El Hijo del Fantasma wins the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, Drake Maverick re-hired

Fantasma wins Cruiserweight Title

On last night’s edition of WWE NXT, El Hijo del Fantasma won the interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship (though the “interim” label was dropped) after defeating Drake Maverick.

Here’s how it went down courtesy of last night’s recap:

“An “NXT” chant fires up. All of a sudden, the luchadors that have been targeting Fantasma come down. Maverick hits them with a suicide dive and fights them off. Maverick gets in the ring. Fantasma immediately superkicks him in the face before hitting a Phantom Driver for the win!”

Drake Maverick, who was part of the April cost-cutting releases, was working this tournament on a per match basis. His WWE career was supposed to be over after losing, but Paul “Triple H” Levesque came out at the end of the show and presented Maverick with a new contract.