WWE has no touching policy

WWE is taking measures to keep their superstars safe in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

As first reported by PWInsider, over the weekend WWE instituted a “No Touching” policy at autograph signings. Sasha Banks put up a photo on her social media account of her wearing blue medical gloves, as well as a fan, to prevent germs from spreading. At The Big Event in New York City, fans were told they could not come in contact with The Undertaker. Braun Strowman was seen fist bumping fans according to Fightful.

It is not known if these policies will be put into place at WrestleMania Axxess, but it remains a strong possibility.

WWE also reportedly held a backstage meeting before last week’s Raw (per PWInsider) to give the roster information on how to protect themselves from the Coronavirus while being exposed to thousands of people.

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to a number of cancelations of concerts, music tours, and sporting events around the world. WWE recently stated that there are no plans to postpone or cancel WrestleMania 36 in light of the fears, though they are “closely monitoring” the situation with government officials in Tampa, Florida.