The following was taped on Tuesday, February 14 in Fresno, California:

WWE Smackdown for February 17:

* Teddy Long informed Daniel Bryan that he would not be facing Randy Orton due to him suffering a concussion on Raw.

* Big Show and The Great Khali def. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. Big Show knocked Khali out after the match.

* Mark Henry showed up in Teddy Long’s office, and he asked to be put in the Elimination Chamber. Big Show came in and asked for a match against Daniel Bryan. Show knocked Henry out and destroyed Long’s office.

* Hunico def. Ted DiBiase.

* Epico and Primo def. Jimmy and Jey Uso.

* Daniel Bryan came out, and he said he should be announced the winner of his match against Randy Orton by forfeit. Bryan asked Lillian Garcia to make the announcement, but Teddy Long interrupted. Long announced that Bryan would face Sheamus.

* Daniel Bryan def. Sheamus via DQ. Bryan spat in Sheamus’s face. Sheamus went nuts, and the referee couldn’t control him.

* Teddy Long announced that they would have a battle royal to determine who would take Randy Orton’s place in the Elimination Chamber.

* Jinder Mahal def. Ezekiel Jackson via Submission.

* Tamina and Alicia Fox def. Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

* Santino Marella won a Battle Royal to become the final entrant into the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. It came down to Santino, Drew McIntyre, Ezekiel Jackson, and David Otunga. Santino eliminated Otunga to win.

Dark Match Main Event:

* Sheamus def. Wade Barrett in a Street Fight.