C & C then go for Overtime, but Nick gets the knees up on Alexander’s Frog Splash. Matt drills Alexander with a superkick and then Coleman goes for a superkick of his own, but Matt grabs onto his foot. Nick then hits Coleman with a superkick to the side of his head.

Matt then lifts up Coleman, and the Bucks hit More Bang for your Buck for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks by pinfall (More Bang for your Buck)

The Bucks once again mock the Code of Honor in their celebration.

We go to the backstage area where Veda Scott is with the Embassy Limited. Veda asks Prince Nana what is his prediction for tonight’s main event. Nana begins to speak but Tommaso Ciampa cuts him off. Ciampa says “you want predictions?” “He’ll give you a prediction”. On March 4th, he is going to take whatever gold Jay Lethal has with him around his waist. Ciampa says that tonight, he challenges Lethal to “overachieve, be better than you have ever been before, walk out the Ring of Honor World Champion”. “Be a man, and come March 4th, I’ll humble you down to be a boy”. Ciampa closes by saying “I’ll continue to be undefeated and I will be the 1st, I will be the only, undefeated champion in Ring of Honor history”.


During the commercial break, we see a hype promo for the 10th Anniversary “Young Wolves Rising” Internet PPV on March 4th as Kevin Kelly interviews the Young Bucks. Matt Jackson mocks their opponents, The Briscoes, by mocking their accent, saying “DemBoys, DemBoys, 7-time Tag Team Champions, DemBoys, Cut-Throat, Cut-Throat”. Matt says “is that all the Briscoes talk about, do they have the intellect to realize that they lost the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles 6 times & come New York City it will be 7?” Nick Jackson says that they are undefeated in New York City and they are staying that way”. The Bucks then mock the Code of Honor again to end the promo.

Back from commercial, Kevin Kelly is in the ring and he brings out the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions The Briscoes.

Kelly first brings up the Briscoes’ title defense on March 4th against the Young Bucks. Jay Briscoe says that “in New York City, live on PPV, the Tag Team Titles on the line, you got #DemBoys vs. #DemLadyBoys”. Jay says that “they are not underestimating the Young Bucks, but when they get to New York City, they are making the Young Bucks their personal b****es”.

Kelly then brings up the Briscoes’ issue with the House of Truth. Jay says that “last time they faced the House of Truth, they got a nice, fat check for $5,000” as the crowd says it with him. Jay says that “when they took that check to the bank, that son of a b**** bounced higher than a basketball”. Jay says that they had a lot of big plans with that $5,000. “Big man had a lot of plans with that $5,000”. “We was gonna put a new manure shed on the chicken farm in Sandy Fork”. Jay says that “next time we are in Baltimore, if Truth Martini don’t got our $5,000, big man is gonna be here to personally beat it outta his a**”.

Kelly finally brings up the grudge match between the Briscoes & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team on 3/31 at “Showdown in the Sun”. Jay says that “when they get down to Florida, it ain’t about these belts”. “The next time we face Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, it ain’t about the tag belts. “Somebody is leaving outta there in a body bag”.

Jay closes by saying that “they have said it before, and they’ll say it again”. “Baltimore, when you mess with #DemBoys, you damn sure better be ready to Man Up”.

“Man Up” chants from the crowd as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to this week’s “Inside Ring of Honor”.

The first topic on the docket is the new match announced for the 10th Anniversary, “Young Wolves Rising”, Internet PPV on March 4th as Jimmy Jacobs faces “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen. We see a video highlighting what took place last week between those two before we go to promos from both men.

Jimmy Jacobs says that “he thought Steen wanted the same thing as himself and Steve Corino, redemption”. “But when we tried to help you, you jumped us”. “We tried to help you, then we tried to stop you, and neither worked”. “And after you piledrove me at Final Battle and I laid there laid to waste, I learned 1 life lesson, sometimes evil wins”. “So now, its my turn to be evil”. “One more time, and Kevin, you know I know how”. “See, I still taste that sickness inside me”. Jacobs closes by saying that “So, when evil faces evil, is there ever really a winner?”

Kevin Steen says that “hope is a funny thing”. “Jimmy Jacobs, last year, you cut your own b**** off in hopes that Ring of Honor would welcome you back into their promotion”. “Then, at Final Battle, you hoped Steve Corino would beat me so that I would go away forever”. “And now, you hope that by facing me in New York City on March 4th, you can get some sort of retribution for what I did at Final Battle”. “Well, you know what I hope?” “I hope that in our match, you make me bleed, so that you feel a little bit of what you used to be”. Steen closes by saying “And you realize that your future as a good, little company man is bleak, while your potential as somebody who lets the darkness inside of him shine through a little is unlimited “.

The next topic is the fact that on March 4th, the All Night Express return as a tag team because Rhett Titus is healed from his knee injury and they will face Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

Rhett Titus says that “he said it would be 2 months before I make my return from my knee surgery and guess what?” “That 2 months is up” as he throws the crutches down. “I’m ready to come back, I’m ready to get it, but before I come back, before we go after the Tag Titles, before we go and get retribution on the Young Bucks, I want to make sure we are at the top of our game and are the best we have ever been”.

Kenny King says that “its like Rhett said, don’t get it twisted for a minute, Young Bucks, we are coming after you, we are gonna take you apart piece by piece, but we need to prove to ourselves and Ring of Honor that we’re better than we’ve ever been”. “And what better way to do that than to take on Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team March 4th in New York City”. King closes by saying “Charlie & Shelton, we already owe you one, so prepare for that check to come in in full”.

Kelly hypes up Showdown in the Sun during Wrestlemania weekend, then brings up the fact that next week, it will be Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards, with the winner earning a title match against whoever is the World Champion on March 30 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Truth Martini says that “through positive thoughts and the morality of our actions, the fates are rewarding Roderick Strong in your quest to regain the Ring of Honor World Title”. Roderick Strong says that “tonight, I’m pulling for Jay Lethal to beat Davey Richards”. “You know I can beat both of them, but I can just beat Jay Lethal that much easier”. “But next week, right here on TV, I face Eddie Edwards for a title shot in Ft. Lauderdale, and you guys know Eddie is on a losing streak right now, so that means I can flatten him in a second”. Strong closes by saying “Bottom line, worst case scenario, I’ll have this whole Ring of Honor World Title situation wrapped up by April 1st”.


Back from commercial, we go to Veda Scott in the backstage area with Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole. Veda asks what Edwards’ pick is for tonight’s main event. Edwards says that “honestly, its hard for me to say anything and not come out looking like the bad guy”. “Jay, he is an amazing wrestler. “But the real question is, is Davey focused on this match, or is he focused on our tag match on March 4th?” Edwards closes by saying that “if Davey gets distracted, he can easily lose this match”.

Adam Cole then chimes in and says “Eddie, let’s face it, Kyle O’Reilly has been a very, very big distraction lately”. “But, I wanna promise you one thing”. “Come March 4th, I’m gonna hold up my end of the bargain and I will be better than Kyle O’Reilly”. Cole closes by saying “Then come next week against the House of Truth, I got your back, you have my word”. Edwards and Cole shake hands to close things out.

We go to the announce table where Kelly & McGuinness bring up the fact that many people think Lethal is gonna beat Richards. McGuinness says that its “wishful thinking to further their own position, but there is a general feeling that Lethal could surprise everybody and win the title, but we’ll find out”.

Main Event for the Ring of Honor World Title: “American Wolf” Davey Richards (c) vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal

Lethal & Richards adhere to the Code of Honor to start things off. Both men feel each other out, then Lethal goes for a waistlock. Richards tries to go for a wristlock, but Lethal spins him around and snapmares him over. Lethal goes for a rear chinlock, but Richards quickly counters into a hammerlock. Lethal maneuvers himself over to the ropes and Richards has to break the hold. Both men shake hands as Richards brings Lethal to his feet. Dueling chants begin to erupt from the Baltimore crowd as Lethal locks on a front chancery. Richards counters by single legs him down and then goes for a leglock. Richards grabs onto both legs and then spins Lethal around into a seated surfboard. Richards breaks it and then spins Lethal around into a pinning predicament for a nearfall. In kicking out, Lethal grabs a hold of Richards and locks in his own seated surfboard. Lethal then breaks and spins Richards around into the same pinning predicament for a nearfall. Lethal goes for a knucklelock, but Richards with a kick to the gut. Irish whip by Richards, but Lethal floats over Richards’ attempt at a back body drop and hooks him in a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Richards then jackknife pins Lethal for his own nearfall. Lethal then spins Richards over into another pin attempt for another nearfall. Lethal pops up and then goes for a jackknife pin while Richards has a hold for him for yet another nearfall. Richards bridges up and then goes for a backslide, but Lethal blocks it. Lethal goes for a kick, but Richards has it scouted and we are at a stalemate.

Dueling chants again from the crowd as Lethal goes for the knucklelock again, but then kicks Richards in the gut, giving him a receipt for last time. Irish whip by Lethal and he scores with the hiptoss/cartwheel/front dropkick combo on Richards for a 1 count. Lethal with a stomp in the corner, followed by a chop. Richards goes to another corner as Lethal Irish whips him out, but Richards reverses the whip, but Lethal goes up and over Richards. Lethal goes off the ropes, Richards leapfrogs, then drops down and then drills Lethal coming in with a dropkick. Richards then locks in a reverse version of the Figure 4, most notably used by Jamie Noble called the Trailer Hitch. Richards then goes to his feet and turns it into an Indian Deathlock and finally bridges back, locking in the facelock to boot. Lethal crawls to the ropes and is able to get there, forcing Richards to break the hold. Richards breaks the facelock, but still keeps a hold of the deathlock and then drops back, doing damage to Lethal’s legs. Richards gets Lethal back to his feet and then delivers a hard kick to the chest, doubling Lethal over. Irish whip by Richards, reversed by Lethal, who catches Richards coming in with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, followed by a side Russian leg sweep, into an octopus style submission hold. Richards gets to his feet and then counters Lethal’s submission to one of his own, the Stretch Muffler. Lethal is able to make to the ropes and Richards is forced to break. Headfirst goes Lethal off the top turnbuckle as Richards shakes his arm to bring blood flowing back to it after the damage done by Lethal. Forearm by Richards, but is still favoring his arm. Irish whip by Richards sends Lethal to the opposite corner. Richards charges, but Lethal gets his boot up. Lethal goes up to the middle turnbuckle and connects with a leg lariat, but is still favoring his leg from the damage done by Richards previously. Lethal gains a nearfall as we see the Embassy Limited’s Tommaso Ciampa, the challenger for Lethal’s Television Title on March 4th, come out with a steel chair as he wants to get a closer view of the match. Lethal scores with a back suplex for a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Lethal Irish whips Richards to the corner. Lethal charges, but Richards moves out of the way and onto the apron. Richards looks to send Lethal headfirst off the top turnbuckle, but Lethal blocks it with his foot and sends Richards headfirst off said turnbuckle. Lethal goes off the ropes to charge at Richards, but Richards drops the rope down and Lethal goes flying over the ropes to the outside. Richards waits for Lethal to get up and then drills him with the running apron kick to the chest. Tommaso Ciampa is doing nothing but sitting intently and watching the match at ringside as Richards leaps back into the ring and then goes off the ropes and nailing Lethal with a tope dive, sending Lethal crashing into the barricade. The Baltimore crowd chants “ROH” as Richards gets up to his feet while Lethal is crawling to try to get back up to his. Richards brings Lethal back into the ring and then has words with Ciampa, who gets up from his chair and gets into the face of Richards. Richards and Ciampa go nose-to-nose until Kyle O’Reilly runs from the back and gets in between them. Kyle tells Davey to focus on the match, while Davey tells Kyle to watch Ciampa. Ciampa has words for O’Reilly while back in the ring, Richards misses a clothesline attempt and Lethal goes off the ropes, hitting a flying forearm.

Lethal with a clothesline, followed by a spinning heel kick. Lethal is fired up as he nails Richards with a big chop, followed by an Irish whip. However, Richards reverses it, but Lethal handsprings off the ropes, hitting Richards with a handspring back elbow for a nearfall. We see that during the commercial break, Lethal went for the Lethal Injection, but Richards blocked it and locked in the Ankle Lock. Back to live action as Lethal sets up Richards for the Lethal Combination, but Richards blocks it with elbows. Lethal comes back with a forearm, but Richards comes right back with a roundhouse kick to the shoulder. Lethal goes to the corner as Richards charges and connects with a running forearm. Richards goes off the ropes, but Lethal catches him coming in and hits the Lethal Combination for a close nearfall. Richards puts up 2 fingers while obviously hurt to show that it was only a 2 count as Lethal can’t believe it. All of a sudden, Truth Martini leads his House of Truth out to ringside to gain a closer view of the match. Lethal positions Richards in the center of the ring and heads up top. Richards gets back up and stops Lethal from going up top with a forearm and a gut shot. Richards goes up with Lethal and hooks in a front facelock. Lethal tries to fight it with gut shots, but Richards locks in a kimura, followed by elbows to Lethal’s shoulder. Richards re-hooks the front facelock and goes up to the top and brings Lethal with him. Richards stands on the top rope, making Lethal think about it and then Richards scores with a top rope superplex, but holds on to the front facelock and then hits a Falcon Arrow into a cross armbreaker. Lethal is writhing in pain, trying to break Richards’ grip, but to no avail. Lethal then is somehow able to reach the ropes to force Richards to break the hold.

Then, Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole make their way to ringside to join the party as Richards sees him heading towards ringside. Richards sees all the people around the ring and then gets the crowd louder and more into the match. Richards hits a kick to Lethal’s injured shoulder and then a 2nd one, but that only starts to light a fire under Lethal. Richards with another kick, but then Lethal unloads with right hands and chops on Richards. One shot after another from Lethal, who then lets out a big scream and goes off the ropes, but Richards lifts him up, looking for the Alarm Clock kick, but Lethal blocks it and grabs onto Richards’ foot. Lethal tries to go for something, but Richards takes him down and locks back in the cross armbreaker. Lethal gets to his feet while Richards breaks the hold, realizing his shoulders would be counted down. Lethal then grabs onto Richards’ foot and gets his own feet under Richards’ arms and then lifts up surfboard style. Richards tries to roll out of it, but Lethal holds on into a pinning predicament for a close nearfall.

Both men then charge at one another and both connect with a clothesline. Richards with a spin kick to the gut, but Lethal comes back with a superkick. Then, Richards comes back with a spin kick to the side of Lethal’s head, but then Lethal comes back with a enziguri style kick to Richards. Finally, Richards screams and charges at Lethal, cleaning his clock and turning him inside out with a decapitation style clothesline. Both men are down as the fans and the other wrestlers at ringside try to will on both men. The Baltimore crowd chants “This is Wrestling” as Richards gets up to his feet and looks to go up top. Richards has words for Edwards & Cole at ringside while on top while Truth Martini goes up on the apron, but Kyle O’Reilly comes in and pulls Martini off the apron. O’Reilly is then attacked by Elgin & Strong and the brawl is on the outside. Back in the ring, Lethal catches Richards coming off the ropes with a dropkick and then goes up top himself. Edwards & Cole get involved and begin to brawl with Elgin & Strong on the outside as Lethal comes off the top, hitting Hail to the King(Top Rope Elbow) on Richards, who just barely kicks out before the count of 3. Lethal cannot believe it, as the crowd boos at the nearfall because they thought the match was over with.

Lethal motions that he is going for the Lethal Injection but as he handsprings off the ropes, Elgin throws Cole into his path and knocks down Lethal. Richards then drills Lethal with a roundhouse kick to the head for the victory.

Winner and still Ring of Honor World Champion: “American Wolf” Davey Richards by pinfall (Roundhouse Kick)

Officials and security come down and get everybody to the back, except for Tommaso Ciampa, who was sitting in his chair at ringside the entire time all the brawling was taking place. Richards and Lethal adhere to the Code of Honor once more as Ciampa has for both Richards & Lethal while we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Another good episode of Ring of Honor this week.

Opening match was OK, but for some reason, the Bucks and Coleman/Alexander just do not click in the ring. Some things were botched, especially the finish, which took away from the match to me. Coleman & Alexander looked good in the match, but the Bucks did not, and that is not a good sign for the iPPV match with the Briscoes on Sunday.

Briscoes promo was all Jay, and once again, he was good on the mic. Not many people can get over 3 different feuds over the course of 2 or so minutes and make everything make sense and make people want to see all 3 matches, but Jay Briscoe did just that and that is what I call a good talker.

Inside ROH was once again very well done and continues to be my favorite thing to see on TV each week for pro wrestling. It just allows these guys to cut promos and get over their feuds in a short but sweet manner. Jacobs & Steen’s promos were very good, and it really got over what their match is about for Sunday and it made viewers want to buy the show and see what happens. Job well done I say.

The main event was also very good, and yes I know, it Davey Richards, but Jay Lethal did a very good job, like El Generico back in November, at toning down Davey’s work and making Davey wrestle Lethal’s match, not the other way around. I really liked all the people coming to the outside, as it ties a lot of feuds and storylines together into one nice, neat bow. Crowd really helped this match, as they were into everything and really believed that Lethal was going to win the title. Finish was a little flat, but it puts more heat on the main event and also planted the seeds of a potential Richards/Ciampa match, which I for one, am all for.

Overall, another good outing from Ring of Honor as they are on a nice roll heading into their 10th Anniversary iPPV on Sunday.

My Grade: B-

Well, that will do it for me this week. I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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