Trish Stratus retiring

Trish Stratus was interviewed on Busted Open Radio about her match against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam this Sunday, August 11.

During the interview, Stratus commented on if this could be the final match of her career.

“‘Retirement’ is a loose term in wrestling but I always said if there was something that was A.) challenging, B.) gonna do something for someone else, I would consider it and of course, I love wrestling. It’s something that’s always gonna be a part of me, a part of my life. I watch it, follow it even if I don’t see it everyday, and so there’s opportunities like when this came up was something like, ‘Gosh, this has to happen’. Charlotte and I in the ring. It was just like — you couldn’t put it together better. I feel like this is a good final match for me because I don’t feel like you could do anything more than this. This feels like a good ending for me. Like a real ending.”

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

The Miz on his dad’s WrestleMania moment despite working one day

The Miz was interviewed by Sports Illustrated about his show “Miz & Mrs”, as well as his father. Miz talked about how his father got a WrestleMania moment during Miz’ match against Shane McMahon and how some people wait a lifetime to get one and don’t get it.

“My dad got a WrestleMania moment. Some people work their entire life for a WrestleMania moment and never get it. My dad worked in WWE for one day and got his WrestleMania moment. My dad became a really huge sensation on the internet when that meme went viral, and he hasn’t stopped talking to me about it.

“My dad is also the type of person who takes his 15 minutes of fame and turns it into 45 years, and that’s exactly what he’s doing now. After WrestleMania, my dad did an appearance for a local college and he was advertised as ‘WWE’s Mr. Miz.’ He has eight-by-tens and T-shirts that he sells. Every Monday before WrestleMania, he’d call me and tell me everything that I was doing wrong on Raw. Now he says I should listen to him because the only time he was on the air, he went viral.”