Ring of Honor on Sinclair
August 4, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see video highlighting what happened at “Best in the World: Hostage Crisis” between the Guardians of Truth & the Briscoes before the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinnes welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD, but are then interrupted as Truth Martini makes his way to the ring to bring out his Guardians of Truth for the opening contest.

“Best in the World” Return Match: The Guardians of Truth w/Truth Martini vs #DemBoys The Briscoes

Martini pulls off the Guardians’ masks to reveal…..another mask! Code of Honor will not be adhered to. Guardian #1 and Jay will start things off. #2 hits Jay from behind as the Guardians begin to stomp away at Jay. Guardians with a double team as #1 Irish whips Jay while #2 comes off the ropes with a flying clothesline. #1 chokes Jay in the corner with his boot. #1 lures Mark in so that #2 can choke Jay in the corner. Tag to #2 as he kicks Jay in the gut. #2 with a chop, followed by a powerslam off an Irish whip for a nearfall. Briscoes with a blind tag off another Irish whip as Jay with an uppercut, then Mark with a running front dropkick. Mark knocks #1 off the apron, then hits #2 with a headbutt. Mark with a clothesline off a corner whip, followed by a bulldog for a nearfall as the crowd chants “Man Up”. Briscoes with a football style double shoulder tackle as Jay is tagged in. #1 comes in, but is met with some Redneck Kung Fu by Mark. Jay then with a standing spinebuster to #1. Martini convenes with his Guardians on the outside as instead of #2, #1 gets into the ring. #1 counters a slam and #2 tries to pull down the top rope, but Mark nails him with a boot. However, #1 knocks Mark off the apron and into the barricade. #2 whips Mark hard into the barricade as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as #1 with an elbow drop to Mark for a nearfall. #1 throws Mark to the outside and lures away the referee so that #2 can stomp Mark on the outside. #1 then hits Mark with a springboard clothesline, knocking Mark back down to the outside. Guardians with a double hot shot sending Mark face first off the apron. #2 sends Mark back into the ring while #1 stomps away at him. #1 chokes Mark on the ropes, but Mark tries to fight his way out of the Guardians’ corner. #2 chokes Mark in the ropes as he is tagged in. #2 throws Mark to the outside as #1 lifts Mark up so he is dangling on the barricade, allowing #2 to leap off the apron with a double sledge across Mark’s back. Back in the ring, #1 gains a nearfall as the crowd wills on Mark, chanting “Man Up”. #1 knocks Jay off the apron as the Guardians continue to stomp away at Mark. #1 with a chinlock as the crowd continues to will on Mark. Mark breaks free, then lands on his feet off a backdrop attempt and finally tags in Jay.

Jay with a big boot to #1 and knocks #2 off the apron. Jay with a series of jabs, followed by a dropkick off an Irish whip. #2 comes in, but is sent out to the outside. Mark comes in and hits a baseball slide to #2. Jay with a Death Valley Driver to #1 as Mark heads up top, hitting the Froggy Bow, but Jay only gets a nearfall. Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device, but Martini grabs on to Mark’s foot as #2 attacks Jay from behind. Mark gives chase to Martini as the Guardians go for a double suplex on Jay.

However, Mark comes in and spears #2, allowing Jay to roll up #1 in an inside cradle for the victory.

Winners: #DemBoys The Briscoes by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

After the match, the Guardians attack the Briscoes, but the Briscoes fight back. Then, Roderick Strong & Rhino come in to make it a 4-2 situation. The Briscoes can’t fight these odds as they are being laid to waste by the House of Truth. Michael Elgin then comes out, but he doesn’t like what he sees so he says to hell with this and goes to the back. The assault continues until finally Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander make the save as the House of Truth heads for higher ground. The babyfaces check on the Briscoes as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Kelly & McGuinness talk about the “Boiling Point” main event as Kevin Steen will defend the ROH World Title against Eddie Kingston. We go to comments from Steen, who says that he & Kingston are a lot alike, but when he gave Kingston a chance to tear ROH apart, Kingston refused. Steen calls Kingston a hypocrite, but he expects nothing less from someone from New York City. Steen says Kingston thinks he is gonna take the ROH World Title from him, but Steen says he will kick Kingston’s ass and send him crying to his fake family.

Kevin Kelly is in the ring as he brings out Eddie Kingston for an interview. Kelly asks Kingston what does redemption mean to him? Kingston motions Kelly out of the ring and gets a mic. Kingston says redemption is becoming the ROH World Champion. Kingston for 10 years, he has struggled to become a world champion. He has hurt his family, he has hurt women he loved to become a world champion. On August 11, he is going to be chasing a dream. Kingston says he has struggled, cried, wondering why he wrestles. On August 11, he will win the ROH World Title and show it to his mother & father who didn’t support him getting into wrestling. He will show to his ex-wife who he left to become a world champion. He will say a prayer to the late Larry Sweeney, who never got a chance to be a world champion. And finally, he will show it to his son and tell him that if you make the sacrifice and work hard, you can be anything you wanna be. Kingston says on August 11, he will walk through hell and spit in Satan’s face to become the ROH World Champion. “I am Eddie Kingston, I’m the last of a dying breed, and I’m your next ROH World Champion!”


“Inside Ring of Honor”

  • Video is shown from last week when RD Evans threw Prince Nana under a bus, revealing it was Nana who conspired with Truth Martini to keep Tommaso Ciampa away from the ROH TV Title. This saw the break-up of the Embassy as Ciampa laid out Nana.
  • Video is also shown of Haas & Benjamin’s attack on the All Night Express leading to Benjamin being indefinitely suspended from ROH.
  • We then see video also from last week when Adam Cole won the ROH TV Title from Roderick Strong.
  • Finally, the card for “Boiling Point” this Saturday on Internet PPV is run down before we go to commercial.


    Main Event, Storm-Bennett III: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/”Brutal” Bob Evans & “The 1st Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis vs. Lance Storm

    Code of Honor not adhered to. Pleasantaries exchanged along with a shoving match. Storm backs Bennett into the corner before breaking clean. Bennett goes to work on the arm, but Storm counters out. Storm now works on Bennett’s arm and sends Bennett into the corner. Uppercut by Storm, but Bennett nails Storm with a back elbow after reversing Storm’s Irish whip. Bennett with some strikes in the corner, but Storm fights back with chops. Bennett holds onto the ropes off of Storm’s Irish whip and nails Storm with a boot on a charge in. Storm then rolls out of Bennett’s Sunset flip attempt and goes for the Maple Leaf, but Bennett gets to the ropes. Bennett goes to the outside to catch a breather, but Storm goes out after him. Back in the ring, Bennett wants a time-out, but Storm will have nothing of it. Storm with a suplex for a nearfall. Bennett comes back with a slam, followed by a pair of elbowdrops for a nearfall. Storm comes back with a jawbreaker, followed by a dropkick for a nearfall. Elbow by Storm, but Bennett comes back and whips Storm into the corner. Storm, however, moves out of the way on Bennett’s charge and Bennett’s crotch region catches nothing but turnbuckle. Storm with a stomp to the abdomen, followed by a pair of elbowdrops for a nearfall. Storm with a club, but Bennett then drives Storm back first into the corner. Bennett does it 2 more times, but catches nothing mat on a dropkick attempt as Storm held onto the ropes off a Bennett Irish whip. Storm with a jackknife pin for a nearfall. Storm sends Bennett into the corner, then Bennett tries to send Storm to the outside, but Storm holds on and stays on the apron. Storm goes to suplex Bennett to the outside, but Bennett holds on and goes to the apron. Both men exchange strikes until Bennett rakes Storm’s eyes and throws him off the apron and into the barricade. Bennett then with a flying clothesline off the apron and both men are down as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Bennett nails Storm in the ring with a dropkick for a nearfall. Bennett with a back suplex for another nearfall. Bennett with a chinlock with his knee driven into Storm’s injred back as the crowd wills on Storm. Storm tries to break free, but Bennett then sends Storm shoulder first into the ringpost. Bennett drives Storm’s arm into the ringpost, then hits a boot to the injured arm. Bennett then goes off the apron and pulls down Storm’s arm into the top rope for a nearfall. Bennett goes to a head and arm lock as the crowd again wills on Storm. Storm breaks free of the hold and hits a headbutt. Bennett then comes back with an armbar takedown off of Storm’s Irish whip, doing more damage to Storm’s injured arm as Bennett gets a nearfall. Bennett removes Storm’s elbow pad and stomps on the injured arm multiple times. Storm tries to fight back with one good arm, then counters Bennett’s suplex into an inside cradle for a nearfall. Bennett then comes right back and drills Storm with a clothesline for another nearfall. Bennett locks in an armbar as the crowd again wills on Storm. Storm breaks free as both men exchange strikes. Storm comes back with a step-up enziguri for a nearfall. Storm goes out to the apron, but Bennett sends him into the top turnbuckle. Bennett does it a 2nd time, this time injured arm first. Bennett goes out onto the apron and goes for a suplex, motioning that its over, but Storm counters out and clotheslines Bennett back into the ring. Storm goes for a slingshot move, but Bennett rolls out of the way and gains another nearfall. Bennett talks trash to Storm as both men exchange right hands from their knees. Both men then exchange strikes after they get to their feet until Storm nails Bennett with a back elbow off an Irish whip. Storm with a left arm clothesline, followed by a leg lariat off another Irish whip for a nearfall. Storm with another left arm clothesline off a corner whip and heads out onto the apron. Storm with a springboard left arm clothesline for a close nearfall. Bennett comes back with a right hand, then counters Storm’s roll through into the Maple Leaf attempt by hooking both legs for a close nearfall. Bennett then ducks under Storm’s enziguri and goes to hook Storm in his own Maple Leaf hold. Storm is able to kick Bennett off and then hits Bennett’s own Box Office Smash for another close nearfall. Storm motions that its over and lifts up Bennett, but Bennett breaks free. Bennett lifts up Storm, but Storm breaks free and then does the roll through into the Maple Leaf. Bennett, though, is able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Storm places Bennett on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. Storm goes for a superplex, but Evans grabs onto Storm’s foot. Storm swipes at Evans, but that allows Bennett to hit a super neckbreaker for a close nearfall. Maria then gets on the apron as Evans throws a steel chair into the ring.

    Bennett lifts up Storm and hits the Photo Finish (TKO) right on the steel chair for the victory.

    Winner: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett by pinfall (Photo Finish on a Steel Chair)

    After the match, the assault continues on Storm by Bennett, along with Evans. They hold up Storm while Maria takes her high heel boot off and much like last week, Maria proceeds to nail Storm in the head with the heel. She is about to do it again when Sara Del Rey runs in and drills Maria with a big boot. Sara locks Maria in a half crab, but Bennett & Evans begin to try and pry Sara off Maria. This brings out Eddie Edwards, who clears the ring of Team Sexy. Edwards and Del Rey check on a fallen Lance Storm as we go to credits.

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