Rips WWE Champ —
You Have INFERIOR Man Junk

WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk has a dysfunctional wiener … this according to Chris Brown.

The two are now in a full on Twitter war … after Punk randomly tweeted that he wants to “curb stomp” Brown at an upcoming WWE event because he wants Brown to “fight somebody that can defend themselves.”

Brown caught wind of the tweet … and decided to fire back with a message of his own … writing, “@CMpunk needs more followers. He’s such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women.”

And in his trademark sarcastic tone … Brown added, “@CMpunk contact my assistant and I’ll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!”

So far, Punk has not responded to the steroid allegations … or the suggestion that his man parts don’t work … but Punk has long stated that he’s never touched a drug or steroid in his life.