“Spotlight: Former WWE Champion JBL” July 11, 2012

JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield) talks with Adam Martin for a new “Spotlight” podcast interview

Host: Adam Martin
Special guest: JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield)

Visit John online: Sevensummitsforkids.com | Layfieldreport.com | The John Layfield Show

  • 2:14 – John on receiving the Lou Thesz Award this weekend in Waterloo, Iowa
  • 4:49 – Why he was disappointed he was unable to finish his climb for a good cause
  • 11:13 – John on his run as WWE Champion and his attempts to create a buzz online
  • 17:09 – Why he finds attacks in national politics in the United States to be disgusting
  • 20:24 – Plus, some fun discussion regarding the Dallas Cowboys

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