Credit: Joseph N. and for the following results:

Here are the results from last night’s SMACKDOWN house show in Prince George, first WWE show the city has seen in over 15 years:

Show began with Hornswoggle coming out and cutting a promo. This then led to Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes appearing & running down the locals along with Hornswoggle. After Cody attacked Hornswoggle, Ted DiBiase came out to make the save.

(1) Ted DiBiase defeated Jinder Mahal

(2) Trent Barretta and Yoshi Tatsu defeated Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater

(3) Hunico defeated Ezekiel Jackson

(4) Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Rhodes attacked Gabriel, which led to Ted DiBiase coming out again and making the save. After Ted gave Cody a Dream Street, Hornswoggle came out and delivered a tadpole splash


(5) Alicia Fox defeated Natalya with Aksana as the special guest referee

(6) Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett

(7) Big Show defeated World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan by disqualification, Bryan retains the World Heavyweight Championship. Match ended when Wade Barrett and Jinder Mahal attacked Big Show. Sheamus then came out to make the save and the crowd was sent home happy