Renee Young

Newsweek and The Toronto Sun are featuring interviews with Renee Young where she talks about her new role as part of the RAW announce team.

Young on preparing for Hell in a Cell vs. RAW broadcast:

“It feels like such a dream, this opportunity. I’ve been waiting so long to do it and now it has finally happened. I’m just so excited about it. And it’s starting to sink in, but I’m just trying to mentally prepare for Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Thinking about how different it is to call a pay-per-view to doing Monday Night RAW. It’s so brand new to me, so my brain is in overload right now. I talked to (Michael) Cole about it and he told me to go back, watch some old Hell in a Cells. Just watching any ppv to hear how the commentary is different, how your remarks are going to be different.”

On getting a text from Corey Graves’ wife about her new role:

“One of the coolest messages I actually got after doing Monday Night Raw the first time was from Corey Graves’ wife. She texted me (and wrote) that her and her daughter Lennon, who’s a big WWE fan, were watching and just what it meant for her, for Lennon, to be able to see and hear a woman calling Monday Night Raw. You sometimes forget when you’re in your own world that you’re touching other people’s lives and other people are listening to you and it can be so impactful for other people. To think that I have that impact on other women and young girls is amazing.”

Video of Roman Reigns on College GameDay

ESPN has uploaded video of Roman Reigns appearing on College GameDay yesterday.