Rob sent this in.

I came across this reply from a Sky TV representative in regards to numerous posts made on the official Sky TV Forum in regards to Sky carrying the WWE Network in 2012…

Welcome to the Sky Help Forum. Many WWE fans are excited at the news of the WWE Network however there are no such plans for this to launch outside the US at present and the WWE Network will not be available to Sky TV subscribers.

I’m afraid we have no information on the WWE Network, however WWE programming will continue to be carried on Sky Sports channels as per the existing agreement we have in place with the WWE.

Any queries regarding the WWE Network would need to be directed to the WWE.

*(I find this quite odd, as I myself was informed by a Sky Rep. that if you subscribed to the Sky Sports channels, the WWE Network would automatically become available to you in 2012. I figured that Sky would broadcast the WWE Network as an additional subscription channel, much like the football/soccer channels, MUTV, Chelsea TV etc., where you pay an additional charge on top of your monthly Sky subscription charge to receive the channel. It also seems kind of odd that Sky are telling customers to contact WWE, and WWE are saying to contact your TV provider in regards to getting the channel. Unless a deal is done between now and launch, the WWE Network is an American channel only.)