Triple H on creating NXT brands around the world, Seth Rollins talks return of the curb stomp

Triple H

Triple H on creating NXT brands around the world

During WWE’s annual Business Partner Summit over WrestleMania 34 weekend, Paul “Triple H” Levesque revealed in a presentation about coming up with the term “Global Localization” and how the company wants to create NXT brands around the world.

Triple H described this plan as a global territorial system, something WWE had been considering over a decade ago and never fully committed to.

WWE has posted the full summit on the company’s corporate website.

Seth Rollins talks return of the curb stomp

Newsweek is featuring an interview with WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins discussing WrestleMania 34 a few weeks ago in New Orleans.

Rollins also addresses the return of the curb stomp to his matches. When asked for details, Rollins declined to provide too much back story on the return.

“You know, I can’t divulge the entire story. Maybe some other time. It’ll be good for a DVD or a Network special or something like that. I will say that I was very happy to see it come back. It wasn’t a long-term plan, I knew way in advance, but I was happy to get it back. That is another thing this year that really put me on a very good trajectory. It felt good, man. The surprise in the audience and the reaction I got online was really cool, too. I’m glad to take it around the world now, it’s been a good experience.”