ROH on Sinclair – 11/16/13 (GBH XII – Champs vs. All-Stars)

ROH on Sinclair Results 11/16/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Glory by Honor XII Edition #1)
November 16, 2013
Chicago Ridge, Illinois (Frontier Fieldhouse)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of

(Note: Because this week’s airing of ROH on Sinclair TV is a “condensed” version of the Champions vs. All-Stars 73-minute 8-Man Tag Elimination Match, the recap will be the COMPLETE version of the match in its entirety from Glory by Honor XII.)

Champions vs. All-Stars 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match (If a member of the All-Star team pins Adam Cole, they receive an ROH World Title shot): The C & C Wrestlefactory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander), Jay Lethal & “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. ROH Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly), ROH TV Champion Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & The HOOPLA Hotties (Scarlett Bordeaux & Kasey Ray) & ROH World Champion “The One” Adam Cole

Corino compares the All-Star team to the Cubs or the White Sox in baseball. Code of Honor between all 8 men before the bell. Elgin will start for his team, while Cole & Taven argue about who will start for their team. reDRagon tries to make peace between Cole & Taven and it seems to work as Cole will start for his team. There are 2 referees for this match, one on the inside, one on the outside. Cole slides out to the outside and the ref stops Elgin from giving chase while Cole taunts him. Elgin calls Cole a “p***y.” Cole gets in, but tags in Taven, who is not happy. Lethal tags in for his team. Lethal backs Taven into the corner, hits a big chop that sends Taven to the outside where he confers with the H.O.T. Fish complains to the outside referee. Fish now in for his team against Lethal. Fish with a go-behind, but Lethal backs him into the corner and hits a big chop. Cedric in, works over the arm of Fish. Fish counters out with a drop toe hold as commentary makes fun of Prince Nana’s commentary ability. Cedric with a knee to the ribs, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head for a 1 count. Caprice in, hits a leg lariat. Fish comes back with an inverted atomic drop. O’Reilly in, side headlock applied. Shoulder knockdown, Caprice with a leapfrog and 2 arm drags. O’Reilly blocks a hiptoss, but Caprice with a dropkick. Elgin in, knee to the ribs of O’Reilly. O’Reilly whipped hard into the corner for a nearfall. O’Reilly comes back with a jawbreaker, then tags in Taven as Cole did not want to be tagged in. Taven with a delayed vertical, then kips up, but Elgin popped right up from the suplex. Time to set your watches, folks. Elgin lifts up Taven for 10…….but Fish breaks it up with a gut kick. Not to be denied, Elgin maintains a hold of Taven and lifts him back up. O’Reilly now with a gut kick to stop it, but Elgin again lifts back up Taven. The rest of the Champs team come in, but so do the All-Stars, sending the Champs to the outside to re-group.

The Champs team conference on the outside to go over strategy, doing a “ra ra, go team, hands in” deal at the end. Taven gets back in and kicks Elgin. Side headlock takeover. Taven with a shoulder, but Elgin does not go down. Taven tries again and Elgin makes him think he almost knocked him down. Taven tells Elgin to try. Taven with a leapfrog, but Elgin mows him over with a shoulder knockdown. Lethal in, double sledge off the top to Taven. High back body drop for a nearfall. Lethal driven into the Champs corner. O’Reilly in and the Champs team quadruple team Lethal while the ref was distracted. O’Reilly runs into a boot, then Lethal with a springboard moonsault, but Fish breaks up the pinfall. Caprice in, slam and a leaping leg drop to O’Reilly for a nearfall. O’Reilly with a jawbreaker, then blocks a Sunset flip and tags in Fish, who kicks Caprice in the back. Caprice avoids a reDRagon double team, double dropkick. Cedric in, Hart Attack variation by C & C for a nearfall. Lethal in, another double sledge off the top. Caprice in, double sledge of his own. Cedric in, he hits a double sledge. Elgin in and HE does a double sledge off the top to Fish. Elgin goes shoulder-to-shoulder multiple times to Fish. Elgin works over Fish’s arm, dropping his weight across it. Fujiwara armbar applied. Lethal in, big chops to Fish. Hiptoss/cartwheel/dropkick combo for a 1 count. Another dropkick by Lethal for a nearfall. Cedric in, big uppercut to Fish for a nearfall. Fish slides out to the outside, but Cedric gives chase. Blind tag to O’Reilly as Fish kicks the back of Cedric’s leg. Chest kick by O’Reilly knocks down Cedric. O’Reilly with a head of steam and he……….SLAPS Cedric! Cedric fights back as Martini joins commentary. O’Reilly gets out of a suplex attempt and hits his series of strikes, ending with the leg sweep for a nearfall. Taven in, chokes Cedric in the corner. Cole in, stomps away at Cedric. Cole draws Elgin in, then hits Cedric with a slam. Cole off the ropes and stomps on the face of Cedric. Fish in, hits a slam. We see Outlaw Inc. heading out to the front row around ringside to get a better view of the match. O’Reilly with a slam, Cole tags in. Cole with a slam, Taven tags in. Taven with a slam, tags in Fish. “Snowflake” chants start for reDRagon. Fish hits a slam, tags in O’Reilly. Cedric fights back, but O’Reilly with a forearm. Forearm exchange, Cedric avoids the leg sweep and hits a windmill kick.

Elgin & Cole in, but Cole puts on the brakes when he sees Elgin and tags in Taven. Elgin avoids a boot, hits a series of clotheslines to Taven. 2 corner clotheslines, followed by a standing slam. Taven avoids the Chaos Theory, but runs into the Black Hole Slam by Elgin, but Fish breaks up the pinfall. Elgin avoids a reDRagon double team, powerslam to Fish. Elgin spots Cole on the apron, who begs off. Elgin gives chase to Cole and everyone begins brawling on the outside. Elgin with a running boot to Taven as multiple guys are sent into the barricade. Outlaw Inc. tries to hand chairs to the All-Star team, to no avail. “ROH” chants by the crowd. Fish mouths off to Outlaw Inc at ringside. Back in, Taven gets a nearfall on Elgin. NOW Cole wants in the ring when Elgin is down. Cole in, but goes to the outside when Elgin tries for the Elgin Bomb. Elgin with a baseball slide to Cole, then backdrops Taven on the outside! Elgin presses O’Reilly onto Fish! Elgin gets Cole back in and Cole begs off again. Crowd chants for Elgin. Cole extends his hand, but Elgin with a gut kick. Elgin goes for the Buckle Bomb, but Taven breaks it up. Here comes the All-Star team and the brawl is on again! The All-Star team hits stereo clotheslines to the Champs team in the respective corners. They then place the Champs team all in Trees of Woe. The All-Star team then takes a page from the Colony in CHIKARA, giving Eight Feet of Fury to all 4 of the Champs team one after the other! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Cole hot-shots Elgin and tags in Taven. Lethal in and hits a series of clotheslines to Taven. Big chop, then Fish with a knee to Lethal’s back, but he is knocked off the apron. Taven sent to the outside, but O’Reilly knocks down Lethal. Taven back in and gains a nearfall on Lethal. O’Reilly in as Taven hurt his wrist after being sent to the outside. Knee drop by O’Reilly for a nearfall. Cole in, but Lethal fights back. Kitchen sink and a kick combo by the former FutureShock teammates Cole & O’Reilly. They do a Wolfpac hand motion as Fish is not happy about these turn of events. O’Reilly explains himself to Fish as Cole gains a nearfall. Lethal fights back, but Cole rakes the eyes. Fish in, front kick/chest kick combo for a nearfall. O’Reilly in as Fish knocks the All-Star team off the apron. reDRagon with a double team on Lethal, ending with a backbreaker/knee drop combo, but Cedric breaks up the pinfall. Taven in, chokes Lethal with his boot. Delayed vertical and a kip-up by Taven. Springboard corkscrew senton for a nearfall. Front chancery applied as Fish again knocks the All-Star team off the apron. Cole in, stomps away at Lethal. Snapmare into a chinlock. Crowd wills on Lethal. Lethal fights out, hits a big chop, but runs into a back elbow by Cole. Taven in, stomps away at Lethal. Taven runs into a boot, then Lethal with a middle rope leg lariat, both men down.

Cedric & Cole in, Cedric with a springboard clothesline. Cedric avoids a reDRagon double team as O’Reilly accidentally hits Fish. Running dropkick to both members of reDRagon in the corner, clothesline to Cole. Cedric is all fired up, but Taven with a knee to the ribs. Cedric then catches Taven with a middle rope roundhouse kick. Cedric lifts up Cole and hits the Detonation Kick for a nearfall. Cedric heads up top, but Cole avoids him. Cedric catches a superkick, then sends Cole to the outside. Cedric with a head of steam, but runs right into an enziguri by Cole. Caprice in and he wipes out Cole, hitting a springboard moonsault from the inside to the outside! Fish charges at Coleman and SPEARS him into the barricade! O’Reilly charges off the apron and DRILLS Coleman with the running apron dropkick! “Holy s**t” chants by the crowd. Outlaw Inc. then hop the barricade and go after O’Reilly! Everyone begins brawling on the outside, then in the ring, Taven with a head of steam and wipes out nearly everyone with a big plancha! We see that Bobby Fish has been busted open badly behind his ear from hitting the barricade! Cedric with a head of steam and he wipes out everyone with a flip dive! Security comes out to remove Outlaw Inc. from ringside, but they begin fighting the security! Security finally removes Outlaw Inc from ringside as Cedric & Cole get back in.

Cedric with another springboard, but Cole Shelton Benjamin’s him with a superkick to get the first elimination!

Cedric Alexander has been eliminated. (Via pinfall from an Adam Cole superkick)

Elgin gets back in as Cole is too busy celebrating his elimination. Elgin takes down Cole and locks in the Crossface, but Lethal breaks it up. Lethal & Elgin get into a shoving match because they both wanna beat Cole, but Taven then dropkicks Lethal into Elgin. Caprice with a blind tag and he & Lethal hit stereo enziguris to Taven. Caprice backdropped to the outside, but Lethal hits Taven with the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes to head up top, but Scarlett hops up on the apron and shows off her “assets” to Lethal. Lethal thinks about it as Scarlett grabs him and makes out with Lethal. Taven tries to nail Lethal from behind, but Lethal hits a 2nd Lethal Combination. Lethal heads up top, but Kasey Ray goes onto the turnbuckles to stop Lethal. Lethal blocks a slap, but then Kasey grabs him and kisses Lethal! Taven back up and superkicks Lethal, but in doing so, sends Kasey & Lethal off the ropes and THROUGH A RINGSIDE TABLE THAT DOES NOT BREAK!!! Caprice in, roll-up to Taven for a nearfall. Leaping Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall. Caprice knocks reDRagon off the apron, big right hand to Taven. Referees carry the unconscious Kasey Ray to the back as Coleman hits the Trinity on Taven for a nearfall. Taven avoids a kick by Coleman and drives him into the corner. Taven hits the Climax on Coleman, but Cole blind tags in. The two argue again and Cole covers Coleman, but Coleman kicks out! Elgin in, but Cole & Taven hit him with a double superkick!

Florida Key by Cole to Coleman to eliminate him.

Caprice Coleman has been eliminated. (Via pinfall from an Adam Cole Florida Key)

Nigel McGuinness comes out as referees tend to Jay Lethal, who is still out on the outside after going through the table. Cole & Elgin are once again in the ring as the rest of the Champs team stalk in the ring also. Elgin tells them to “bring it” as he starts going after the entire Champs team. However, the numbers are too great as the Champs team begin beating down Elgin. Taven gains a nearfall. Body scissors and a chinlock applied. Elgin gets free by driving Taven into the corner. Taven avoids a charge, tags in O’Reilly. Knee drop for a nearfall. Fish in, double suplex by reDRagon. Fish chokes Elgin with his shin. Fish gains a nearfall. Snapmare and a slingshot senton for a nearfall. Fish talks trash, tags in Cole. Referees continue to check on Lethal on the outside as Nigel gives an update on commentary. Cole stomps away at the leg of Elgin, applies a leglock. Elgin tries to kick Cole off, but Cole rakes the eyes. Taven in, chokes Elgin with his knee. Elgin fights back, but O’Reilly tags in as Taven with a Russian Leg Sweep. Elgin blocks a suplex, then a German from O’Reilly. Elgin with elbows, but O’Reilly with a running knee. Elgin then catches him and drops O’Reilly face-first across his own knee. All of a sudden, Lethal goes to get back on the apron, but falls back down to the outside. O’Reilly locks Elgin in a flying armbar, but Elgin gets out with the Rampage Slam. Taven charges from the apron, but Elgin with a clothesline. Cole grabs Elgin, but Elgin knocks him off the apron with an enziguri. Fish knocked off the apron, but O’Reilly with a running dropkick. O’Reilly with a tornado DDT into a guillotine choke. Elgin gets to his feet and counters out with a Hellavator, but Fish breaks up the pinfall. Referees & Nigel still check on Lethal on the outside. Fish leaps onto Elgin’s back to stop him from Buckle Bombing O’Reilly, but Elgin drives him into the corner. Taven runs into a boot by Elgin. Elgin goes for the Deadlift German on Taven, but Fish leaps onto Elgin’s back again with a sleeper. Not to be denied, Elgin grabs Taven and hits him with the Deadlift German, while dropping backward onto Fish! O’Reilly with the standing Curb Stomp and rolling elbow, but Elgin with a spinning backfist!

Elgin avoids a head kick, RAINMAKERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! O’Reilly eliminated.

Kyle O’Reilly has been eliminated. (Via pinfall from a Michael Elgin Rainmaker)

Fish unloads with right hands and stomps to Elgin. Chest kick as Lethal tries to pick himself up on the outside. Cole in, stomps away at Elgin. Lethal is helped to his feet, but wants to continue wrestling, however Nigel is not gonna let him do so. Taven in, places Elgin up top. Elgin fights back and knocks Taven off the ropes. Fish & Cole go up with Elgin, but they are knocked off. Taven goes for a superkick, but Elgin ducks and Taven accidentally hits Fish! Exploder by Elgin to Taven. Elgin goes to the middle rope and grabs Cole. Elgin hits Cole with the Deadlift Superplex, everyone down! At ringside, Lethal is still talking with Nigel, trying to convince him to let him back in the match. Lethal hops up on the apron and is tagged in. Clotheslines to all of the Champs team. Taven clotheslined to the outside, Cole sent out there also. Springboard dropkick knocks Fish off the apron. Lethal with a head of steam, wipes out Fish with a tope suicida! Another head of steam, Lethal wipes out Cole with a tope suicida! Another head of steam, Lethal wipes out Taven with a tope suicida! Martini in, he gets superkicked by Lethal. Taven nails Lethal from behind. Lethal takes him down, locks in a Cloverleaf. Taven tags in Cole, Cole superkicks Lethal in the back of the head!

Brainbuster across the knee, Lethal eliminated.

Jay Lethal has been eliminated. (Via pinfall from an Adam Cole Brainbuster across the Knee)

Fish complains to Nigel at ringside as Cole & Taven hit a double suplex on Elgin. Taven heads up top, but Elgin catches him going for Air Taven and applies the Crossface, but Cole & Fish break it up. Fish sent to the outside. Cole charges, Elgin backdrops him onto Fish on the outside! Cyclone Kick by Taven, but Elgin slips out of the Climax.

Crossface locked back in, Taven taps.

Matt Taven has been eliminated. (Via submission from a Michael Elgin crossface)

Fish comes off the middle rope and nails Elgin with an elbow drop across the back of the head. Chest kick, but Elgin backs a Saito suplex. Fish kicks out the leg, followed by a head kick, but Elgin kicks out! Fish cannot believe it. Cole comes in for a double team, but Elgin fights back. Fish & Cole come back with forearms, Saito by Fish, but Elgin KICKS OUT AGAIN! Again, Fish can’t believe it. Elgin drives Cole into the corner to avoid the Florida Key, then causes Cole to lift up Fish. Elgin grabs Cole and Germans him, while at the same time, Cole Samoan Drops Fish!!! Everyone is down. Cole gets to his feet first. Elgin takes Cole and locks in the Crossface, but Fish rakes the eyes to break it up. Fish with a knee to the ribs, but Elgin avoids a charge. Elgin catches a kick, rolling elbow to the back of the head. Elgin lifts up Fish, hits the Blu-Ray into the corner, but Cole breaks up the pinfall. Cole stomps at Elgin’s leg, but Elgin kicks him off. Elgin fights out of a Fish German attempt, hits a big forearm. Elgin lifts up Fish and Cole, Samoan/Fallaway Slam Combo! Cole goes to the outside as Elgin fires himself up.

Spinning Backfist, Buckle Bomb, Revolution Elgin Bomb, Fish eliminated.

Bobby Fish has been eliminated. (Via pinfall from a Michael Elgin Revolution Elgin Bomb)

Commentary mentions this is the first time Fish has been pinned in ROH. We are down to Cole and Elgin. Cole gets on the apron as Elgin spots him. Elgin tells Cole to “bring it.” However, Fish comes back in with a steel chair and CLEANS ELGIN’s CLOCK with it! Cole makes a cover, but ELGIN KICKS OUT!!! Cole can’t believe it. Referees remove Fish from ringside as Cole regains his composure. Crowd chants for Elgin as Cole talks trash to him. Running boot to the face, Elgin crumbles down, but gets back to a seated. Another boot, but Elgin sits up again! Elgin avoids another boot, roll-up for a nearfall. Elgin catches a pump kick, Cole misses a clothesline, Chaos Theory by Elgin for a nearfall. Elgin maintains control, Deadlift German for another nearfall. Elgin fires himself up, but Cole takes him down. Elgin kicks Cole off going for the Figure Four, sending him to the outside. Elgin goes after Cole, but Cole with an enziguri. Cole heads to the middle rope, but Elgin catches him. Cole slips out, hits a fireman’s carry neckbreaker, followed by a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Both block each other’s suplex attempts, then Elgin with a spinning backfist. Cole responds with an enziguri, a kick to block another backfist, a superkick, then another superkick to the back of Elgin’s head, but Elgin kicks out!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Elgin blocks the Florida Key and powers out. Cole charges in, but Elgin catches him with the ST-Joe. Cole avoids a clothesline, Elgin avoids a pump kick, then turns Cole inside out with a lariat, but now its Cole who kicks out! Both men roll out to the outside as the crowd again chants “this is awesome.” Elgin goes for a powerbomb on the floor, but Cole slips out. Cole with a pump kick, FLORIDA KEY ON THE FLOOR!! Cole rolls back in as the ref begins his 20 count. Elgin has yet to move by the count of 10. At 13, Elgin starts to stir. Elgin falls back down, but JUST BARELY rolls in before the count of 20. Cole goes right after Elgin and locks in the Figure Four. Cole screams at Elgin to tap while applying more pressure on the hold. Elgin yells at Cole to “bring it”. Elgin falls backward and the ref counts his shoulders to the mat for a nearfall. Elgin then gets to the ropes to force a break. Cole tries for the Figure Four, but Elgin with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Elgin locks Cole in the Crossface, but Cole rolls over with a pinning predicament for a nearfall. However, Elgin keeps a hold of the Crossface. Elgin puts more pressure on the hold, but somehow, Cole is able to reach the ropes. Elgin lifts up Cole and hits the Buckle Bomb. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Cole counters with a Sunset Flip. Elgin rolls through it and hits Cole with another spinning backfist. Elgin goes to the middle rope with Cole, but Cole with a pump kick. Cole goes back up with Elgin and hits a super rana. Cole goes back to the middle rope, PANAMA SUNRISE!! 1-2………ELGIN KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Cole is in COMPLETE SHOCK!! Another chant of “this is awesome” by the crowd. Cole places Elgin up top, with Elgin facing the crowd. Cole goes for a Super Florida Key, but Elgin knocks him down with elbows. Elgin places Cole now up top and goes up with him. Cole knocks Elgin off with headbutts, but then Elgin with another spinning backfist! Elgin goes back up top with Cole.


Adam Cole has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a Michael Elgin Super Elgin Bomb)

Winner: Michael Elgin

Referees come out to check on both men who are down on the mat and have not moved since the pinfall. Cole appears to have suffered a concussion due to the impact of the Super Elgin Bomb. “That was awesome” chants by the crowd. Both men begin to move a bit on the mat as referees & Nigel continue to check on them. With the win on Cole, Elgin earns a future ROH World Title shot. All of a sudden, Jay Briscoe heads out to ringside, carrying a sack. “Man Up” chants for Jay. Jay gets in the ring and surveys the scene of the fallen Cole & Elgin. Elgin gets to his feet and gets in Jay’s face. Jay turns to Cole, but Elgin spins him around and the two have words. Jay then hits Elgin with the sack. Cole gets up, but Jay lays him out with whatever is in the sack also! Jay grabs a mic and says he wants to know how in the hell are you gonna Champions vs. All-Stars without the REAL World Champion! Jay opens the sack to reveal his own personalized ROH World Title belt, complete with Confederate flags and skulls on it! Jay holds up his new title belt as we go to credits.

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