WWE Superstar Carmella denies being sick with Coronavirus, says she’s been healthy

Carmella denies having COVID-19

Carmella has taken to Twitter to shoot down false reports that she had the Coronavirus, stating she has been healthy throughout the pandemic.

Late last week, reports surfaced that an on-air talent for WWE tested positive for COVID-19. WWE did confirm the report and said that the individual and their roommate were symptomatic but did not have contact with anyone from WWE as it happened after TV production on the closed set was complete. The individual did make a full recovery.

In the days following, unfounded reports were circulated on the internet stating that Carmella and Corey Graves were the unnamed individuals in the report as they had missed the previous round of tapings, including WrestleMania 36. Both returned to television this past Friday on SmackDown.

F4WOnline has also confirmed that it was not Corey Graves or Carmella. The individual is not a wrestle, but rather an on-air talent.

Wrestleview never reported on this false rumor.