WWE has released a video looking back at WWE stars who you maybe didn’t know made appearances in NXT. The list includes:

1. The Bella Twins (2013)
2. Chris Jericho (2013)
3. Randy Orton (2013)
4. Batista (2014)
5. John Cena (2013)

You can check out the full video above courtesy of WWE.

Top 10 moments that defeated Brock Lesnar

WWE has also uploaded a video looking at the Top 10 moments that defeated Brock Lesnar. The list includes (in no particular order):

– Lesnar losing to the Big Show at Survivor Series
– Being eliminated from the Royal Rumble by The Wyatt Family
– Last Ride from The Undertaker off the top turnbuckle
– Pedigree from Triple H at WrestleMania over steel steps
– Tapping to an Ankle Lock by Kurt Angle
– Attitude Adjustment by John Cena over steel steps
– Jackhammer from Bill Goldberg