Brian Soscia sent this in.

Brian Soscia of The Soscia Network on Mix 106.1 in Philly continues his unparalleled access to some of the biggest names in wrestling. CM Punk stopped by for a “CM Punk Christmas” complete w/ Soscia giving him gifts from other WWE stars live on the air. See what Punk’s reactions were as he unwraps his Christmas gifts!

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We talk about :

-The recent TLC PPV
-How he feels about the ECW Arena closing it’s doors to wrestling?
-What hooked him and made him love wrestling?
-What do the four stars on his tights stand for?
-How it feels to go from being a huge fan to the WWE champ
-What did his parents think about his career choice?
-What are Sgt. Slaughter’s thoughts on his GI Joe Tattoos?
-As a kid, how did he feel about Slaughter becoming and Iraqi sympathizer?
-Who does he want at Wrestlemania?
-Why not Austin this year and when does he want that match to happen?
-Does he ever get nervous before a match?
-His opinion on what it means being a top guy.
-The broken hand he has been wrestling with for a month and a half.
-The really story behind his run-in w/ Tony Atlas in developmental.