Ring of Honor on Sinclair
August 18, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see video highlighting the All Night Express’s Tag Team title win over Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team at “Best in the World: Hostage Crisis”.

We then go to video of comments from ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette, who says that due to a contract dispute with Kenny King, who chose to wrestle elsewhere, the All Night Express has been stripped of the ROH Tag Team Titles. An 8-team tournament will be held to determine new ROH Tag Team Champions. Rhett Titus will be allowed to pick his own partner to compete in the tournament. The tournament will begin next week on ROH TV and end at Death Before Dishonor X on September 15 on iPPV from Chicago. Cornette closes by wishing all the teams in the tournament good luck as we go to the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. Kelly & McGuinness talk about tonight’s ROH World Title match as Kevin Steen defends against Homicide, then we go to the opening match.

Women of Honor Match: “Princess” Mia Yim vs. “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey

Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Sara with an amateur takedown for a 1 count. Sara with an arm wrench into a wristlock, but Yim cartwheels and counters into one of her own. Sara counters that with a Northern Lights suplex and goes back to the wristlock, with the knee driven into the arm. Yim gets to the ropes to force a break and Sara obliges. Yim wants another Code of Honor, but it is a trap as she drills Del Rey with a spinning roundhouse kick to the top of the head. Yim with a series of forearms to the head, but Sara counters an Irish whip attempt, delivering a hook kick to Yim. Sara with a series of chops, but Yim comes back with a spinning back kick to the gut as Del Rey was coming off the ropes. Yim with a running knee to the head for a nearfall. Yim goes to the mount and begins to rain in right hands. Yim with a series of clubs to the back, but it is only infuriating Del Rey. Yim with a paintbrush, followed by a forearm, but Sara comes back, unloading with forearms to the head of Yim. The announcers mention that Shelton Benjamin’s suspension does not end until August 30, which would make him ineligible for the ROH Tag Team Title tournament. Sara with a hair biel, but Yim comes back with a kick to the chest. Both women exchange kicks to the chest, then simultaneously give each other boots to the head and both women are down.

They get back up as Sara nails Yim with a rolling elbow for a nearfall. Sara lifts up Yim for something, but Yim counters it into a roll-up for a nearfall. Sara comes back with a boot to the head, followed by a pair of chops in the corner. Sara with a corner whip, but Yim moves out of the way as Sara was going for the Koppo Kick. Yim with a kneelift, then heads up top, while doing an Embassy pose. Yim goes for the SkyYim (Twisting Moonsault), but Sara moves out of the way.

Sara then drills Yim with an Axe Kick to the back of the head for the victory.

Winner: “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey by pinfall (Axe Kick)

Sara celebrates her victory, but then Mike Bennett comes out and has words with Del Rey. This is all a setup as Maria Kanellis comes in from behind and drills Sara in the back of the head with her loaded high heel boot. Maria then with a standing bulldog, laying out Del Rey. Maria gets a mic and says “Who’s the 1st Lady of Wrestling now, b**ch?” Maria & Bennett pose for the crowd while Del Rey is writhing in pain as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Rhino & Truth Martini make their way to the ring. Martini has the mic as the crowd chants for Rhino. Martini says Jim Cornette has a problem, but he has the solution, so he is CALLING HIM OUT!

Cornette comes out and says Martini is not even supposed to be out here, so what does he have to say.

Martini says Cornette has been stressed because he has been dealing with a bunch of S.C.U.M. The ROH World Champion, that “roly-poly” Kevin Steen, a guy who is confused about his own gender, Jimmy Jacobs, and finally that “never-has-been” Steve Corino. Martini says the House of Truth outnumbers S.C.U.M and he knows Cornette wants to get rid of Steen, but he has been going about it the wrong way. Guys like Eddie Kingston & Homicide will fail. Cornette has had a problem, but the solution has been right under his nose and that solution is his hired mercenary, Rhino. Cornette says Martini makes a good point, but they are interrupted by the music of Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring and says that yes, Rhino beat him in Milwaukee. But the truth is, Ms. Martini, I beat him in Toronto so we are even. Cornette says Edwards makes a good point and says he doesn’t know who would be worse running things, Kevin Steen or Truth Martini. Cornette says he needs a challenger if Homicide does not win this week for Death Before Dishonor X. Cornette says the answer is to have a rubber match and maybe we can have that rubber match right now. However, Cornette wants someone who can face Kevin Steen and be willing to get nasty with him, so this rubber match to determine who will challenge for the ROH World Title at Death Before Dishonor X will be an Anything Goes Match.

Both men agree to the match and want to do it right now. Rhino gets the mic and says that after he is done with Edwards, they’ll have to carry his ass outta here. Cornette wants a referee out here so the match can be started. Rhino attacks Edwards as the bell sounds while we go to commercial.


Anything Goes Match to determine the #1 Contender to the ROH World Title: “The Man Beast” Rhino w/Truth Martini vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

We join the match in progress back from commercial as Edwards puts on the brakes off a Rhino Irish whip. Rhino charges, but Edwards sidesteps him and Rhino goes to the outside. Edwards then with a head of steam and takes out Rhino with a tope dive, sending Rhino into the barricade. Both men exchange chops until Rhino unloads with forearms to the head. Edwards reverses a whip and sends Rhino into the barricade. Edwards nails Rhino with a running knee to the head, then nails Rhino with a fan in the front row’s beer can. Rhino shoves Edwards away, but Edwards comes back, connecting with a rana. Crowd chants for Edwards as he sends Rhino back into the ring. Edwards heads up top, but Rhino charges in, however Edwards leaps off and lands on his feet. Edwards slides under Rhino’s legs and hits a kick to the leg, knocking Rhino down. Edwards then with a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Rhino comes back with a gut shot, then sends Edwards into the corner. Rhino chokes Edwards with his boot, then hits a series of gut shots. Corner whip by Rhino, but Edwards goes up & over, followed by a front kip-up. Edwards charges, but Rhino lifts him up and gorilla press slams Edwards back first into the turnbuckles.

Rhino unloads with right hands, then hits a forearm to the kidneys as the crowd tries to will on Edwards. Rhino with stomps in the corner as Martini motions to Rhino that he has a chair for him. Rhino gets the chair and nails Edwards in the gut with it. Rhino hits Edwards in the gut a 2nd time, followed by a shot to the back for a nearfall. Rhino wedges the chair between the top and middle turnbuckles in the corner, then goes to whip Edwards into it, but Edwards comes back, hitting an enziguri. Edwards with a charging forearm in the corner, then goes to whip Rhino, but Rhino reverses and scores with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino measures Edwards for the Gore as the crowd chants for it. Rhino charges, but Edwards sidesteps him and Rhino goes face first into the wedged chair in the corner.

Edwards with a roll-up for a nearfall. Edwards hits Rhino with a release German suplex as the crowd chants for Edwards. Edwards charges, but runs into an elbow from Rhino. Rhino goes to the middle rope, but Edwards drills him with another enziguri, sending Rhino crashing to the outside. Edwards motions for the ring bell as he grabs it, along with the hammer and then proceeds to place the ring bell by Rhino’s head and then nail it with the hammer to proverbially ring Rhino’s bell. Edwards then removes everything from the ringside table and brings it into the ring. Rhino comes back with a club on Edwards, but runs into an elbow. Rhino then with a running shoulder tackle sending Edwards into the barricade. Rhino now brings 2 chairs into the ring before sending Edwards back in. Rhino places Edwards on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him, looking for a superplex onto the 2 steel chairs, but Edwards blocks it. Edwards with a headbutt, then hits a Sunset flip powerbomb with Rhino going back first onto the 2 steel chairs. Edwards goes for the cover, but Rhino barely kicks out. Edwards can’t believe it as the crowd chants “ROH”.

Edwards gets the ringside table he brought into the ring and props it up against the corner as Rhino is bleeding from his arm. Edwards tries for a German suplex into the table, but Rhino counters out with elbows. Rhino lifts up Edwards and looks to drive Edwards into the table, but Edwards breaks free. Rhino misses a clothesline and Edwards nails him with a boot to the head. Edwards then is caught with a Rhino spinebuster. Rhino also appears to be bleeding from the back of the head due to that Sunset flip powerbomb onto the steel chairs. Rhino setups for the Gore once again, but he runs into a kick by Edwards. Martini goes onto the apron, but Edwards knocks him back off it.

However, that distraction allows Rhino to charge and PUT EDWARDS THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE GORE, GORE, GORE!!!!

The referee then calls for the bell, stopping the match.

Winner and now the #1 contender to the ROH World Title: “The Man Beast” Rhino via referee stoppage (The Gore through a table)

Multiple officials and attendants come out to check on Edwards while Rhino & Martini celebrate Rhino’s victory as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

The 1st topic is the fact that the main event for “Death Before Dishonor X” has been made official as Kevin Steen will defend the ROH World Title (if still champion) against Rhino.

Also, the semi-finals & finals of the ROH Tag Team Title tournament will take place at “Death Before Dishonor X”, where new ROH Tag Team Champions will be crowned.

The next topic is next week on ROH TV, the 1st of 4 1st round matches will take place as Coleman & Alexander will face The Young Bucks.

On the September 1st episode, The Guardians of Truth will face Rhett Titus & a mystery partner, as well as The Bravados facing Charlie Haas & a mystery partner due to Shelton Benjamin’s suspension.

Finally, on the September 8th episode, The Briscoes will face BLK Out in the final 1st round match. The 4 winners will then move on to the semi-finals at “Death Before Dishonor X”.

We go to comments from Rhett Titus, who says Kenny King is a grown man, so he can’t be mad at his decision. However, it took him a long time to win the ROH Tag Team Titles and he will work even harder and find a partner who will stand by his side and be down for the ride so he can become a 2-time ROH Tag Team Champion.

We then go to comments from Charlie Haas, who says its BS to have this tournament because he & Benjamin should have the titles because they beat up Kenny King so bad, he became yellow and jumped ship to the competition. So now he has to pick a partner because Benjamin is suspended, well he does what he wants and Cornette is not gonna like it.

The final topic is that next week’s main event on ROH TV will be a 6 Man Mayhem match where the winner will face ROH TV Champion Adam Cole for the title at “Death Before Dishonor X”. The participants are “No Fear” Mike Mondo, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett, Jay Lethal, “Technical Lightning” T.J. Perkins, “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tomasso Ciampa & Roderick Strong.

We go to comments from Mike Bennett, who says when he wins the TV Title, all of the ROH universe will see him every single week.


Back from commercial, Steve Corino joins Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness at the commentary table for the main event.

Before the match, Steen grabs a mic and says to Homicide that a couple years ago, Homicide, much like Steen, hated Jim Cornette. So now why is Homicide Cornette’s b**ch? Homicide says he isn’t doing it for Cornette, he is doing it for himself, and nails Steen with a right hand as we go to…….

Main Event for the Ring of Honor World Title: “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen (c) w/”The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. “The Notorious 187” Homicide

Both men slug it out in the early going, going back and forth with right hands. Homicide is shoved into the ropes, but comes back with a lariat for a 1 count. Homicide with another lariat that sends Steen to the outside. Homicide sets to dive, but Steen moves away to avoid him. Steen confers with Jacobs, but then Homicide heads out onto the apron and takes out Steen with a rolling senton. Jacobs goes to the front row to avoid Homicide as he sends Steen back into the ring. Homicide with double knees in the corner on Steen, followed by a chop. Homicide goes for a monkey flip, but Steen counters it and suplexes Homicide into the turnbuckles. Steen then hits the Cannonball in the corner. Steen has words with the referee and while that is going on, Jacobs, on the outside, charges and connects with a boot to the side of Homicide’s head. Homicide is in pain holding his ear as Steen nails it with a right hand while we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Steen is biting at Homicide’s ear on the outside. Steen throws Homicide into the barricade, followed by an elbow to the injured ear. Corino mentions on commentary that this is a receipt for Homicide busting Corino’s eardrum many years ago during their heated feud in ROH. Steen yells in the injured ear “Do you hear me?” as he nails it with another right hand. Homicide is sent back into the ring, still clutching his ear while Steen taunts the crowd. Steen rubs the injured ear against the ropes, then bites at it some more in the corner. Jacobs gets another shot in while Steen is with the referee. The referee asks Homicide if he wants the match to be stopped because of his ear, but Homicide screams “NO”. Steen bites at the ear some more, but then Homicide gives him a receipt by biting at Steen’s ear.

Homicide then with a spinning headscissors takeover, followed by a flying back elbow. Homicide with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Homicide removes his elbow pad and motions for the decapitation lariat. However, Steen counters it and lifts up Homicide for the F-Cinq, but Homicide breaks free. Homicide goes for the Gringo Cutter, but Steen sends him off the ropes. Steen then hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall. Homicide then has a hold of Steen’s nose and hits it with an uppercut. Homicide with a charging forearm in the corner, then goes up to the middle rope and hits a leaping DDT for a nearfall. Homicide goes for a Tornado DDT, but Steen throws him off. Steen then catches Homicide off a charge and hits a spinning side slam into a version of an Air Raid Crash for a nearfall. Crowd chants for Steen as he goes for a clothesline, but Homicide blocks it. Steen then with a backslide for a nearfall. Homicide then pops right up, hitting Steen with the Gringo Cutter for a close nearfall.

Homicide runs into a boot by Steen in the corner, but Homicide with a right hand as Steen was heading up to the middle rope. Homicide goes up with Steen and tries for a top rope rana, but Steen blocks it. Steen then with a Super Fisherman’s Buster off the top rope for a close nearfall. Steen with a stomp to Homicide, then heads up top. Steen goes for the Steenton Bomb, but Homicide moves out of the way. Homicide setups Steen for the Gringo Killa, but Jacobs gets onto the apron. Homicide goes after Jacobs as Steen is preparing to come in from behind. However, Homicide senses it coming and moves, causing Steen to nail Jacobs by mistake. Homicide with a roll-up for a nearfall. Jacobs pops back up on the apron, distracting the referee. That distraction allows Steen to kick Homicide square in the nuts.

Steen then lifts up Homicide and hits the F-Cinq to retain the title.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen by pinfall (F-Cinq)

Steen & Jacobs celebrate Steen’s win, then Rhino comes out on the entrance stage. Rhino & Steen have a staredown as Steen wants Rhino to come in the ring while we go to credits.

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