ROH on Sinclair Results – 10/11/14 (Honor Rumble)

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
October 11, 2014
Wheeling, West Virginia (Wasanco Center)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then we see video highlighting Jay Briscoe defeating Michael Elgin for the ROH World Title at the All-Star Extravaganza VI iPPV in Toronto on September 6.

We go to the ring, where Kevin Kelly is there and introduces the new ROH World Champion, Jay Briscoe. Jay makes his way down to the ring. Crowd chants “Man Up” for the new champion. Jay says that the gameplan going in was to break the unbreakable and now, I can safely say that Michael Elgin’s ass done been broke. This ain’t my first rodeo and I realize that everyone’s gonna be gunning for me. I know that I got a big bullseye on my ass and I know that people think they gonna be able to take this title off me, so if you think you got what it takes, go ahead, take your best shot. But I got to warn you, I shoot back and I got real heavy artilery and a whole bunch of armor, baby. The Title of Love, yeah I seen it, all pink and s**t. You know that title, man, that belt that Maria Kanellis & Michael Bennett carry around, that means something special to me. You know, it grew legs and it walked to me. Now that its all pinked out and furred out, there’s gonna come a day, I promise you, there’s gonna come a day that come hell or high water, I’m gonna get that sumb***h back and when I do, I can guarantee ya that the Kingdom is gonna crumble like 8-week old chicken s**t, man.

The music of Adam Cole hits and he makes his way onto the rampway. Cole says that he wanted to come out and say to Jay, congratulations. Because just when I thought your first title reign couldn’t be anymore embarassing, you had to go and win the title for a second time. Jay, this hatred between you and me is never gonna end, its never gonna stop because I hate your stupid, redneck, chicken-farming, guts.

Jay says that he hates Cole’s stupid, pretty-boy, b***h-ass.

Cole says that we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?

Jay says hell no.

Cole says that as long as Jay is in this company, I’m gonna make sure that each and every time that you are here that your life is an absolute living hell and that living hell, it starts tonight, because I’m gonna win the Honor Rumble and become the #1 Contender and in 2 weeks time, I’ll get my ROH World Title back and back where it belongs, in the Kingdom.

“Man Up” chants by the crowd. Jay says the hell with waiting for 2 weeks, we can do this s**t right now.

Cole begins walking to the ring as Jay gets ready to fight, but security stops Cole from getting in the ring. Cole flips off Jay and walks to the back, saying he’ll get him on his time.

Jay says that he hopes Adam Cole does win the Honor Rumble so that in 2 weeks, I can whip his little b***h-ass.


Back from commercial, we go to a promo from the Decade. Jimmy Jacobs that the winner of the Honor Rumble gets a shot at the ROH World Title. There are 20 guys in this match and 5 of us. Whitmer cuts Jacobs off, saying there is 4 guys here, where is your boy, TD? Jacobs says he is not happy that TD is not here, but at the end of the day, he will come through. Strong says that he gets what the Decade is about and I understand the bond that the three of us have, but tonight, tonight’s an opportunity for me. Whitmer cuts off Strong, asking how many opportunities as Strong had. Strong & Whitmer argue and Jacobs has to play peacemaker. Jacobs tells the cameraman to stop rolling, but we see Jacobs telling Whitmer & Strong that its about the Decade, we need to show these kids what this company is about. Before Jacobs can continue, Strong, then Whitmer & Page walk off on opposite directions.

Moose & RD Evans w/Veda Scott & Ramon vs. Red Scorpion & Grey Wolf w/Prince Nana

#TheNewStreak currently sits at 153-0. No Code of Honor here. Nana joins commentary. RD wants Moose to start, but Moose tells RD to start. RD feigns an injury and tags in Moose. Wolf & Moose start. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle multiple times. Moose misses a right hand and Wolf with a knee to the ribs and a back club. Scorpion in, double sledge off the middle rope to the arm of Moose. Knee to the ribs by Scorpion, but Moose comes back with a dropkick. RD in, double sledge to the back of Scorpion off the top, but it doesn’t faze him. Atomic drop by Scorpion, right hand by Wolf. Twisting suplex by Scorpion for a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Before we go back to the match, we go to a promo from Adam Cole. Cole says that next week, I find myself against Cedric Alexander, who’s on quite the meteroic rise at the moment. Cedric, two words that would be used to describe you, promise and potential. Let me give you a sentence that describes Adam Cole, he’s the best damn pro wrestler on the planet. Next week, Cedric, not only are you in for the beating of your life, but although your future in this company is great, you don’t stand a chance when you’re across the ring from me.

Back to the match as Scorpion works over RD. Wolf in, but runs into a boot by RD. Scorpion charges, but RD pulls down the top rope, sending Scorpion to the outside. Wolf grabs RD’s leg to stop him from making a tag, but RD hits an enziguri and tags in Moose. Moose with headbutts to Scorpion and Wolf. Series of avalanches to both Scorpion & Wolf in the corner, followed by a flying headbutt to Scorpion, but Wolf misses breaking up the pin with an elbow drop and accidentally hits Scorpion. Wolf sidesteps a backdrop attempt by Moose, but it has no effect on Moose. Scorpion & Wolf hit Moose with a double flapjack, but then, Moose runs up the ropes and takes out Scorpion & Wolf with a crossbody. RD in, double goozles Scorpion & Wolf, but he can’t double chokeslam him and they lay out RD with a double spinebuster. Moose sent outside, then Wolf with a corner clothesline to RD, followed by Scorpion hitting a Shooting Star Cannonball. Jackknife Pin by Scoprion, but Veda pulls out the ref. Wolf gives chase to Veda, who runs into Nana. Veda slaps Wolf, then ducks as he accidentally hits Nana. Moose sends Wolf back in, but Scorpion stomps away at Moose. Moose avoids a double clothesline by Scorpion & Wolf, DOUBLE HIT STICK!!

RD runs in, Jackknife Pin to Scorpion, #NewStreak continues!

Winners: Moose & RD Evans by pinfall

#TheNewStreak is now at 154-0 as Moose & RD celebrate their win.


Back from commercial, we go to a promo from Mark Briscoe. Mark says that you are looking at the only man in the history of this company to win the Honor Rumble not once, but twice. Damnit, I love to do me some Honor Rumbling and tonight, we doing some Honor Rumbling. When I pitch that last man out, I’m gonna set myself up for that World Title shot and I don’t care who the champion is, even though its my brother, its my time, baby, its my time. I don’t care if Jay’s the champ…….All of a sudden, Mark realizes that Jay has been standing behind him the entire time. The Briscoes stare each other down to close the promo.

Main Event in the 20-Man Honor Rumble, winner gets a ROH World Title shot on the 10/25 ROH TV

Entrant #1 is ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal, Entrant #2 is ACH. Entrant #3 is TD Thomas. TD goes after ACH, then Lethal tries to form an alliance with TD, but he suckers him in and nails TD from behind. Entrant #4 is J. Diesel. Diesel & Lethal attack TD. Lethal Injection by Lethal to TD. Diesel eliminates TD.

TD Thomas has been eliminated.

Entrant #5 is the Romantic Touch. Diesel & Lethal attack him. Lethal Injection by Lethal to Touch. Diesel eliminates Touch.

The Romantic Touch has been eliminated.

Entrant #6 is Mark Briscoe. Martini takes a pic of Mark, who chases Martini around ringside. Lethal goes outside after Mark, but Mark sends him into the barricade. Entrant #7 is Adam Page. Entrant #8 is Will Ferrara.


Back from commercial, Caprice Coleman & Brutal Bob Evans have entered as Entrants #9 & 10 respectively. Entrant #11 is Adam Cole. Entrant #12 is Hanson. Hanson throws Cole into the ring as Cole had stayed at ringside, not going into the ring right away. Hanson eliminates Brutal Bob.

Brutal Bob Evans has been eliminated.

Hanson with the Spin Kick of Doom eliminates Caprice.

Caprice Coleman has been eliminated.

Entrant #13 is BJ Whitmer. Entrant #14 is ROH Tag Team Champion Kyle O’Reilly. Whitmer & Page team up to eliminate Hanson.

Hanson has been eliminated.

Entrant #15 is Jimmy Jacobs. Lethal goes to eliminate Jacobs, but Ferrara comes up from behind and ELIMINATES LETHAL!!

Jay Lethal has been eliminated.

Diesel charges at Ferrara, but Ferrara pulls down the top rope, eliminating Diesel.

J. Diesel has been eliminated.

Lethal pulls Ferrara out of the ring and the House of Truth beatdown Ferrara on the outside. Entrant #16 is Roderick Strong. Page eliminates Ferrara.

Will Ferrara has been eliminated.

Strong then eliminates Page.

Adam Page has been eliminated.

Entrant #17 is scheduled to be Cedric Alexander, but he doesn’t come out. Tommaso Ciampa comes out instead. Ringside attendant tries to stop Ciampa, but he sends him into the barricade. Another attendant is sent into the barricade. Nigel then grabs Ciampa’s leg to stop him from entering the ring. Ciampa & Nigel argue at ringside. Entrant #18 is ROH Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish. Ciampa leaves through the crowd. Strong eliminates O’Reilly.

Kyle O’Reilly has been eliminated.

Cedric finally comes out and gets into the ring. Entrant #19 is Cheeseburger. The final entrant is Michael Bennett as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Alexander eliminates Whitmer & Jacobs.

BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs have been eliminated.

Cedric tries to eliminate Strong, but Strong reverses and eliminates Cedric.

Cedric Alexander has been eliminated.

Fish & Strong battle on the apron, then knock each other off at the same time, eliminating themselves.

Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong have been eliminated.

Final Four is Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, Mark Briscoe & Cheeseburger. Mark pairs off with Bennett, while Cole goes after Cheeseburger. Cole eliminates Cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger has been eliminated.

Mark eliminates Cole.

Adam Cole has been eliminated.

Bennett then comes up behind Mark and eliminates him to win the Honor Rumble.

Winner of the Honor Rumble, earning a ROH World Title shot on the 10/25 ROH TV: Michael Bennett

Bennett & Maria celebrate his win afterward, but Cole is not happy about losing and also that Bennett won as the show closes.