USADA: Brock Lesnar has re-entered drug testing pool, Is eligible to fight in January

Brock Lesnar

The United States Anti-Doping Administration (USADA) released the following statement on Monday night, revealing that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has re-entered their drug testing pool as of July 3.

Lesnar is now eligible to fight for UFC beginning in January 2019.

“After receiving notice of his intent to compete in the UFC, USADA re-entered Brock Lesnar to the testing pool on July 3. With six months and four days remaining on his period of ineligibility, Lesnar will be able to compete on or after January 8, 2019, should he remain in compliance with the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.”

Lesnar made an appearance at the end of this past weekend’s UFC 226 PPV in Las Vegas, getting into a shoving match with new UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier with both men issuing challenges for a future fight.

UFC President Dana White followed up that the fight will take place, with Cormier saying it will happen as long as Lesnar remains clean. Lesnar last fought for UFC at UFC 200, but then failed a USADA drug test and was suspended for one year.

Lesnar announced his retirement in January 2017 , exiting the USADA drug testing pool with 6 months remaining on the suspension before his most recent appearance. It appears that as long as Lesnar remains clean and passes through the USADA drug testing pool, Lesnar and Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Title will take place in early 2019.