2/10 WWE Results: Abu Dhabi (Event #2)

Shehab Al Mansoori sent this report in.

Today the place was packed and it was sold out
Here are my notes for the second day!

Day 2

Johnny ace opens the show

First match

Us championship match
Alex Riley vs Swagger
Dunno what Riley has done to earn a shot at the champion
Perhaps it has to Do with the reaction he recieved from the crowd here yesterday
Good back and forth, Riley plays to the crowd and huge chants for him but swagger locks in the ankle lock for the win a good 10 minute match

Drew McIntyre vs michael mcguillicutty
Drew takes the mic and vows that the losing streak will end, crowd boos heavily
The crowd is not as much into this as the previous match but still giving drew the stick
The crowd goes silent again
I guess it’s true what they say bout drew, u could hear a pin drop whenever he is in the ring
Some cheers for Michael as he takes down drew on the outside

Michaels wins after he hits his finisher and crowd cheers
Drew is left in the ring and he throws a fit as the crowd boos him to the back
Good 10 minutes match

Tag team match

Santino and mason ryan vs epico and primo
Santino gets a monster reaction the loudest so far in the night
Ryan falls for the Backstabber and loses to epico
Winners epico and primo

Miz va r truth
Miz recieved a standing ovation from the crowd, I say is bout time to turn him face
He sure knows how to piss off the crowd, they boo him heavily as he speaks
The crowd drowns his voice when he starts saying his catchphrase
R truth comes out rapping “what’s up” and the crowd sings along!
Truth wins after hitting his finisher

Jericho comes out and starts trolling the crowd when they break a “y2j” chant
Kofi is out for the next match

Jericho vs kofi Kingston
Great match throughouly enjoyed that 15 minutes match
Jericho wins after hitting the code breaker!
Now they are even with kofi winning yesterday

No DQ match
Cena va Kane
Kane tries to use a steel chair but Cena kicks it into his face and hits tHE AA. For the win
Kane challenges him to a tables match for tomorrow!

Wwe championship
Cm punk vs Dolph
Monster ovation for punk
Before the match starts ace comes out and announces the match will be a 2 out of 3 match
And otunga is the special enforcer outside the ring
Punk gets a quick pin within the first minute on dolph
It turns into a showing off contest between punk and Ziggler
Punk does ten push ups
So does dolph but punk stops him at 9
Ziggler gets the second pin after reversing a gts into fame asset
Ziggler tunes up the band but punk ducks the SCM the first time but ziggler hits it again
The ref takes a bump so otunga runs to the back to get another while Ziggler is tapping to anaconda vice!
Otunga talks to the new ref who is giving his back to the match while Ziggler uses a chair on punk and covers him but punk kicks out @ 2 so otunga gets in the ring and starts berating the ref and punk covers Ziggler but the ref can’t count coz he is listening to otunga
Punk gets in his face and otunga starts yelling at punk so he hits him with a gts
Then turns his attention to Ziggler and hits another gts on him for the win

Punk takes the mic and thanks the crowd for being so much fun!
He goes to ringside where a local guy puts the headwear on him an he poses with the championship, try to look for that on wwe.com
Punk climbs to the second tier using the steel entrance
Goes to the music guy and beats him up!

Day 2 was fun!