WWE Superstar Kane (Mayor Glenn Jacobs) to donate his Royal Rumble earnings

Glenn Jacobs to donate his Royal Rumble earnings

WVLT TV Channel 8 in Knoxville, TN is reporting Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs (WWE Superstar Kane) announced he is donating the earnings from his appearance in this past Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV to the Mayor’s Applied Technology Scholarship Fund for TCAT Knoxville.

Last month Jacobs donated $5,000 of his salary to help start the scholarship, which benefits a Knox County employee’s child, including adoptive, biological, legal or step, who is a student at the school.

Mayor’s Office officials noted that Jacobs received a COVID-19 rapid test before leaving, and upon arriving at the event and before returning to work after the trip. It was noted that Jacobs (Kane) wore a CDC-recommended face covering and kept his distance from others while not performing, according to the Mayor’s Office.

Kane was the number 18 entrant in the Men’s Royal Rumble.  He was eliminated by Damian Priest.