Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Death Before Dishonor XIII Edition #1)
September 13, 2014
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Turners Hall)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

This week begins a series of “Road Rage” editions of ROH TV of the Death Before Dishonor XIII shows from August 22nd & 23rd from Milwaukee & Chicago Ridge. This week, we see matches from the Milwaukee show.

We go to a promo from the Briscoes. Mark says that its been a couple years, Young Bucks, since we got to do this thing in the squared circle. Jay says that the last time we wrestled the Young Bucks two-on-two, I recited some poetry for y’all, but I don’t think they took it the right way, though. So, now that y’all are all old and grown up and some bad asses, let me go ahead and bless y’all with this. Mark then does some beat-boxing while Jay raps “Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of the Brewkies, Sandy Fork’s own vs. the Young Buck Brew-skis. Ain’t no p***y b***h s**t like Matt Hardy, #DemBoys here vs. the #SuperkickParty”. And the hell with y’all superkicks, by the way. Y’all can superkick, guess what? I can superkick to. I don’t give a damn, I’ll superkick ya b***hes head off, Jackson boys, watch this, I’ll superkick ya head off, b***h!

We see the usual intro, then Caprice Coleman joins commentary for our opening match.

First Time Ever: Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion “The Ambassador of Kick-Assador” Kyle O’Reilly w/Bobby Fish vs. IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Crowd chants for Styles before the bell. Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Styles takes down O’Reilly early. Styles blocks an amateur takedown, then avoids an O’Reilly kick. O’Reilly works over Styles’s arm, but Styles dumps O’Reilly over the ropes and to the outside. Fish complains to the ref as O’Reilly gets back in. Styles blocks another kick from O’Reilly as Fish yells that it was close. O’Reilly with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. O’Reilly avoids Styles going for a hiptoss and takes him down. O’Reilly walks over Styles, then goes over him and hits a head kick. O’Reilly off the ropes, but Styles catches him with the Phenomenal Dropkick, sending O’Reilly to the outside. O’Reilly avoids a Styles slingshot plancha and gets back in the ring. Fish distracts the ref, but that allows O’Reilly to arm whip Styles down as Styles gets back in.

O’Reilly drives Styles’s arm across his own shoulder. O’Reilly with a head kick in the corner, but then runs into a boot. Styles goes to the middle rope and hits a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Styles lifts up O’Reilly out of the Sunset Flip and goes for the Styles Clash, but O’Reilly kicks his way free. Styles knocks down O’Reilly as Fish complains that it was a closed fist. Backbreaker by Styles, followed by a slam and a leaping knee drop. O’Reilly fights back with a series of gut shots, but Styles with a forearm. O’Reilly sends Styles onto the apron, but Styles with a forearm. Styles goes to springboard, but Fish grabs his foot. Styles kicks him off, but allows O’Reilly to hit Styles with a running forearm. O’Reilly with a chest kick, then arm whips Styles, sending Styles crashing onto the apron.


Back from commercial as O’Reilly hammerlocks Styles and sends him arm-first into the barricade. Back in, O’Reilly again drives Styles’s arm across his own shoulder. O’Reilly hammerlocks Styles’s arm, drops down his kneepad and hits 2 snap knee drops to the hammerlocked arm. Styles fights back with chops and a forearm, but O’Reilly hammerlocks the arm again, then sweeps out Styles’s leg, sending Styles down onto his hammerlocked arm. O’Reilly gains a nearfall. Armbar applied by O’Reilly, then drives the arm again across his own shoulder, followed by another leg sweep, sending Styles’s hammerlocked arm crashing into the mat. O’Reilly gains another nearfall. Crowd wills on Styles. Strike exchange, then O’Reilly goes back to the arm, but Styles with a series of forearms to get free. Styles tries for a suplex, but can’t due to his injured arm. O’Reilly with a running forearm in the corner, then goes for a Tornado DDT, but Styles counters it with a snap suplex into the turnbuckles!

Styles heads up top and hits a flying forearm smash. Styles lifts up O’Reilly and hits a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker, but can’t make a cover due to his injured arm. Styles goes for the Styles’s arm, but O’Reilly counters out right into ARMageddon! Styles clasps his hands to block it, but then O’Reilly switches to Styles’s other arm with ARMageddon. Styles pins O’Reilly down for a nearfall, then tries to deadlift him up for the Styles Clash, but O’Reilly kicks his away free again. Styles charges at O’Reilly in the corner, but O’Reilly moves out of the way and Styles goes shoulder-first into the ringpost! O’Reilly goes onto the apron and runs off, wiping out Styles with the running dropkick into the barricade! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Fish checks on O’Reilly as the ref begins his 20 count.


Back from commercial as O’Reilly gets back in the ring at the count of 15. Styles then just BARELY gets back in before the count of 20. Styles tells O’Reilly to bring it and O’Reilly throws his mouthpiece at Styles. Styles avoids a head kick, but then O’Reilly with a kick right to the injured arm of Styles. Flying armbar by O’Reilly into ARMageddon! Styles gets to his feet, but O’Reilly switches to a Arm Triangle. Styles then DEADLIFTS O’Reilly up, ONE-ARM & LEG STYLES CLASH!! Ref begins his 10 count, “this is awesome” chants by the crowd. Both men back up at the count of 7. Strike exchange, Styles gains advantage, but then O’Reilly hits his series of strikes. Styles leaps over an O’Reilly leg sweep attempt and hits the KENTA series. O’Reilly blocks the Styles discus clothesline with his boot, then Styles avoids another O’Reilly head kick, but O’Reilly blocks an enziguri. Axe & Smash by O’Reilly, but then Styles hits the Pele Kick, both men down once again!! Ref begins his 10 count once again as the crowd chants “ROH.”

Both men back up at 7, then Styles quickly hits a discus clothesline for a nearfall. BLOODY SUNDAY!!! Styles calls for the kill. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but O’Reilly counters into a front gulliotine choke! Styles gets his head free, O’Reilly with a series of forearms, but Styles headbutts him down! Styles deadlifts O’Reilly up again for the Styles Clash, but as O’Reilly is trying to block it, GANSO BOMB BY STYLES!!!


Winner: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles by pinfall (Styles Clash)

Styles celebrates his win afterward.


Back from commercial, the Decade is in the ring. Jimmy Jacobs says welcome to the house that the Decade built. The Decade, BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong, have built this company for the past decade, but we’re worried about the next decade, that’s why we’ve taken young boys like TD Thomas and Adam Page under our wing. The problem is, kids don’t listen, ears open, mouths shut, kids don’t listen and these two kids have not been catching on quickly enough, so Roderick Strong made the decision himself to delegate the responsiblity of teaching these kids some vital lessons to his friend, to my friend, to our friend, to your friend. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back, Adam “Scrap Daddy” Pearce!

Pearce makes his way down to the ring. Jacobs says that when he was 16 years old, Adam Pearce clotheslined me so hard in my face that it knocked out my back tooth. The same way you taught me respect, Adam, beat it in to TD.

We see highlights from Adam Pearce against TD Thomas that saw Pearce get the win with the Piledriver. Afterwards, Whitmer has words with TD, who gets in Whitmer’s face. Jacobs gets in-between the two and says that tonight was a learning experience, TD, if you were smart, that was a learning experience, you have all the potential in the world, but you keep falling short. You showed aggression, but you fell for the oldest trick in the book, you got a lot of learning to do, kid.

Next week, from Milwaukee, its Silas Young challenging champion Michael Elgin for the ROH World Title. We go to a promo from Michael Elgin, who says that next week, the self-proclaimed “Last Real Man” Silas Young gets his chance at the ROH World Title. The problem with a chance at this, Silas, is that you have to go through me. The statement of the being the last real man in pro wrestling, well, I’ll show you that you are not the last real man, I am.


Main Event: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark)

Dueling chants for both teams before the bell. Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Mark & Nick start. Nick crotch chops Mark. Mark misses a clothesline, but blocks a Nick superkick. Nick misses a clothesline, then Mark slides under his legs. Nick cartwheels to avoid Mark, but Mark flips onto his feet off a backdrop attempt, but Matt nails Mark with a superkick! Matt crotch chops Mark, then Jay comes in, but Nick greets him with a superkick, sending the Briscoes to the outside! Crowd chants “superkick” for the Bucks. Mark gets back in, then tags in Jay. Shoving match ensues, then Nick with a head kick. Jay blocks being sent into the corner, then fights out of the Bucks’ corner. Jay with a clothesline in the corner to Nick, then tags in Matt. Mark with a running dropkick that knocks Matt off the apron, then hits an avalanche in the corner on Nick. Jay then with a crotch chop to Matt. Mark with a series of right hands to Nick in the corner. “Man Up” chants by the crowd. Jay in, series of headbutts to Nick, then chokes him with his boot. Jay with a slam, followed by a snap leg drop for a nearfall. Uppercut by Jay, Mark tags in. Jay with a slam, then Mark with a slingshot double stomp. Elbow drop by Mark for a nearfall. Mark does a Crane pose, then hits a crane kick. Jay in, another headbutt to Nick. Nick comes back with a spinning back elbow, tags in Matt, but Matt runs right into a big boot by Jay. Jay with a series of headbutts to Matt, tags in Mark. Mark with a gut kick and a series of right hands. Powerslam by Mark for a nearfall. Dueling chants by the crowd once again. Headbutt by Mark, Jay tags in. Jay peppers Matt with a series of jabs, followed by a right hand. Matt blocks a back suplex with elbows, but Jay with another headbutt and an uppercut. Nick with a knee to the back from the apron to Jay, while Matt knocks Mark off the apron. Jay with a shot to Nick, but Nick pulls him out to the outside. Nick avoids a right hand by Jay. Jay gets back in, but then the Bucks hit Jay with the backflip headscissors/running dropkick combo, sending Jay to the outside. Nick with a series of back rakes to Jay on the outside. Back in, Matt with a right hand to Jay. Nick in, slingshot senton/fist drop combo by the Bucks to Jay. Nick blows a kiss to Mark, then stomps away at Jay. Nick chokes Jay with his boot in the corner. Matt in, but Jay fights back. Matt blows a kiss to Mark, but Jay avoids a corner charge, causing Nick to accidentally enziguri Matt from the apron. Nick springboards in, but Jay catches him and hits a Flatliner, sending Nick’s head into the crotch of Matt!

Mark in, sit-out clothesline to Nick. Redneck Kung Fu to Matt, then clotheslines him to the outside. Mark with a running dropkick through the ropes on Matt, then avoids a Nick slingshot plancha and hits him with a gut kick on the way down. Mark then SUPLEXES Nick on the apron, then back suplexes Matt on the apron! Mark goes to the apron, does a “Bang Bang” and goes for the Cactus Elbow, but Nick DRILLS him on the way down with a superkick! Matt charges and then SPEARS Jay into the barricade! Back in, the Bucks hit the Top Rope Splash/Standing Moonsault combo on Mark for a nearfall.


Back from commercial as Matt stomps away at Mark and chokes him in the ropes. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Matt stomps away at Mark in the corner, then Matt taunts Jay. Nick in, but Mark fights back. Mark flips out of another backdrop attempt by Matt, blocks a Nick superkick and sends Nick’s boot right into the head of Matt! Exploder by Mark to Nick, all 3 men down.

Jay in, peppers the Bucks with a series of jabs, but then Nick with a windmill kick. The Bucks go for a Sandwich Superkick on Jay, but Jay ducks and the Bucks get their legs caught up with one another. The Briscoes then deliver stereo superkicks to the Bucks! Redneck Boogie by the Briscoes on Matt for a nearfall. Nick pulls Jay out to the outside, but Jay sends Nick into the barricade. Matt rakes the eyes of Mark, but Jay with an avalanche to Matt in the corner, followed by Mark TURNING MATT INSIDE OUT with a clothesline! Gorilla Press into a Death Valley Driver by Jay to Matt for a nearfall. Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device, but Nick stops them. Nick goes onto the apron and superkicks Mark off the apron and to the outside! Nick with a shoulder to the ribs of Jay from the apron, then hits him with a slingshot facebuster! Nick then goes back to the apron and wipes out Mark with a Tornado DDT! The Bucks hit the Buckle Bomb/Enziguri Combo on Jay. INDYTAKER ON JAY!! 1-2…..MARK BREAKS UP THE PIN!! Mark with right hands to the Bucks, but then they treat him to a SUPERKICK PARTY!! The Bucks go for More Bang for your Buck on Jay, but Jay gets the knees up off of Nick’s 450 Splash, then moves out of the way of Matt’s moonsault! Mark then leaps off the apron and wipes out Nick with the Cactus Jack Crack Smash! Jay has Matt, JAY DRILLER!!! 1-2……MATT KICKS OUT!! JAY CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! Briscoes call once again for the Doomsday Device as Jay lifts up Matt.


Winners: #DemBoys The Briscoes by pinfall (Doomsday Device)

“That was awesome” chants by the crowd afterwards. Code of Honor adhered to by both teams as the show closes.