Jon Robinson of “The Gamer” section of is featuring an interview with THQ’s Bryan Williams regarding the upcoming release of “WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011” video game where Williams addresses improvements in the online gaming mode.

“We’ve put a lot of work into, not only the online Royal Rumble, but online gameplay in general. This is the best “Smackdown” has ever played online. I know our online experience has never been that great because of the lag, and the fans are right to get on us about that. The game did have a lot of lag online and wasn’t very good. So this year, we really took it up a whole bunch of notches. That was our mandate. Before we added the online Royal Rumble, before we increased the number of wrestlers in the ring at one time to six, we knew we had to get rid of the lag. If we couldn’t do that, we couldn’t add the Rumble, let alone add two additional people in the ring. Yukes figured it out and I’ve been playing our QA guys out in Phoenix from our office (Los Angeles), and the gameplay has been silky smooth. I was so impressed. It feels like an offline game. I was so happy.”

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THQ talks ‘Smackdown,’ online Royal Rumbles, and Daniel Bryan