Jordan Myles states his tweets have been disrespectful, does not apologize for them

Jordan Myles "apologizes"

Jordan Myles has issued a statement about his recent behavior on social media.

Myles stated on Instagram that his comments on Twitter over the past two days “were completely disrespectful and were unprofessional.” Myles went on to state that he knows he offended a lot of people and apologizes for not caring what people think of him. The t-shirt situation brought up past feelings in another company (insinuated to be Ring Of Honor) where he had limits placed on him. Myles wants to keep moving forward and promote change.

Jordan Myles, real name Alfred Hardie, Jr., took to Twitter on Sunday and Monday to voice his displeasure at a t-shirt that was designed for his character. Myles believed the shirt to be a take on the controversial blackface makeup.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, he attacked Vince McMahon and Triple H saying they have slapped every African American performer in the face. Myles also took a shot at Jay Lethal and Ring Of Honor.

WWE released a statement saying they collaborated with Myles on the shirt and that he approved of it. Myles would fire back with more tweets, including since deleted tweets stating WWE hates black people and a screenshot of an internal email from the company. Myles claimed he was lied to about the shirt.


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‪My tweets yesterday were completely disrespectful and were unprofessional.‬ ‪I have offend a ton of people and used anger to fuel me. ‬ ‪With that being said.. ‬ ‪I’d like to take this time to state an apologize for not giving a shit about what others think of me. ‪The anger I have inside of me has been built up for years now. Call me what you want, but you’ll never EVER be able to call me fake.‬ ‪ I’ve been lied too, used, and often mistreated by others who I viewed as associates.‬ ‪I’ve tipped toe around, kept quiet, even took some Ls when necessary. Emotionally charged up due to the shirt which triggered past emotions. I’m never going to be sorry for being me nor will I take back my words.‬ ‪I’m the damn professional wrestler in the WORLD & universe today.‬ ‪My ribs are touching and I’m tired of waiting. Time to snatch plates from those that have been eating far too long and always gets seconds while guys like myself have to eat crumbs from the floor like an unwanted child.‬ ‪For 4 years .. I gave my all to a promotion only to find out that you could only reach so high just as long as you didn’t surpass certain “people”.. I never begged for anything, I never kissed no ass, nor did rub elbows with the right ppl to get ahead. I HUSTTLED, WORKED HARD. ‪I didn’t call Hunter everyday to get booked in New Japan (s/o to NJPW) I earned it.‬ ‪I’ve always wanted to be “The Guy” and of no one will allow me to be in that spot.. I shall blaze my own trail to that spot rather it be by the approval of others or not.‬ ‪Today i shall continue to go the distance. Today I shall Lee moving forward. Today I shall rise up from my past ashes like a Dark Phoenix and promote change in this industry.‬ ‪Remember these words ‪I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD! AND NO MAN OR WOMAN WILL STOP ME FROM BEING HONEST.‬ ‪GO THE DISTANCE…‬ ‪#MylesAhead‬ ‪#ForTheCulture

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