ROH on Sinclair Results 4/20/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
April 20, 2013
New York City (Hammerstein Ballroom)
Commentator: Kevin Kelly
Report by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show. Kelly hypes up tonight’s TV Title match between Matt Taven & ACH. We then hear the music of the former ROH champion, Kevin Steen, who makes his way to the ring.

Steen has a mic as the crowd chants “Thank you Kevin”. Before Steen can speak, we hear the familiar voice of Steve Corino, who comes to the ring through the crowd. Corino says that Steen hasn’t returned his phone calls, his e-mails, his texts, so he figured this is the way he has to get in touch with him. Corino says he understands that losing the ROH title to Jay Briscoe was a big hit to Steen’s ego. But its OK, the focus has never changed, the mission to kill ROH is still intact. Don’t worry about your loss, remember what we are all about to gain. Steen says for the last few months Corino has been doing this. I come out to talk and you interrupt to talk about the mission and the plan, actually you have been talking about it for a year now. Steen says before it made sense to him because of what somebody else was doing to it, but ever since Jim Cornette has been gone, this company is just fine the way it is. Steen says he has more respect for Corino than anyone he has encountered in pro wrestling, but right now, the only mission I have, the only plan in my head, is to earn another shot at the ROH title.

We then see the rest of SCUM come through the crowd and get into the ring. Corino says he loves Steen like a brother and the ROH title is something that SCUM needs, but maybe its not on you that we need it on. Maybe the focus needs to change to someone else as Corino looks at Matt Hardy. Steen says he would follow Corino through hell. We started SCUM a year ago, you, me & Jimmy. But since then, you have done some stuff that I haven’t agreed and didn’t quite get, but I can adjust to parts of your plan. But, there is one part of the plan I can’t get behind and its this motherf***er, pointing at Hardy. Corino says how dare Steen, how dare you disrespect Matt Hardy? Don’t you ever raise your voice to Matt Hardy! Corino says that obviously, he & Steen aren’t on the same page anymore, so I think its time we go our separate ways. The rest of SCUM get into the ring as Steen says he agrees, but there is 2 ways we can do this. We can go separate ways and never have to deal with each other again or you all can do what you’re about to do and start something that you’re gonna regret. Corino says Steen knows he can’t let him walk through that curtain, so I guess it will be option 2.

Steen goes after Hardy, but then the rest of SCUM swarm on Steen and beat him down. Corino holds Matt Hardy back while the rest of SCUM beat down Steen. Security comes out to help, but they get beaten down as well by SCUM. Corino says for SCUM to back away and give Steen the dignity that he deserves. Jesus, do your work, referencing Hardy. Hardy waits for Steen to get up and then hits him with the Twist of Fate. SCUM stands tall over the fallen Steen as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Roderick Strong is already in the ring for our opening contest. Mike Mondo then joins Kevin Kelly on commentary for our opening contest.

“The Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/”Brutal” Bob Evans

Somewhat of an adherence to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Strong with a go-behind, then Bennett goes to work on the arm. Strong cartwheels to get free, then reverses on Bennett. Strong takes down Bennett with an armbar. Bennett backs him into the corner and hits a shoulder to the ribs as Brutal Bob quips to Mondo about how his leg is. Bennett runs into a boot, then Strong with a dropkick off the middle rope for a nearfall. Bennett sends Strong to the outside, but Strong quickly pulls Bennett out with him. Bennett misses a clothesline and Strong with a pair of chops. Strong with a back club and sends Bennett to the barricade. Crowd holds Bennett’s arms as Strong hits him with a chop. Bennett then reverses Strong and now sends him into the barricade.

Bennett pulls up the ring mat and drills Strong with a big right hand. Again Strong goes into the barricade as Bennett has words with Mondo. Bennett rakes Strong’s face against the barricade, but Strong fights back with chops. Bennett sends Strong back in the ring, but Strong trips him up. Strong off the ropes, but Bennett catches him with a spinebuster. Bennett with right hands from the mount, then chokes Strong with his boot in the corner. Bennett catches Strong with a back elbow, then taunts the crowd before gaining another nearfall. Bennett with a half nelson lock as the crowd wills on Strong. Strong gets free, but Bennett shoves him into the corner. Strong avoids a charge and rolls up Bennett with an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. Strong with some more chops, followed by a dropkick off a whip. Strong with another whip, but Bennett holds onto the ropes and catches Strong with a boot off a charge. Strong sidesteps Bennett and sends him to the outside, then Strong connects with a baseball slide kick that sends Bennett head-first into the barricade. Strong sends Bennett hard twice into the barricade, followed by some forearms. Bennett sends Strong into Mondo, charges, but Strong side-steps him and causes Bennett to spear Mondo into the barricade. Strong then lifts up Bennett torture-rack style and drives him down across the apron. Back in the ring, Strong gains a close nearfall.

Strong with a running knee, followed by a running forearm in the corner. Strong with a belly-to-back into a backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong goes for the Strong Hold, but Bennett kicks him off. Exchange of right hands & chops until Bennett with a knee to the gut. Bennett off the ropes, but Strong follows him in and hits his own knee to the gut. Bennett slips off Strong’s back, then catches him with a Spear for a nearfall. Bennett goes for the Photo Finish, but Strong gets out. Strong with a leaping knee, but again Bennett slips off his back and lifts up Strong as Brutal Bob gets on the ring apron. Bennett hits the Photo Finish, but Mondo pulls Brutal Bob off the apron and decks him with a right hand. Bennett goes after Mondo, but Mondo hot-shots across the top rope.

Strong then hits the End of Heartache for the victory.

Winner: “The Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong by pinfall (End of Heartache)

Afterwards, Mondo comes in and goes after Strong. Mondo then goes after Bennett as well. The three men begin brawling with each other as referees & security come out to break them up as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to our next match.

Jorge Santi vs. “T.D.” Tadarius Thomas

Adherence to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. TD with a go-behind, then a series of resevrals by both. Jorge backs TD into the ropes and breaks clean. TD works on the arm, but Jorge with a back elbow. Jorge goes for a rana, but TD lands on his feet. TD with a monkey flip, but now its Jorge who lands on his feet. TD goes for a backdrop, but Jorge counters with a leaping double stomp, followed by a discus forearm. Jorge misses a 2nd one, then TD misses a capoeira kick. Jorge stops himself off a whip, then TD hits a slingblade. TD kips up, but so does Jorge. Both kick each other at the same time, sending them both into opposite corners.

All of a sudden, SCUM run in from the crowd and attack both men, causing the ref to throw the match out.

No Contest

The beatdown continues on TD & Jorge by SCUM as Corino comes into the ring. Rhino then drills Jorge with a Gore. Corino has a mic and says he wants to make it perfectly clear that after the situation earlier with Kevin Steen, it does not take away from our focus. The mission will always remain the same. Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness & Mayhem will destroy ROH and you people should thank us, because we destroyed Kevin Steen and you are never gonna see his ugly face again.

All of a sudden, match-maker Nigel McGuinness comes out. Nigel tells Corino to shut his mouth. The days of you running roughshod over ROH are over with. Honor has been restored and SCUM is dissolving back into the drain from where they came from. Corino says that SCUM’s numbers are growing, we’re stronger than ever. I created Kevin Steen and I destroyed Kevin Steen. This is my plan, this is a mission that I created. I am the voice of reason and therefore, I am God. Nigel says he has some people in the back and I have all the leverage in the world. Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin come out as Nigel tells SCUM to get out of his ring. Corino says you don’t tell God what to do, he tells you what to do. And like the God that I am, I am spreading my words of wisdom, yes we need the ROH title and that’s why my spiritual son (Matt Hardy) will become the next ROH champion and the last ROH champion. Nigel says there will be never be another ROH champion from SCUM because none of you wankers deserve a shot.

Corino says Nigel wants him to leave ROH so bad, you people want me to leave ROH so bad? Crowd does a “YES” chant for that. Corino says he’ll go, but Nigel has to give SCUM one shot. If ROH wins, I will leave ROH, but not just ROH, I will leave wrestling because I wouldn’t want to see any of you ever again. Corino says that he knows, though, that Nigel won’t give them that shot because he is a pathetic, piece of garbage, and a bitter man. You sit here and talk about honor? You are a hypocrite. These people used to boo you when you were the ROH champion. You used to complain about busting your ass and these people wouldn’t care. You used to say about making more money. I watched that stupid documentary that you are shilling and its a piece of s**t. Nigel says he’s had about enough of Corino’s verbal diarrhea, so at Border Wars in Toronto, Elgin & Lethal against any 2 of SCUM. If SCUM wins, Corino can pick a member of SCUM to get a ROH title shot, but if you lose and I want this in writing, you are out of ROH forever! Corino says no deal. You think I’ll put two of my men against these 2 turds without something else? Sure, I want my spiritual son to get a ROH title shot, but you need to do something else. Right beside Kevin Kelly is an empty seat, due to an unfortunate accident at Supercard of Honor. If we win, not only do we get the title shot, but I get to sit on commentary until this company is dead and I get to speak the absolute truth not only about you, about Jay Lethal, about Michael Elgin, about all these hypocrites, you can’t censor me. Corino says he doesn’t think Nigel has the British nuts to accept that because you’re a coward, you’ve been a coward and you will always be a coward.

Nigel starts to remove his jacket as Corino says not to do it, because no good will come to Nigel for doing that. Corino backs away SCUM as Nigel, Elgin & Lethal get into the ring. Nigel says he will see Corino at Border Wars. Corino says no, you’ll see him next week. SCUM leaves the ring as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

We see video from last week’s show where Adam Cole congratulated Jay Briscoe on winning the ROH Title, but also reminded him of their match on May 4th for the title at Border Wars. We go to comments from the new champion, Jay Briscoe.

Jay, who is with his brother Mark, uncle Jethro & Papa Briscoe, says that honor ain’t going anywhere, SCUM, we tried to tell ya, y’all the ones who’s dead. But Adam Cole, I thought we were cool, man. I mean, you’re my boy, but you have been doing this for 15 minutes, who the hell you think you is? Border Wars, bring your ass, boy.

We go to comments from the challenger in tonight’s TV title main event, ACH, who says for some of you who don’t know me, I’m ACH. You can find me at the corner of hard work and determination, handing out motivation. History will repeat itself tonight from back in Asheville, North Carolina when I go in and defeat Matt Taven. With me being the fresh face here, people don’t believe in me and I like it, I like you all not believing in me because then I can surprise you. When people get in my head, I always count on heart, which is one of the meanings of ACH. My momma grew up having hard times and I grew up having those same hard times and that’s what makes me who I am today. That is motivation!

We finally go to comments from Mark Briscoe, who will face the winner of tonight’s main event at Border Wars. Mark says in 2 weeks in Canada, my destiny will be fulfilled because I was born to be the TV champion. Whether it be ACH, that young whippersnapper, or Matt Taven, that young whippersnapper. Mark says he picks ACH because Taven hanging out with Truth Martini, he probably has some type of disease and I don’t want no disease. I caught something from the tractor a couple years back. Either way, whomever wins, you’re looking at the next TV champion.


Back from commercial, its time for our main event. Mark Briscoe joins the commentary table for this match.

Main Event for the Ring of Honor Television Title: “The Last Hero” A.C.H. vs. Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & Scarlett Bordeaux (c)

Footage is shown before the match of ACH pinning Taven in the 4-Way Proving Ground Match at ROH War back on March 30th. No Code of Honor as Taven sticks his hand in his tights. ACH with a side headlock, but Taven with a takedown into his own side headlock. Taven with a shoulder tackle, ACH with a leapfrog, then Taven holds onto the ropes off an O’Connor Roll attempt. ACH with a rana, then blocks a shoulder to the ribs with a kick. Taven is caught up in the ropes as ACH hits a running dropkick. Taven blocks a suplex and hits a spin kick for a nearfall. Taven with right hands, but ACH comes back with a sit-out clothesline. They go to the apron, exchanging right hands until ACH does a kick-flip on the ringpost to get into the ring and knocks Taven off the apron with a right hand. ACH with a head of steam and hits a baseball slide. Another head of steam and ACH connects with Air Jordan! ACH stands tall on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Taven now has control. Taven goes for a springboard corkscrew senton, but ACH moves out of the way. ACH with a clothesline, then Taven runs into a back elbow and double boots. Taven goes to the outside, but ACH with another head of steam and connects with a tope suicida that sends Taven crashing into the barricade. Back in the ring, ACH heads up top and hits a big crossbody for a nearfall. ACH off the ropes, but Martini pulls down the top rope. Martini is happy with himself, but doesn’t realize that ACH landed on his feet and is right behind him. However, that distraction allows Taven to nail ACH with a baseball slide. Taven set-ups ACH across the apron and hits him with a hanging swinging neckbreaker. Taven wants the ref to count ACH out. ACH is somehow able to get back in the ring before the count of 20. Taven has words with the ref, then goes for something, but ACH counters into a roll-up for a nearfall. ACH with a backslide for another nearfall. ACH with a kick, then goes for the Big Bang Attack, but Taven gets out. Taven goes for his Pumphandle Moonlight Drive, but ACH gets out. Taven hot-shots ACH in the corner, then goes up top, but ACH catches him with an enziguri. ACH goes up with him and hits a big rana. ACH heads up back up top and hits a splash for a nearfall. Scarlett gets on the apron to distract the ref, allowing Martini to trip up ACH as he was going off the ropes.

Taven then hits his Pumphandle Moonlight Drive on ACH to retain the title.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor Television Champion: Matt Taven by pinfall (Pumphandle Moonlight Drive)

The H.O.T. celebrate Taven’s title retention as we go to credits.