Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Global Wars Edition)
June 14, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Ted Reeve Arena)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see video on the rivalry between Cedric Alexander and Roderick Strong.

Roderick Strong is in the ring and calls out Cedric Alexander for our next match. Cedric rushes to the ring and here we go!!

Decade banned from ringside: Cedric Alexander vs. “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong

The two slug it out early, then Cedric clotheslines Strong to the outside. Cedric with a head of steam, HEAT SEEKING MISSILE to Strong!! Cedric sends Strong into the barricade and off the apron. Back in, Cedric with chops to Strong. Strong with a knee to the ribs and an elbow to the back of the head. Cedric with a right hand and an uppercut. Cedric stomps away at Strong in the corner. Strong with a back elbow and a big chop. More knees to the ribs, but Strong runs into a boot. Cedric goes to the middle rope, but Strong uses the ref as a shield, allowing him to dropkick Cedric off the turnbuckles, causing Cedric’s leg to be trapped in the top turnbuckle. Strong goes to the apron and hits a sliding dropkick and a running boot. Another sliding dropkick sends Cedric down to the outside.

Back in, Strong stomps away and rubs his boot against the face of Cedric. Cedric fights back, but Strong with a kick to the injured leg. Strong with a knee to the face and more chops in the corner. Cedric again fights back, but Strong goes back to the leg. Snap suplex for a nearfall. Chinlock applied with Strong pulling at Cedric’s face. Cedric fights out with a jawbreaker, but runs right into a dropkick by Strong for a nearfall. Backbreaker, then Strong taunts the crowd. Inverted Curb Stomp by Strong for a nearfall. Strong jaw-jacks with the crowd, but it allows Cedric to fight back, however Strong with another dropkick for a nearfall. Abdominal Stretch applied, with Strong hitting slaps to the exposed ribs of Cedric. Cedric fights out with forearms, but Strong with a knee to the ribs. Pumphandle Backbreaker by Strong for a nearfall. Cedric with forearms, but Strong with another knee to the ribs. Cedric slips out of an Olympic Slam by Strong and hits the 540 Kick, both men down.

Both men get up by the ref’s 6 count. Cedric unloads with right hands on Strong. Ref pushes him back, but Cedric with a clothesline and a back elbow. Cedric then unloads with a series of headbutts to Strong. Cedric sent onto the apron, but hits a forearm. Springboard clothesline by Cedric for a nearfall. Strong with another chop, but Cedric with a spinning back kick. Strong off Cedric’s blind side, but Cedric catches him with a Power Driver for a nearfall. Strong slips out of a Fireman’s Carry, but runs into a uppercut. Strong catches a kick and turns it into another backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong is starting to get frustrated. Cedric blocks the Urnangi Backbreaker, then hits a Crucifix for a nearfall. Strong with a Kitchen Sink and another big chop. Strong places Cedric up top, but gets distracted by the crowd mockingly chanting “Roddy” at him. Cedric blocks a superplex, but Strong with an enziguri and this time hits the Top Rope Superplex for a nearfall. Strong can’t believe it! Strong locks in the Strong Hold and pulls Cedric back in when he almost gets to the ropes. Cedric then counters out with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Strong with another knee to the ribs. Strong slaps Cedric, then Cedric SPITS IN STRONG’s FACE!! Strong then unloads with forearms and knee strikes in the corner. 2 running elbows by Strong in the corner, but then Cedric hits Concussion on Delivery! Strong slips out of a back suplex and Cedric runs into a boot. Enziguri by Strong, but Cedric lifts him up and hits Kick 2 Kill: Part 2! Cedric runs up the ropes and hits a roundhouse kick, but Strong kicks out! Cedric heads up top, but Strong avoids him. Strong with a big forearm, then lifts up Cedric and hits Death by Roderick! Strong off the ropes and goes for the Sick Kick, but Cedric catches him, LUMBAR CHECK!!! 1-2, STRONG GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Strong with a leaping knee strike and has a smile on his face.

Strong goes for End of Heartache, but Cedric counters with an inside cradle! 1-2-3!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

The Decade come out afterward and attack Cedric from behind. Whitmer holds Cedric for TD to drill him with a big chest kick. Jacobs grabs 4 chairs and sets them up like a platform against one another. The Decade send Cedric into the waiting arms of Strong. END OF HEARTACHE BY STRONG ON CEDRIC ONTO THE CHAIRS!!! The Decade stand tall over a fallen Cedric.


Main Event for the Ring of Honor World Title: “The One” Adam Cole (c) vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

INSANE reaction for Steen. Cole throws the Canadian flag that Steen brought down to the ring with him to the outside before the bell. Code of Honor as the bell sounds, then Steen kisses Cole’s hand. They slug it out as the bell sounds. Steen with a back elbow and a big chop. Another big chop knocks down Cole. Cole slips out of a slam and hits a dropkick to the knees. Cole goes to work on Steen’s leg. Cole goes for the Figure Four, but Steen kicks him off and to the outside. Cole drives Steen’s leg onto the apron. Cole goes for a slingshot plancha, but Steen just walks away from him, causing Cole to crash & burn. Steen grabs a fan’s sign and nails Cole with it. Steen lifts up Cole and sends him crotch-first into 3 of the 4 corner ringposts around the ring. Steen goes for the fourth and final ringpost as the crowd does the “OLE” chant, but Cole slips out and sends Steen into the ringpost. Cole misses a right hand and Steen completes the process, sending Cole crotch-first into the fourth and final ringpost. Back in, Steen does the 10 punches to Cole in the corner as the crowd counts along in Spanish. Steen then bites Cole and plays to the crowd, but then Cole with a superkick to the leg of Steen, sending him crashing off the turnbuckles and to the mat.

Cole goes outside and drives Steen’s leg against the apron multiple times. Back in, Cole with a Knee-DT on the injured leg of Steen. Cole stomps away at the leg, then applies a leglock. Steen pulls at Cole’s face, but Cole with a kneedrop to the injured leg. Steen again blocks the Figure Four, but Cole with a boot to the face. Another leglock applied, then Cole rakes Steen’s eyes. Steen fights back with chops, but Cole goes back to the leg. Cole is sent onto the apron and Steen nails him with a draping DDT, sending Cole to the outside. Cole then crotches Steen against the ringpost and drives the injured leg multiple times against the ringpost. Cole then locks in the ringpost variation of the Figure Four. Cole drives the injured leg of Steen against the barricade, then gets back in the ring and yells “ADAM COLE BAYBAY!” to taunt the crowd. Steen avoids a double sledge off the apron by Cole and hits the apron powerbomb, but goes right to clutching his leg. Crowd chants “Kill Steen Kill” for Steen. Steen goes to another side of the ring and hits Cole with another apron powerbomb. They go to a third side of the ring and Steen hits a third apron powerbomb. Steen goes to complete the process of four straight apron powerbombs and does so, with a fourth apron powerbomb on Cole. Back in, Steen heads up top and hits the Steenton Bomb for a nearfall. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but Cole slips out. Steen then goes for F-Cinq, but Cole slips out and hits the Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Cole runs into a back elbow and a boot by Steen. Steen goes to the middle rope, but Cole with another dropkick to the knee. Cole goes up top with Steen, looking for a superplex, but Steen counters with a Super Fisherman’s Buster!! 1-2…….COLE KICKS OUT!! Steen goes for the Cannonball, but Cole moves out of the way! Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but his injured knee gives out on him! Cole takes Steen down, Figure Four applied. Ref counts Steen’s shoulders down for a nearfall. Steen is able to turn over and reverse the hold, Cole gets to the ropes. Steen fights out of a German, but Cole slips out of the Sleeper Suplex and hits another shot to the knee. Cole off the ropes, but Steen with the Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall. Steen locks Cole in the Sharpshooter, but again, his knee gives way and he has to break the hold. Steen hits the Sleeper Suplex for a nearfall. Steen calls for the end and goes for the Package Piledriver, but Michael Bennett runs out. Steen kicks the ropes, crotching Bennett as he comes in, then lays him out with the Package Piledriver! However, the distraction allows Cole to superkick Steen in the back of the head, followed by a release German. FLORIDA KEY!!! 1-2…………STEEN KICKS OUT!!! COLE IS IN SHOCK!! Crowd chants for Steen. Cole piefaces Steen, but Steen with a big right hand. Cole feigns a superkick, causing Steen to cover up and allowing Cole to hit a superkick to the injured knee. Basement superkick by Cole, then he goes to the middle rope. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise, but Steen rolls through and locks back in the Sharpshooter! However, Cole is able to reach the ropes. Cole rolls out to the outside. Steen goes to bring him back in, but Cole nails him with an enziguri. Cole heads up top, but Steen stops him. Steen goes up with Cole, BRAINBUSTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 1-2…………….COLE KICKS OUT!!! Crowd again does the “OLE” chant to will on Steen. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but Cole with an inside cradle for a nearfall.

Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but Cole slips out again and hits a superkick! 1-2-3!!!

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: “The One” Adam Cole by pinfall (Superkick)

Cole celebrates his title retention to close the show.