WWE files late renewal trademark on “Cody Rhodes” name, “The Man” abandoned

WWE files for "Cody Rhodes" name

After allowing the trademark on the name “Cody Rhodes” to lapse on April 13, 2020, WWE has filed a late renewal on it.

Cody filed to trademark the name the day the trademark expired, but WWE filed for a late renewal on May 15 citing delays to filing and payment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cody will now have six months from June 30 to respond to the “likelihood of confusion” letter sent by the Patent Office or else his trademark will be abandoned.

WWE has also abandoned the trademark to the term “The Man.” WWE filed for the term in December 2019, but Ric Flair had already filed for it August 2019. Flair, who recently signed a new deal with the company, reportedly agreed to sell the trademark to WWE in May 2020.

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