is featuring an interview with former WWE Diva Trish Stratus who talks about the current direction of women’s wrestling in WWE – or lack thereof.

“I think it is definitely lacking the dedication from the writers and the production team that we had during my time with the company. It’s no fault of the girls, the girls are amazingly talented right now, there is a bunch of girls that are just waiting to break through and they really have the look and they have the talent which is obviously what it took to change the women’s division from not just being having to look good in the ring but also being able to kick some butt in the ring.

The girls all have that but what I think is missing is the story-line development, the way we got approached back in the day was just like the way The Rock and Stone Cold would get approached. Someone would come to us and say, ‘here’s two characters, here’s a story-line and here’s where it’s going to go, lets work towards a PPV match’.

Unfortunately nowadays that’s what is missing, there’s no real defining characters, there’s no real outside story-lines that really create the moment because the fans can only become invested in a match when there has been a story-line they have invested their time in.”