writer Adam Rank is featuring an article comparing NFL stars to WWE stars The Miz, Triple H, Edge, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, CM Punk and Zack Ryder as well as TNA star Ric Flair.

“6. Ochocinco/The Miz
The Miz goes by a goofy nickname and spends most of his time telling people how awesome he is instead of actually proving it. Yeah, I would say that fits. And really, can’t you see 85 wearing this shirt? Though by always taking a backseat to T.O., he might be more Alex Riley.

5. Ray Lewis/Triple H
Triple H is known as “The Game.” He is the king of kings, and he calls all of the shots. And while Lewis might not be married to the boss’s daughter, he certainly carries that kind of respect with every NFL player.

4. Aaron Rodgers/Edge
At first it seemed like Philip Rivers might be a good match with Edge. But Rivers prides himself on never working blue when he talks trash to opponents. Not quite a “Rated R Superstar” at all. So give Rodgers the nod here, because not only do he and Edge wear the same belt, Matthews helped deliver the title for both.

3. Drew Brees/Daniel Bryan
Both Brees and Bryan were once derided as being far too small to make it with the big boys. Both were able to overcome the odds to be champions of their profession. Who has the last laugh now?

2. Peyton Manning/John Cena
Manning and Cena are middle America’s dream — clean-cut, bad hairdos, but they make good commercials (although it seems that only children can take their sugary goodness). And both are the face of their respective industries right now, even though most discerning adults root against them.

1. Brett Favre/Ric Flair
Hall of Famers for sure, but both should have hung it up a long, long time ago.

Also receiving votes: Rivers/CM Punk; Jay Cutler/Zack Ryder.

What do you have?”

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Pick Six: NFL player/WWE superstar comparisons