ROH on Sinclair Results 4/13/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
April 13, 2013
New York City (Hammerstein Ballroom)
Commentator: Kevin Kelly
Report by: Jason Namako of

We see video from the Supercard of Honor VII iPPV where Jay Briscoe, after many opportunities in his career, finally won the ROH World Title in defeating then-champion Kevin Steen.

We see the usual intro, then match-maker Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with the ROH roster surrounding the ring. Nigel says that this is Ring of Honor and its the dawning of a new era. After a year of the ROH World Title being held hostage by SCUM, finally, honor has been restored. Honor lives and it is an honor to introduce the new ROH World Champion, Jay Briscoe!

Jay makes his way to the ring and gets a mic. Crowd chants “Man Up” as Jay says he appreciates the fans in New York. A lot of people say that they wanna be the ROH World Champion, but he was just happy being a part of the best damn company in the world. “ROH” chants by the crowd as Jay says that it was a year ago when Kevin Steen beat Davey Richards for the title and it looked like the company was going downhill. Steen joined up with Steve Corino & SCUM and the whole prestige of the company was going down. Now, I’m usually a tag-team wrestler, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So, being the pioneer of this company, I decided to handle business and now, you are looking at the new ROH World Champion! “You deserve it” chants by the crowd as Jay says that looking forward, he looks around the ring and while he has nothing but respect for everybody, he has to start defending this sumb***h at some point, so any one of all you wanna try and take it, go ahead and try. But, I just won this and I ain’t planning on losing it anytime soon.

Adam Cole gets in the ring and asks for the mic while the crowd chants for Cole. Cole says that a lot of people have already congratulated him, but he wants to be the 1st one to say publicly, thank you & congratulations. They shake hands, but then Cole says, as much as he can appreciate Jay being a pioneer of this company, ROH has been about the future of pro wrestling and Jay, you’re looking at the future of pro wrestling. So Jay, with all due respect, in Toronto, your title reign will be very short-lived because I’m taking that title from you. Cole & Jay stare each other down before Cole leaves.

Jay gets the mic and says that Adam Cole has some mighty, big b***s on him, but he can respect that. However, don’t get me wrong, in Toronto, I’m gonna whoop yo ass.

We go to promo from earlier today by Bobby Fish, who says that he & Eddie Edwards approach an ROH first when we go head-to-head in an ROH ring. And we are mere weeks away when we have to team in Pro Wrestling NOAH and expected to function as a unit. Well, as far as I’m concerned, it makes things just that more interesting. So Eddie, you do yourself a favor and me a favor, hell, do Japan a favor, because I refuse to hold anything back.


Back from commercial, we go to a pre-taped promo from Eddie Edwards. Edwards says tonight, its himself vs. Bobby Fish, someone I’ve teamed with in Japan, but this is our 1st single match in ROH. Edwards says tonight, its about 1 thing, what happens in that ring. Tonight, this American Wolf will come out on top.

We now go to our opening contest.

ROH Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish w/Kyle O’Reilly vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards w/Davey Richards

Richards joins commentary for this match. Crowd chants for Edwards before the bell sounds. Adherence to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Fish with a go-behind, but Edwards gets out and works on the arm. Fish with a drop toe hold into a front facelock, but Edwards quickly gets out. Snapmare into a chinlock by Edwards. Side headlock now, Fish with a leapfrog, but Edwards puts on the brakes to avoid a dropkick. Fish avoids a Lionsault, then blocks a kick and does a side headlock takeover. Edwards with a headscissors, then does his own side headlock takeover, but Fish with a headscissors. Both get to their feet and we have a stalemate. Fish with a gut kick, followed by a chest kick. Another chest kick, but Edwards with a big chop. Another chop, but Fish with a savate kick. Edwards slides under the legs off a whip and hits a kick to the leg, followed by a running chest kick for a nearfall. Another stinging chop in the corner, followed by a 2nd. Exchange of forearms, then Edwards with a headbutt and chokes Fish in the ropes. Crowd chants for more chops as O’Reilly shakes his head “no” on the outside. Edwards obliges as Fish goes to the outside. Edwards follows him and hits another chop. Crowd holds Fish’s arm by the barricade as Edwards delivers another one. Fish yells at Kevin Kelly to make Edwards stop as Edwards with one more chop. Back in the ring, Fish comes back with a kick, but Edwards slips out of a back suplex attempt. Edwards with an enziguri, but Fish with a gut shot and a kick to the leg. Fish misses a clothesline, but drills Edwards coming in with a kick. Fish chokes Edwards and gains a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Fish with a headbutt in the corner, followed by a running knee to the ribs for a nearfall. Exchange of forearms, Fish with a kick, then Edwards with a chop. Edwards with a series of chops, but Fish with a knee to the ribs. Edwards with a boot, but Fish with a back kick. Edwards avoids a charge and Fish goes to the outside while Edwards is on the apron. Edwards leaps over a kick and hits a back kick to Fish, followed by a moonsault, but Edwards lands shins’ first on the top of the barricade. Edwards is in pain, clutching his leg as he landed hard on the barricade. Edwards is limping as he sends Fish back in. Edwards takes time going up top, but still is able to connect with a missile dropkick. Edwards continues with the chops, then go Kobashi-style with them in the corner. Fish gets a boot up off a charge, but Edwards with an enziguri, followed by the Chin Checker for a nearfall. Edwards transitions right into the Achilles’ Lock, but Fish is able to kick Edwards off. Fish rolls through a roll-up attempt, hits a series of kicks to the injured leg of Edwards, followed by a Dragon Screw leg-whip. ‘This is awesome” chants by the crowd as Fish runs into an elbow by Edwards, then Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party off the 2nd rope. Edwards misses a clothesline, but does not miss a superkick. Fish, though, comes back with a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Fish with a Backdrop Driver for another nearfall. Fish heads up top and mocks the Wolf howl, but Edwards avoids a double stomp. Edwards slips out of a German attempt, blocks a kick and drills Fish with a discus clothesline. Edwards with a release Tiger Suplex, but Fish is somehow able to kick-out. Edwards now heads up top, but Fish cuts him off. Fish goes up with Edwards and goes for a superplex, but Edwards knocks him off. Edwards then hits a double stomp across the back.

Edwards goes for something, but Fish takes him down and hooks him in a Jackknife pin for the victory.

Winner: Bobby Fish by pinfall (Jackknife Pin)

reDRagon celebrates their win as Richards catches on Edwards while we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, its time for our next match, but before we can get to that, Barrister RD Evans has a mic. Crowd chants “Power Ranger” at Evans as he says that at Supercard of Honor, he was tasked with finding the perfect partner for QT Marshall. Perfect is something you cannot force. You can’t expect to put ketchup on a peanut butter sandwich and expect it to taste good. That’s why I feel so fortunate that we gelled, I am the jelly to QT’s peanut butter. Your new perfect tag-team in ROH, Barrister RD Evans & “God’s Gift” QT Marshall.

Alabama Attitude (Mike Posey & Corey Hollis) vs. Barrister RD Evans & “God’s Gift” QT Marshall

Adherence to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds. Evans wants to start, but QT tells him that he will start. QT & Hollis start things off. QT with a big knee to the gut, followed by a forearm. Hollis slides under the legs and slips out of a slam attempt. Hollis with a dropkick, but QT with a flapjack. Evans got a blind tag in and stomps away at Hollis. Evans with trash talk, but Hollis with a headscissors. Hollis with a dropkick to the knee, then tags in Posey, who hits a springboard leg drop for a nearfall. Snapmare by Posey, then tags in Hollis, who hits a 2nd rope knee drop for a nearfall. Tag to Posey, who hits a shoulder to the ribs, then Hollis with an avalanche. Posey with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Evans shoves Posey into QT by the ropes, but Posey with a dragon screw leg-whip while QT was in the ropes. Evans nails Posey from behind, then QT throws Posey back-first into the ringpost. Posey is sent back in, then Evans with a butterfly suplex. Evans taunts the crowd with some push-ups, then hits a forearm to the kidneys. Evans with a forearm to the back, then tags in QT. QT & Evans with a backbreaker/flipping neckbreaker combo for a nearfall. QT with a full nelson, but Posey gets out. QT with a fallaway pumphandle slam, but then Evans tags himself in. Posey sends Evans into the corner and tags in Hollis. Hollis knocks QT off the apron, then hits Evans with a leg lariat. Pair of clothesline, followed by a running shoulder to the ribs in the corner and finally a snap suplex. Kick to the leg of QT, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Hollis then with a unique version of a spinebuster. QT comes in to break it up, but Hollis moves and QT hits Evans with an elbow drop. Gut kick to QT by Hollis, but QT comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Posey then hits a leg lariat off the 2nd rope, but Evans nails him with his own leg lariat. Evans covers Hollis for a nearfall. Hollis avoids an Evans charge and nails QT with a kick to the head while QT was on the outside. Hollis heads up top, but Evans stops him. Evans goes up with him, but Hollis with a Sunset flip powerbomb, followed by the top rope Alabama Jam by Posey, but QT breaks up the pin attempt. QT sends Posey out of the ring, then hits Hollis with God’s Gift.

Evans then rushes over and pins Hollis for the victory.

Winners: Barrister RD Evans & “God’s Gift” QT Marshall by pinfall (God’s Gift)

Afterwards, Evans celebrates the victory and says he did it all by himself while QT is left disgusted in the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Mike Mondo is introduced for our main event, but Roderick Strong rushes past him, gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Strong says that he is a little confused because it seems that Nigel McGuinness is handing out opportunities and title shots to just about anybody in this company. Cole has a World Title shot next month and tonight with the TV Title. Now, I understand Mark Briscoe, Caprice, Cedric, BJ Whitmer, but something confuses me why he would give an opportunity to Mike Mondo and not to me, Mr. ROH, Roderick Strong. I have been in this company for a very long time and I have done everything they have asked me to do. The only thing I wanted was a chance, but Mondo, I’m not here to run you down at all. I appreciate your enthusiasm and I love your passion for this business. But, as much as you try to be accepted by the ROH fans, you’re gonna realize that you just don’t belong here.

Mondo takes exception to this and goes after Strong. The two begin brawling and have to be pulled off by multiple referees and security. The two then break apart and continue to fight one another as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, everything has been settled down and its now time for the main event.

Main Event in a 5-Way #1 Contenders Match for an ROH TV Title shot at Border Wars: “No Fear” Mike Mondo vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Cedric Alexander vs. “The Buzzsaw” B.J. Whitmer vs. Mark Briscoe

All5 adhere to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Mark & BJ will start things off. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle not once, but twice. Exchange of arm drags and we have a stalemate. They then tag in both members of C & C and this will be interesting. Coleman with a leapfrog, then an armdrag. Coleman blocks an armdrag and rolls up Cedric for a nearfall. Cedric counters into his own attempt for a nearfall and we have another stalemate. Mondo comes in, but he is knocked by stereo right hands from C & C. Alexander is sent to the outside and Mondo with an O’Connor Roll on Caprice for a nearfall. Mondo with a pair of arm drags, followed by a forearm and a back elbow. Whitmer & Mondo exchange chops until Mondo is sent to the corner. Whitmer with another pair of chops, followed by a back elbow that sends Mondo to the outside. Whitmer then gets a head of steam and takes out Mondo with a tope dive. In the ring, Mark misses a clothesline on Cedric, who hits a flip dive onto Mondo & Whitmer. Coleman with the Bless-TO on Mark, then hits a springboard plancha onto Whitmer & Cedric. Mondo heads up top and hits a moonsault onto everybody. Mark then nails Mondo with a baseball slide kick and sends him back in the ring. Mark catches Mondo with the Cartwheel Samoan Drop, followed by a Dragon Suplex. Mark avoids a Caprice charge, but Caprice hits a series of strikes in the corner. Caprice hits the Triple Northern Lights Suplexes, but Mark is able to kick-out. Whitmer hits the Double Fisherman Suplex combo for a nearfall. Mondo with jabs to Whitmer, followed by a Mind Trip & a leaping Curb Stomp. Cedric hits a belly-to-back into a double knee backbreaker for a nearfall. Cedric with a running dropkick in the corner, then goes up top with Mondo.

Cedric hits a superplex on Mondo, but at the same time, Mark hits Cedric with the Froggy Bow off the top for the victory.

Winner and #1 Contender to the ROH TV Title: Mark Briscoe by pinfall (Froggy Bow)

Afterwards, Jay comes out and the celebrates his brother’s win with him. Adherence to the Code of Honor by all 5 combatants once again as we go to credits.