ROH on Sinclair Results 12/7/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Pursuit Night #2 Edition #1)
December 7, 2013
Columbus, Ohio (Ohio Expo Center)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcome us to the show from Columbus, Ohio. Corino gets off his cell phone and says he cannot confirm anything, but he is working on getting an interview with one of the particapants in the Final Battle main event for later on in the show. We go to the opening match.

Outlaw Inc. (Homicide & Eddie Kingston) vs. the American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

Code of Honor before the bell in Outlaw Inc’s own unique way. Richards and Kingston start. Dueling chants for both men. Kingston mocks Richards by doing a crane pose. Richards works on Kingston’s arm early. Kingston reverses, but Richards gets the ropes. Both block each other’s strike attempts, stalemate. Homicide tagged in. Homicide takes down Davey, headscissors by Davey, stalemate. Edwards tagged in. Crowd chants for Edwards, but Homicide and Kingston think its for the late Eddie Guerrero. Homicide works over Edwards’ arm. Chain wrestling between the two until we have another stalemate. Kingston tagged in. Again the crowd chants for Edwards and Kingston thinks its for Eddie Guerrero. Edwards with a front chancery. Richards in, side headlock to Kingston. Edwards in, double elbow by the Wolves for a nearfall. Richards in, double sledge to the arm of Kingston. Edwards in, another double sledge to Kingston’s arm. Richards back in, yet another double sledge to Kingston’s arm. Edwards back in, double stomp to Kingston’s arm. Edwards traps Kingston’s arm in the ropes and pulls at it. Richards in, but Kingston drives into his corner. Homicide in, pulls at the nose of Richards. Double shoulder knockdown by Outlaw Inc. Edwards knocked off the apron. Front chancery applied to Richards. Kingston in, Northern Lights to Richards, but Edwards breaks up the pin and knocks Homicide off the apron. Kingston with forearms to both of the Wolves, but the Wolves with a drop toe hold/dropkick combo to Kingston. reDRagon comes out to ringside and takes one of Outlaw Inc’s clown masks as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Richards as Kingston in an Indian Deathlock. Kingston gets to the ropes. Richards sends Kingston off Edwards’ head. Edwards in, snap suplex for a nearfall. Homicide argues with the ref. Kingston fights back with a chop, but Edwards responds with 2 hard chops. Richards in, chop/chest kick combination by the Wolves. Double whip, but Kingston sends Richards onto the apron, then avoids an Edwards charge that causes Richards to nail Edwards accidentally with an enziguri. Richards heads up top, but Kingston catches him in mid-air and hits an Exploder, both men down.

Homicide tagged in, knocks Edwards off the apron. Flapjack to Richards, Edwards again knocked off the apron. Richards off the ropes, Homicide catches him with a flying back elbow. Three Amigos, Homicide points to the heavens. Homicide heads up top, but Edwards stops him with a flying kick from the apron. Richards with a kick to Kingston, then heads up with Homicide. Kingston comes in from underneath Richards as Outlaw Inc. looks for the Doomsday Bulldog, but Edwards grabs onto Homicide’s leg. Richards slides off Kingston’s shoulders and sends him to the outside as Homicide kicks Edwards off to the outside as well. Homicide leaps over Richards, then catches him off a back handspring with a leaping neckbreaker. Kingston in, sliding D to Richards! Homicide covers, but Edwards breaks up the pinfall. Edwards sent to the outside by Homicide. Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer on Richards, but he slips out as Edwards whips Kingston into the barricade on the outside. Alarm Clock by the Wolves on Homicide, Wolves head up top on opposite corners. Kingston pushes Edwards off the top as Homicide rolls out of the way on Richards’ double stomp. Homicide blocks a Richards’ clothesline, BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE by Kingston!

Doomsday Bulldog by Outlaw Inc. for the win.

Winners: Outlaw Inc. by pinfall (Doomsday Bulldog)

Afterwards, Homicide asks Kevin Kelly where their masks are after reDRagon stole them earlier. Homicide says Outlaw Inc. wants an ROH Tag Team Title shot against reDRagon at Final Battle as we go to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, we go to a promo by the ROH TV Champion Matt Taven. Taven asks if he is supposed to be intimidated by someone who calls themselves a psychopath. Do you know who I’ve beaten here? People that call themselves Mr. ROH, Mr. Wrestling, American Wolves, I’ve beaten everybody. A guy with a mohawk and a bum wheel, that doesn’t faze me one bit. By the time we face each other, I will already be the longest reigning ROH TV Champion in company history. So after this lay-up of a match, Tommaso, I want to invite you and everyone else on my long list to the greatest celebration of all-time. The celebration of me, the celebration of HOOPLA and a celebration of this title. This title that has been around the waist of the face of ROH for the last 9 months and for the next year, its gonna stay right here.

Kevin Kelly announces that at Final Battle, Outlaw Inc. will indeed challenge reDRagon for the ROH Tag Team Titles.

We go to a video package for the Stretcher Match at Final Battle between Kevin Steen and Michael Bennett where the loser can no longer use the piledriver in ROH.


Back from commercial, we go to a promo from the ROH Tag Team Champions reDRagon. Bobby Fish says that next week, C & C steps in front of the firing squad that is reDRagon. Seems as though you have managed to whine loud enough to the right people and you got yourselves another title shot. Kyle O’Reilly asks if they really think they will take these titles away from us? We need that champions’ money, do you know how much this caradigan costs? This is J-Crew, I could have bought from last season, but this is 2013, the year of reDRagon. You think we will be the laughingstock of our coffee place on Poetry Tuesday? Bobby Fish says we wouldn’t be caught dead without these titles. O’Reilly says that “Ca-Priest” and “Cedric the Sports Entertainer” will have to pry these titles from our cold, dead hands.

Four Corner Survival: Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & HOOPLA Hottie Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Michael Elgin

Code of Honor before the bell, but Lethal & Taven have words with one another. Strong and Lethal start. Lethal with a side headlock, but Strong gets out and works on the arm. Both men show their agility as they reverse out of each other’s holds, stalemate. Taven comes in, but Lethal & Strong both nail him with chops. Taven sent to the outside. Strong with a dropkick to Lethal for a nearfall. Backbreaker for a nearfall. Elgin tags in, side headlock takeover to Lethal. Lethal gets out and reverses. Lethal sidesteps a backdrop, but Taven with a blind tag. Lethal takes him down, but the ref tells Lethal he was tagged out by Taven. Taven with a kick to Elgin and hits a delayed vertical. Taven taunts the crowd, but Elgin pops right up. Gut kick to Taven and Elgin lifts him up for his delayed vertical. Time to set your stopwatches, folks. Elgin holds up Taven for 10…but Strong with a kick to break it up. However, Elgin maintains control of Taven and lifts him back up for 15 seconds before completing the suplex. Lethal breaks up the pinfall. Lethal tags in, but Elgin isn’t happy about being tagged out. They have words, but Taven dropkicks Lethal into Elgin, sending him to the outside. Taven whips Lethal, who springs off the ropes and dropkicks Strong off the apron. Taven charges in, but Lethal avoids him. Taven skins the cat back in, but Lethal greets him with a superkick, sending Taven to the outside. Lethal with a head of steam, wiping out Elgin with a tope suicida! Lethal gets back in, gets another head of steam and wipes out Strong with another tope suicida! Back in, Lethal with yet another head of steam and looks to complete the trifecta by wiping out Taven, but Scarlett hops up on the apron to block Lethal’s path. The distraction allows Taven to pull Lethal out to the outside and send him head-first into the ringpost.


Back from commercial as Taven gets Lethal back in the ring and gains a nearfall. Moonlight Drive, followed by a springboard corkscrew senton for a nearfall. Martini goes over to commentary to gloat about Taven. Crowd chants that Taven is Pauly Shore. Lethal comes back by avoiding the up and over by Taven and hitting the hiptoss/cartwheel/front dropkick combo, both men down.

Elgin tagged in, back elbows to Taven. Exploder, Elgin fires up. Corner clothesline, but Taven slips off Elgin’s back. Taven with a go-behind, but Elgin drives him into the corner. Elgin charges, but Taven avoids him. Taven charges, but Elgin catches him with the ST-Joe for a nearfall. Elgin calls for the Buckle Bomb, but Taven gets out. Taven blocks Chaos Theory and nails Elgin with a pump kick. Lethal tags in, running forearm to Elgin. Lethal charges in again, but Elgin catches him with a high knee. Strong tags in and UNLOADS with a series of running knees and boots to all 3 of his opponents in their respective corners! Strong places Lethal up top and heads up with him. Top Rope Superplex, but Taven breaks up the pinfall. Strike exchange until Strong with a series of chops. Strong avoids another Taven pump kick and hits him with a backbreaker. Strike exchange between Strong and Lethal. Elgin goes for a double clothesline, but Strong and Lethal avoid him and hit stereo chops. Double whip, but Elgin avoids the double team. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Elgin catches him with a knee to the back off the handspring. Strong with a discus forearm to Elgin. Elgin then lifts up both Strong and Lethal and hits them with a Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam combo! Elgin covers Strong for a close nearfall. Elgin calls again for the Buckle Bomb. Elgin goes for it on Strong, but Taven nails him with a superkick. Lethal with a superkick to Taven! Strong goes for a discus clothesline, but Lethal catches him and hits the Lethal Combination. Lethal motions that he is heading up top, but stops himself on the top rope. Lethal sees Taven sprawled out on a table at ringside that is right by the apron and then changes his footing. HAIL TO THE KING DRIVES TAVEN THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Elgin and Strong are left in the ring and exchange strikes. Elgin with a pump kick, Strong with an enziguri. Strong runs into an Elgin boot. Strong off the blind side, but runs into a left-arm lariat by Elgin, turning him inside out! Deadlift Hellavator for a nearfall. Buckle Bomb, then as Strong tries to slip out of the Elgin Bomb, Elgin deadlifts him back onto his shoulders. Strong fights out with elbows, but runs into a back elbow. Elgin runs into a leaping knee, followed by Death by Roderick. Sick Kick, but Elgin KICKS OUT!! Lethal and Taven are still out on the outside. Strong goes for the Gibson Driver, but Elgin drives him into the corner. Strong with a boot, but Elgin slips out of the Gibson Driver again. Spinning Backfist, followed by a rip-chord rolling elbow.

Revolution Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)

Elgin says to the camera that at Final Battle, he will be the new ROH World Champion.

Steve Corino interviews Jay Briscoe………….NEXT!!!!!


Back from commercial, we go to a promo from the ROH World Champion Adam Cole. Cole says that December 14th is supposed to be the biggest night of my career. I get to main event Final Battle, ROH’s biggest event of the year and I’m going in as the ROH World Champion. But the problem is, what I’m perplexed with and what I don’t seem to understand is that there are 2 people that I am facing that night, both claiming to be the REAL ROH World Champion and more disgusting than anything else, some people actually believe it. There has been so much talk of my recent attitude change and let me make something clear, I’m perfectly balanced. I have a chip on both shoulders and those two chips are Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe. Michael Elgin, you have continued to complain and make excuse after excuse after excuse as to why you should be the REAL ROH World Champion, why you should take this belt from me. Michael Elgin, get used to being #2, because as long as I am in this company, it will always be that way. Jay, you wanna talk about a crybaby, you wanna talk about somebody that can’t accept reality, Jay, you’re the worst of them all. You actually got to a point where you actually created a fake championship for yourself and walking around, claiming to be the REAL ROH World Champion. Jay, take a hint, your time has gone and my time, well, its right now. Final Battle is so very fitting because FINALLY, I prove to the world, FINALLY, I prove to you two that the REAL ROH World Champion is and always will be Adam Cole. How fitting is it that a man I admire, a man I look up to will be in attendance to watch me do what I do best and that’s be the very best. New York City, get ready. ROH, get ready. More importantly, Michael Elgin, Jay Briscoe, get ready. Because the champ is going nowhere.

Steve Corino is in the ring and introduces Jay Briscoe. Jay makes his way to the ring with his ROH World Title belt. Corino thanks Jay for accepting this interview. Corino brings up the fact that ever since Jay vacated the ROH World Title, he’s a different person. Corino asks Jay for his thoughts on his match at Final Battle. Jay says first of all, I never got beat for the ROH World Title so I’m still the champion. “Still World Champ” chants by the crowd. Corino says he understands Jay’s frustration, never before with the ROH World Title vacated, but Adam Cole is the ROH World Champion and as unpopular as that may seem, you aren’t the ROH World Champion. Corino goes to ask Jay another question, but Jay says that since Corino said that I’m not the ROH World Champion, that means you are calling me a liar. I do have an open challenge for this belt and I’m sure these people in Columbus, Ohio wouldn’t mind seeing a World Title match. Corino says he isn’t calling Jay a liar and I’m not looking to accept your open challenge, I’m asking for your thoughts on Final Battle. Jay says that if he was Corino, I would take those pretty little sunglasses off, because I’m getting ready to whoop yo ass! All of a sudden, Silas Young runs out and attacks Jay from behind. Silas takes off his belt and goes to whip Jay with it when Mark Briscoe runs out to make the save. Mark grabs Silas’ belt and whips him with it, sending Silas to the outside. Mark and Silas brawl on the outside as Mark wraps the belt around Silas’ neck and they go to the back. As this is going on, Adam Cole runs out and goes to hit Jay with the ROH World Title belt. Jay ducks the belt shot and unloads on Cole with right hands. Michael Elgin then runs out and nails Jay with a spinning backfist! Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Cole superkicks Elgin in the back of the head! Cole grabs the ROH World Title belt and wallops Jay with it! Cole grabs Jay’s title belt and holds both belts overhead. Cole then drops Jay’s title belt to the ground and holds up the ROH World Title belt as we go to credits.