9/17 WWE Supershow Results: Youngstown, Ohio

Kyle Merritt sent this report in:

Air Boom over Rtruth and The Miz. Evan Bourne with AirBourne pinning Rtruth. Place is half full because more people are at home watching Ohio State Football. How’d that work out for ya’ll ?

Dolph Ziggler over Alex Riley via zig zag. Good pop for Ziggler ala his collegiate career at neighboring college Kent State.

Sin Cara over Heathcliffe Slater. They setup Sin Cara’s springboard ramp… Here I thought the whole time he just had more hop than a kangaroo, HA… Indeed. Slater sells basically the whole match.. He is one great jobber

Mason Ryan over Primo. No room for fake Batista on tv. Lucky us.

Cody Rhodes over Ted DiBiase via Protective mask to the face. Pre match, Cody cut a solid promo saying he was the only intercontinental champion that mattered.

Alberto Del Rio over CM Punk. Interesting booking here. No doubt about Punk as the fan favorite. Was looking forward to seeing both of them here more than anyone. Both worked very soft and hardly wrestled. Winner faces Cena in Main Event

Sheamus and Daniel Bryan over Mark Henry and Christian. Sheamus brogue kick on Christian for the pinfall. The lights made Sheamus look tan… Ouch. Doesn’t bode well for Henry at PPV tomorrow. Orton gets the night off.

Cena over Del Rio via DQ. Cena mega over with all the kids. Ref knocked out and Del Rio taps to stf. Rodriguez banned then returns with chair to force dq. Punk makes the save for Cena and they finish the show together.

Solid pre PPV Super House Show!!!