The Times and Transcript is featuring an interview with current WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes where he talks about turning his nose injury into a new storyline and character.

“What we do is entertainment, but my nose was genuinely broken, and it was the luckiest unlucky thing to ever happen to me because it gave me time to think, it gave me time to reflect and actually, it gave me time to genuinely get a little (angry), and that’s what you need to work in the WWE. The paper bags are slightly backfiring on me, I would say. You go out and you tell an audience that they’re unfit and that they should conceal their repugnance, and then when you go hand them the paper bag to do so, they stick out their arms openly with a big smile on their face. It’s just funny how the fans have taken it. They want to be involved. And regardless of what people may think, I want them to feel involved too. And if that means wearing paper bags, OK.”

Full interview:
Cody Rhodes: Behind the mask