Joe G. sent these results in:

I was at the Raw show in Glasgow tonight (well, yesterday). Apparently it was sold out and the arena did look pretty full.

Christian beat Chavo Guerrero in the first match. At the start, Christian kept raising his arm then pointing at Chavo, getting a “Yay!” “Boo!” thing going. At one point, he raised his arm, then pointed at the crowd who booed, then realised what they were doing. 😀

Match 2 was between Evan Bourne and a new guy. I didn’t catch his name, but he was foreign, so clearly a heel. I’ve read in other reports that he’s called Dos Caras. A “who are ya?” chant started so clearly I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know him. Bourne pinned him after Air Bourne but got booted by Sheamus afterwards, who said this was a preview of the main event.

Maryse then beat Kelly Kelly and Eve to retain the Diva’s Title. After that, Chris Masters issued a Masterlock challenge which was answered by Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle ended up knocking Masters down and landing a Tadpole Splash.

Randy Orton then beat Rhodes and DiBiase in a Handicap Match after landing the RKO on Rhodes.

After a break, William Regal came out and told the crowd that he’d rather be in Iraq, as they’re more civilized there. Being from Edinburgh, I nodded thoughtfully. 😛 He told the young kids in the crowd that they’d likely go to jail like his opponent, MVP. MVP pinned Regal after a boot to the face (I think).

Miz then defended the US Title against Kofi Kingston before Big Show interfered. Mark Henry then came out and the match became for the Tag Team Titles. Show pinned Kofi after a Chokeslam.

The main event was Cena VS. Sheamus for the WWE Title, with Bret Hart as the special enforcer! I didn’t think Bret was due to be at this show, so that was a nice surprise. Sheamus knocked out the referee, tried to use a chair on Cena but Bret stopped him. Bret punched Sheamus, and Cean hit the AA for the win (Bret counted the fall). Afterwards, Cena thanked Bret for his contributions to wrestling and for coming back earlier this year. All in all, it was a good show. The crowd were pretty into it too. As to be expected, the biggest pops were for Bret Hart and John Cena, and Regal probably drew the most heat with his anti-Scottish rant.