The following was taped on Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

WWE Smackdown for January 20:

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan started the show running down The Big Show. Bryan said what Big Show did last week was a sin and he pretended to be sorry. He added that Big Show should do the right thing and quit.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Hornswoggle was changed when Justin Gabriel came out to take his place. Rhodes def. Gabriel.

* Backstage, Mark Henry “spins the wheel” and gets a Lumberjack stipulation for his title shot against Daniel Bryan tonight.

* Brodus Clay is out next for a Dance Off with Vickie Guerrero. Clay wins. William Regal comes out and pleads with Vickie to stop dancing and leave. Clay insults Regal and challenges him to a Dance Off. When Regal starts dancing, Clay hits him with a splash and continues dancing.

* Wade Barrett def. Sheamus in a Tables match. Finish was setup following a distraction from Jinder Mahal. After the match, Sheamus puts Mahal through a table.

* Ted DiBiase def. Hunico in a Flag match.

* Backstage, Teddy Long fires Drew McIntyre. Santino tries to get Drew his job back and challenges him to a match. He spins the wheel and a Blindfold stipulation comes up. If Drew beats Santino, he gets to keep his job.

* Santino def. Drew McIntyre in a Blindfold match.

* Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Lumberjack match ended in a no contest when the Lumberjacks attacked both Henry and Bryan. Bryan walked off. Segment ends with Sheamus tossing Lumberjacks over the top rope and standing tall.

* Post-taping bonus match: Daniel Bryan def. The Big Show in a Steel Cage match.