ROH on Sinclair Results – 9/27/14 (Lethal/Coleman – TV Title)

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Death Before Dishonor XII Edition #3)
September 27, 2014
Chicago Ridge, Illinois (Frontier Fieldhouse)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

Four Corner Survival: “The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer w/Adam Page & TD Thomas vs. “The Last Hero” ACH vs. Michael Bennett w/”The First Lady of Ring of Honor” Maria Kanellis

Crowd chants for ACH as the bell sounds. No one wants to adhere to the Code of Honor with ACH, so he shakes hands with the commentators at ringside. ACH & Whitmer start. Whitmer backs ACH into the corner and piefaces him multiple times. ACH shoves Whitmer, then Whitmer misses a right hand and ACH with a series of chops. Whitmer comes back with a shoulder tackle. ACH goes up & over, does a cartwheel into a backflip, then hits Whitmer with a dropkick, sending Whitmer to the outside. Bennett in, gut kick to ACH. ACH slides under Bennett’s legs and hits a dropkick, sending Bennett to the outside. Silas in and charges, but ACH sends him to the outside. Whitmer gets back in and nails ACH from behind. Whitmer with a back club, then sends ACH off the turnbuckles. Big chop by Whitmer in the corner, followed by more back clubs. Bennett tags himself in and the two stare each other down as it was Bennett who injured Whitmer’s neck with a piledriver on the apron last year. Bennett with a big right hand that knocks down ACH. Bennett avoids a head kick and an enziguri by ACH. ACH clotheslines Bennett to the outside. ACH goes for a slingshot plancha, but Bennett greets him on the way down with a kick to the ribs.


Back from commercial as Bennett sends ACH into the barricade and taunts the crowd. Bennett again sends ACH into the barricade. Back in, Whitmer tags himself in on Bennett and the two again exchange words. ACH with a rana on Whitmer, but Whitmer comes right back with a back elbow. Back suplex by Whitmer for a nearfall. Another back elbow by Whitmer, but he pulls ACH up after a 1 count. Backbreaker by Whitmer, but ACH fights back. Whitmer rakes the eyes of ACH, then Silas tags himself in on Whitmer. Silas gulliotines ACH throat-first across the bottom rope for a nearfall. ACH slips out of a suplex, but Silas avoids a corner charge, then catches a boot by ACH and brings him out of the corner the hard way. Running boot by Silas, then he trash talks ACH. Bennett tags himself in on Silas and hits ACH with a slam for a nearfall. Back elbow by Bennett as Maria joins commentary, bragging about what Bennett is doing to ACH. Silas in, stomps away at ACH in the corner. ACH sidesteps a backdrop attempt by Silas. Silas avoids 2 head kicks by ACH, but then ACH nails him with a windmill kick. Whitmer tags himself in on Silas, but ACH kicks him off. ACH sent onto the apron, but then hot-shots Whitmer across the top rope. Bennett then nails ACH with a big boot on the apron, sending ACH to the outside.


Back from commercial as Bennett grabs Whitmer and brings him onto the apron. Bennett goes for the piledriver on the apron that hurt Whitmer last year, but Whitmer slips out and sweeps out Bennett’s legs, sending Bennett crashing onto the apron. ACH with a dropkick through the ropes on Whitmer, sending Whitmer crashing into the barricade head-first. Back in, ACH with a spring-in swinging flatliner to Whitmer, but Silas breaks up the pin. ACH blocks a Half & Half by Silas, but Silas with a forearm. Silas then with a clothesline to ACH for a nearfall. Silas charges at Whitmer, but Whitmer grabs him. Silas counters the Exploder with a Sunset Flip, but Whitmer rolls through. Silas avoids a big boot by Whitmer and hits a TKO for a nearfall. Bennett hits Silas with a Spear for a nearfall. ACH removes his elbow pad and hits a series of chops to Bennett. ACH with a running shoulder to the ribs of Bennett in the corner. ACH heads up top and leaps off, but Bennett catches him in mid-air with a spinebuster, but Whitmer breaks up the pin. Bennett tries to apologize to Whitmer about the apron piledriver, but Whitmer nails him with a right hand. Strike exchange, Whitmer gains advantage, but then Bennett with a knee to the ribs. Whitmer with a gut kick, a running boot and a Backdrop Driver to Bennett. Whitmer brings Bennett onto the apron and tries for an apron piledriver, but Silas nails Whitmer to break it up. Silas with right hands to Whitmer, but Whitmer with a big forearm. Silas with a big forearm, then sends Whitmer to the outside. Silas wipes out Whitmer with a slingshot plancha! Crowd chants for ACH. ACH goes to get a head of steam, but Maria hops up on the apron to block his path. The distraction allows Bennett to hit ACH with a superkick. Maria yells at Bennett to dive out onto Silas & Whitmer, but when Bennett does so, they part like the Red Sea, causing Bennett to crash & burn on the outside. Silas & Whitmer tee off on Bennett on the outside, but then in the ring, ACH gets a head of steam and wipes out everyone with a Foxbury Flop! Back in, ACH goes for the Best 450 Ever on Whitmer, but Whitmer rolls out of the way. ACH lands on his feet, then knocks TD off the apron with a dropkick. TD gets in the ring to distract ACH for Whitmer. Whitmer charges for his big clothesline, but ACH ducks and Whitmer accidentally hits TD with the clothesline!

Hero’s Grip by ACH on Whitmer for the win.

Winner: “The Last Hero” ACH by pinfall (The Hero’s Grip)

ACH celebrates his win afterward.


The Decade (“The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs & “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong) w/Adam Page & TD Thomas vs. The Monster Mafia (“All Ego” Ethan Gabriel Owens & “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander)

No Code of Honor here. Strong & Alexander start. Alexander backs Strong into the ropes and breaks clean. Commentary mentions that Alexander wears headgear in his matches due to a badly cauliflowered right ear that took place during his amateur wrestling days. Strong with a side headlock, then blocks a hiptoss by Alexander and hits a knee to the ribs. Strong goes up & over, but Alexander catches him with a back elbow. Strong sent into the turnbuckles, Owens tags in. Owens with a series of right hands, but Strong with a gut kick. Snapmare and a fist drop by Owens for a 1 count. Strong with a kick to the knee and a back club. Jacobs in, but Owens tells him to bring it. Jacobs slaps Owens, but Owens slaps him right back. Jacobs with a series of right hands and back clubs to Owens, knocking him down. Owens lifts up Jacobs and hits a Wasteland variation, followed by a leaping leg drop for a nearfall. Owens unloads with right hands from the mount, but then Jacobs with a satelitte headscissors. Jacobs knocks Alexander off the apron, then Owens sends him onto the apron. Jacobs with a right hand, but Owens with an enziguri. Jacobs takes a seat against the ropes on the apron, then Alexander comes flying in, nailing Jacobs with a crossbody to the back, sending him to the outside. Back in, Monster Mafia hit an assisted slingshot standing suplex, but then Strong hits Alexander with an enziguri to the back of the head on the apron. Strong with a shoulder to the ribs of Owens, then lifts him up, but Owens slips out. Strong leaps off the apron and takes out Alexander with a clothesline. Jacobs charges and SPEARS OWENS OFF THE APRON AND TO THE OUTSIDE! “ROH” chants by the crowd.

Decade traps Owens in the ring skirt, allowing Jacobs to unload with right hands & back clubs. Jacobs gets a running start from the top of the rampway and nails Owens with a crossbody. Strong stomps away at Alexander and chokes him. Strong slaps Page, who is not happy about that. Back in, Jacobs locks Owens in End Time, but Owens counters out with a Crash Landing Suplex. Strong & Alexander get the tags in. Alexander with 2 back elbows and a forearm, but Strong with a jawbreaker. Jacobs grabs Alexander from the apron, but Alexander catches Strong coming in with a boot, then hits Jacobs with a forearm. Alexander avoids a Strong charge, sending Strong into Jacobs. Overhead Belly-to-Belly by Alexander, followed by a kip-up. Big right hand by Alexander knocks Jacobs off the apron. German to Strong for a nearfall. Page & TD check on Jacobs as Monster Mafia look to double team Strong. Monster Mafia go for the Double Neutralizer, but Strong fights out. Chop to Owens, but Alexander nails Strong with a gut kick. Strong avoids an Owens corner charge and nails Alexander with a forearm. Strong runs into a boot by Owens, then Alexander lifts up Strong. Assisted Blue Thunder Bomb by Monster Mafia on Strong, but Jacobs breaks up the pin.

Owens sends Jacobs to the outside. Owens in as Monster Mafia go for another double team, but Jacobs hot-shots Owens across the top rope. Strong with a back suplex into a backbreaker on Alexander, then a running elbow to Owens in the corner. Jacobs sent again onto the apron by Owens, but Strong nails Owens with a running knee in the corner. Olympic Slam by Strong, then Jacobs heads up top and hits a back senton for a nearfall. Strong sends Alexander to the outside, Jacobs tags in. Strong with a chop to Owens, then the Decade head up top with him. Decade go for a double superplex on Owens, but Alexander nails Strong. Jacobs kicks Alexander off, but Alexander blocks the Inward Ace Crusher. Rolling elbow by Alexander, followed by a 2nd Rope Enziguri by Owens to Jacobs. Burning Hammer into a Sit-Out Spinebuster by Monster Mafia on Jacobs for a nearfall. Alexander in as Monster Mafia go again for the Double Neutralizer, but Strong comes in and nails Owens with the Sick Kick! Leaping Knee by Strong to Alexander, then lifts him up and hits Death by Roderick!

Jacobs hits Alexander with the Spear for the win.

Winners: The Decade by pinfall (Spear)

We go to a promo from ROH World Champion Michael Elgin. Elgin says that next week, Tommaso Ciampa gets what he asked for. He asked for a shot at the Ring of Honor World Title, he asked for a shot at “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Every time I look around, I see how hard Tommaso’s training is, how ready he is. Don’t you realize how hard I train every day? How ready I am, 24/7? You realize next week.


Main Event for the Ring of Honor Television Title: Caprice Coleman vs. w/Truth Martini & Seleziya”The First Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal

Martini has ring announcer Bobby Cruise proclaim that Lethal is the “greatest first-generation wrestler” in the pre-match intros. Commentary mentions that Lethal has the second-most ring experience in ROH, only behind Christopher Daniels. Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Dueling chants for both men. Lethal confers with Martini as the bell sounds. Chain wrestiling early. Lethal with a shoulder tackle, but then Coleman with a series of armdrags. Lethal blocks a hiptoss and hits one of his own, but when he goes for the cartwheel dropkick, Coleman trips him up. Coleman goes for the arm, but Lethal quickly gets to the ropes, then goes to the outside to regroup with Martini & Seleziya. Back in, Coleman with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Lethal with a series of armdrags and a gut kick. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Coleman avoids it. Lethal sweeps out Coleman’s leg, but Coleman with a kick from underneath that sends Lethal back out to the outside. Lethal regroups again with the House of Truth, but Coleman goes out after him. Coleman with a series of chops & jabs, but Lethal with a knee to the ribs. Lethal avoids Coleman’s 619 variation around the ringpost, then gets back in. Coleman gets on the apron, then stops Lethal going for the springboard dropkick, pushing Lethal off the ropes and back down to the outside. Coleman with a dropkick through the ropes on Lethal. Back in, Coleman gains a nearfall. Coleman with a dropkick for a nearfall. Coleman with a springboard leg lariat for a nearfall. Coleman with a slam, followed by a leaping leg drop for a nearfall. Coleman with a hook kick to the ribs, but Lethal avoids the spinning axe kick and rakes Coleman’s eyes. Lethal avoids a Coleman charge and sends him to the outside, then hits him with a baseball slide that sends Coleman into the barricade. Martini does his victory lap around the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Lethal with a snapmare to Coleman, followed by a sliding dropkick to the back of Coleman’s head for a nearfall. Lethal kicks at Coleman, then hits a slam. Lethal trash talks Coleman, kicking and piefacing him. Lethal with a chop, but Coleman with one of his own. Strike exchange, Coleman gains advantage with a series of shots. Lethal misses two right hands, Coleman with a short shot to the ribs of Lethal, but then Lethal nails Coleman with a superkick. Coleman falls down into the corner, but Lethal begins walking on spaghetti legs, feeling the effects of the short gut punch by Coleman. Lethal goes down, Coleman heads up top, big splash for a nearfall. Coleman fires up, another hook kick to the ribs of Lethal, followed by this time hitting the spinning axe kick to the back of Lethal’s head. BlesS-TO by Coleman. Leaping Edge-O Matic by Coleman for a nearfall. Lethal avoids a corner charge by Coleman and hits the Lethal Combination for a nearfall. Lethal still clutches at his chest, but then heads up top. Coleman stops Lethal and takes him down with the No-Hands Rana for a nearfall. Seleziya hops up on the apron, but Coleman avoids a Lethal charge, causing Lethal to knock Seleziya off the apron! Coleman hits Lethal with the Trinity for a nearfall. Martini throws in the Book of Truth, but Coleman stops it with his foot. Coleman dumps the book out of the ring, Lethal misses a clothesline, but nails Coleman with another superkick.


Winner and STILL Ring of Honor Television Champion: “The First Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)

The House of Truth celebrate Lethal’s title retention afterwards. Code of Honor adhered to as the show closes.