During an interview for the Fighting Spirit magazine in the UK, Chris Jericho stated that Fozzy is his main priority noting that he has accomplished all he can in wrestling.

“Look, when I was a kid I had two dreams, I wanted to be in a rock n roll band and I wanted to be a wrestler, and I’m very fortunate that I got to do both at the highest level. At this point in time, 100 percent of my focus is on the band, and the mass of momentum that we’ve got over the last couple of years from touring and playing, and the reputation we’ve earned. I wanted to make the most of it, and take Fozzy to the next level. I’ve done everything I could possibly do in wrestling. It’s been great, but now Fozzy is kind of growing to be at the level where I am in wrestling, and Fozzy is what I wanna do. Wrestling will always be there, and if I decide to go back, it’s great. But after all these years of hard work with the band, to get some of this momentum behind us is a very rare thing.”

Jericho is slated to return to WWE tomorrow night on Raw following his announced suspension.