The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix who talks about what it means to be “Pin Up Strong” as a woman in wrestling today.

“I think that in combination with living a healthy lifestyle and really presenting a good role model for women is kind of what ‘Pin-Up Strong’ encompasses. It’s basically just words that I wanted to put out there for young women to identify themselves with. I wanted to show them that women of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful and powerful and set a good, classy example. You can find more out of your life, find success and be classy at the same time.

If you look at us, there is every shape and size, color, creed and hairstyle you can imagine. Everybody brings a different type of beauty to the table. Natalya and I of course put ourselves at the front of the line. We have the new diva Kharma, who is a voluptuous woman and brings a fearsome type of beauty. We have Eve [Torres] and Kelly Kelly, so we have all shapes and sizes. I think when you look at the WWE divas, there is definitely not just the aesthetic and attractive standpoint, but everybody has something to offer.”