Michael Cole wears Valhalla’s antlers, mentions Jim Ross on 3/4 episode of WWE Raw

Michael Cole, over the past few weeks while on commentary during WWE Raw, has made mention of how much he admires Valhalla’s antlers. On this Monday’s episode, Valhalla accompanied Ivar to the ring for his match against Sami Zayn. She then went over to the commentary table, took her antlers off and put them on the head of Cole, who was very excited to wear them.

Mike Tedesco noted in his recap that when Valhalla put the antlers on Cole’s head, there was a “Michael” chant and that Pat McAfee said Cole looked like an a–hole. McAfee had also said when Valhalla put the antler’s on Cole’s head, he was “about to volcanic erupt.”

Cole also mentioned that he now knows how JR (Jim Ross) felt wearing a cowboy hat during commentary for all those years.