Melina Perez denies recent reports stating she has re-signed with WWE

Melina Perez not resigned with WWE

Former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Melina Perez has denied recent reports that she re-signed with the company. 

We previously reported there had been rumors that Perez was scheduled to be starting with WWE within the next week.

Perez took to Facebook on Friday in a lengthy post that stated the reports make her “heart ache” because she loves her fans. She claimed that most sites post things just for clicks and it is not accurate news. Perez did not deny talking to WWE and also stated that if she is coming back, a great surprise was ruined.

I lost my father last month, am I emotionally ready? I’m 41, am I physically capable? Is there a story available? Simply talking to the wwe makes my heart happy. I am grateful for my time with them. One day I’ll come home but when the time is right. So if it doesn’t happen now, I’m sorry you thought I was returning. If it does happen… well these sites ruined a great surprise. You should be upset that they cheated you of that moment if it happens.

Though the 41 year-old Perez denied the report, she did say that doesn’t mean it is not a possibility. She also noted that if she wonders if she’s emotionally ready after losing her father.

You can check out Perez’s Facebook post below: